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    i wanna change my votttteeeeeee  
    i don't wanna be immortal, but i don't wanna die RIGHT NOW either  
    i'd rather be crushed, than let him cry over me  
    let's grow old with grace  
    bach is good, but he plays like a robot.  
    people tend to overlook the fact that the first people the Nazi attacked was their own.  
    my college doesn't have summer break anyways...  
    i don't want heaven nor hell. Once it ends, i just want it to end. Period.  
    let's be real now...  
    call me quasimodo  
    with my dad, it would be 1 sentence long. Then it's "let's go out for ice cream".  
    both of my abilities are horrible as they are  
    moonwalk everywhere  
    but only if i turn into a wolf completely. Not that half wolf half human sh*t.  
    i'm a student. Swiss government pay for my studies. So if i could receive double, that'd be great.  
    i've been dropping my iPhones almost everyday for the past couple of years. They still look brand new.  
    i'm fine being alone. Doesn't mean I'm hated.  
    most of my family died of cancer. So i guess i got a pretty high chance, so...  
    i'd take a 29 over a 9 year old anyday  
    i would be 100% happier than i am now if i could erase half my memories  
    i never watch tv anyways  
    wouldn't want to go to neither...  
    I would hate to live forever. If i was immortal, i'd SOMEHOW find a way to kill myself eventually.  
    i don't give a flying f**k about travels  
    my hair needs help. And i'd rather drive my car.  
    i'm a girl.  
    i hate my birthday. CHRISTMAS IS MAGICALLLLL  
    i don't intend to live too long, so no way i'm missing out on 5 years of my life.  
    it hurts a tad less  
    only child.  
    Hermoine is WAY better as a person. But Bella's stupid rich and doesn't have anything to do but sit around all day.  
    My biggest fear is to be a disappointment.  
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