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Would you rather Be able to sleep with anybody you want for the next 6 months, then never sleep with anybody for the rest of your life or Have a regular love life 6 years ago 1,142 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only be able to visit Reddit or Tumblr 6 years ago 329 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch a remake of Top Gun or Scarface 6 years ago 306 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch a remake of Ghostbusters or Back to the Future 6 years ago 384 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch a remake of The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller's Day Off 6 years ago 303 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather there be a TV show remake of Miami Vice or Magnum P.I. 6 years ago 226 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather there be a TV show remake of The A-Team or MacGyver 6 years ago 270 votes 6 comments 0 likes
In school, after taking a test, would you rather Take your current grade, a B, and be done with it or Do extra work, which is boring and time-consuming, but get a B+ 6 years ago 237 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather duel with Swords or Pistols 6 years ago 257 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Should I change my profile pic? No or Yes 6 years ago 175 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go drinking with Bruce Campbell or Kurt Russell 6 years ago 7,872 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get a unique, interesting bookshelf or Regular, strong bookshelf 6 years ago 238 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather use a Smart Watch (a watch version of a smart phone) or Smart glasses (the same, but a pair of glasses) 6 years ago 274 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be/date a Witty, book-savvy girl with a habit of knitting or Ditzy, genius girl with an interest in technology 6 years ago 363 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be/date a Cool, mysterious guy who only likes things ironically or Nice, funny guy who likes goofy 80's movies 6 years ago 358 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hang out with Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds 6 years ago 10,555 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hang out with Bradley Cooper or Brad Pitt 6 years ago 10,122 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hang out with Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Aniston 6 years ago 11,301 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hang out with Kristen Stewart or Kristen Bell 6 years ago 10,754 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the world's greatest bass player or World's greatest magician 6 years ago 184 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a spy or An astronaut 6 years ago 237 votes 6 comments 0 likes
What scared you more Fred the Barber or King Ramses 6 years ago 169 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Sword of Godric Gryffindor or Stlng (Frodo's and Bilbo's sword) 6 years ago 1,843 votes 11 comments 1 like
Would you rather get lost in The Forbidden Forest or Murkwood Forest 6 years ago 1,864 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to a pub with Gimli son of Gloin or Rubeus Hagrid 6 years ago 1,920 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet Peter Pettigrew or Grima Wormtongue 6 years ago 1,874 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have The Ring (minus the whole everyone-want-to-kill-you bit) or Invisibility Cloak 6 years ago 2,028 votes 21 comments 1 like
Would you rather Mila Kunis or Milla Jovovitch 7 years ago 245 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Olivia Munn or Olivia Wilde 7 years ago 1,130 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Emma Watson or Emma Stone 7 years ago 757 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Get kicked in the groin or Fall and break both legs 7 years ago 306 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch A Kung Fu Movie or A Western Movie 7 years ago 362 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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A wax celebrity brand 3 years ago  
The classic James Bond game? I loved the level on the giant bridge at sunset 3 years ago  
As a means of telling a story, books are far better, if for no other reason then because a movie can tell a story in a matter of hours, while a book that takes an hour to read would never sell and they have to be padded with useless nonsense 3 years ago  
Ah yes, I forgot no other sport has pads or helmets, especially not 99% of sports 3 years ago  
Judging from various alternative timelines, nothing good comes from the death of Flash 3 years ago +1
Ah yes, the good old days when you couldn't be openly gay and black people weren't allowed to go to the same restaurant as white peoples. That's the greatness you're talking about, right? Because that's what America was like even just 30 or 40 years ago 3 years ago  
Congrats on turning 14 3 years ago +1
How dare you. I feel like I have been more than rude and disrespectful enough to warrant a place on the list of worst users 3 years ago  
No. Again, there are additional requirements for calling something football other than playing it on foot (which hockey is not, unless you are referring to the less popular variant, field hockey) Being a team sports with a ball is one requirement, eliminating badminton and singles tennis, and possibly rounders, which I've never heard of. Another requirement, and I might get the exactities of this wrong, is that the sport is played on a field or pitch, rather than a court, diamond, or rink. 3 years ago  
I actually do this on occasion. My RA from my brief foray into academia is now with the Highway patrol, and he regularly invites me to poker night with his buddies, including some other cops, where we drink beer, eat pizza, and generally have a good time 3 years ago  
Sorry, let me go back in time three years and not ask it, then 3 years ago +1
I did. Did you even read what I wrote? Anyway, to reiterate what you appearantly can't seem to understand, football isn't called football because you play it with your feet by kicking the ball (which is something that football does have, btw), it's called that because you play it on foot, as in by walking or, more often, running, instead of riding a horse. Also, have you ever seen an egg? They're not pointy 3 years ago  
Football just means it's a game played on your feet, rather than on a horse like polo. There's other restrictions on it as well, because Baseball and Basketball aren't considered football. Try and make sure you know what you're talking about next time you try to sound smart, otherwise it doesn't work 3 years ago  
You're thinking of soccer 3 years ago +1
How's your freshman year going, bud? 3 years ago  
Daniel Craig is a better actor, and his movies are better stand-alone movies, but when put in the context of the James Bond series Connery is the best Bond and has the best Bond Movies (followed closely by Brosnan) 3 years ago  
I remember reading that in my psych textbook in HS. It was something like 15-25% of certain species IIRC 3 years ago  
Monte Carlo. I've always wanted to go there ever since I saw Goldeneye as a kid 3 years ago  
Your never too young to catch these hands 3 years ago  
https://d1n7nexbapth3g.cloudfront.net/dish_images/images/1063/homepage/New-Chopped_Liver.jpg?1394233664 3 years ago  
Alright, then go. What's stopping you? 3 years ago  
You can leave if you want 3 years ago  
First of all racist 3 years ago  
You're gotdam right we are 3 years ago  
Anytime you want bb ;) 3 years ago +1
Loud and proud. Rock flag and eagle, baby 3 years ago  
Experimental aircraft being developed by the US Military. Next question 3 years ago  
Pitch Black is honestly one of my top five movies. The use of chiaroscuro, the exploration of the nature of survival and subjectivity of morality. It gets even better if you watch in close proximity to the 2004 Tommy Lee Jones/Javier Bardem movie The Hunted (also in my top five), since there's some interesting parallels between the two 3 years ago +1
*the sound of a wiper blade on a dry windshield* 3 years ago  
5edgy7me 3 years ago  
If anyone attempts a war of that magnitude, it would be over quickly. Even standard munitions are way too accurate and powerful now, any standing army would be almost immediately annihilated from miles away. There's a reason that all "warfare" for the last twenty years has been the small-scale guerrilla tactics of terrorism and counterterrorism 3 years ago  
There are martial artists I like more than Bruce Lee, there's nobody who can play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix 3 years ago  
I mean, historically they've got a pretty good track record. Better than Germany, for example 3 years ago  
So, just to reiterate. There's no law anywhere saying that you have to make a question about it any time you leave the site for a few days or weeks, let alone hours. They contribute literally nothing to this site 3 years ago  
A actually makes sense if you think about it. Anywhere in California is an hour or two from the beach, so there's not much of a demand for pools. Quebec, while it does have quite a bit of coastline, isn't exactly water you want to go swimming in 3 years ago +1
You guys know you can just leave, right? I never got why everybody felt the need to make a question anytime they leave this site for a week and another when they come back 3 years ago +1
No, I'm from Florida, I've just visited both cities. The Louvre is way too crowded, the Eiffel Tower isn't that interesting to look at, all the roads are confusing with no logic to them, and everything is overpriced to take advantage of tourists. Meanwhile the Met and MoMA have decent crowds, enough landmarks that you don't get bored of them, the city actually had planning done by people and not 13th century horses so you can go around, and the prices are above average but below the inflated Parisian prices. The foods also better, the subway system is a fun and interesting way to get around, you can go sit in the audience of a bunch of funny TV shows being filmed, and the sheer size of it is far more impressive than the fact Paris is old. 3 years ago +1
You want to talk museums? NYC has the Metropolitan museum of art, the Museum of Modern Art, American Museum of Natural History and a lot more, and yes it does have centuries of history, stretching back to being a Dutch colony in the 17th century. It's also a better city in just about every aspect you can think of. I literally don't even know where to start, because there's a million reasons why NYC is better 3 years ago +1
They're both easily in their mid twenties 3 years ago  
I doubt the EU would be willing to help if Greece got in a war, they're already pretty tired of dealing with Greek siht and that's just economic issues 3 years ago +1
That's the opposite of true. New York is the multicultural capital of the world 3 years ago +1
It appears to be a penny board, which are cheaper but more difficult to ride when compared to a nickel/cruiser or a longboard 3 years ago  
That's not hoe the song goes but ok 3 years ago  
Not both, the first one would have been enough if they had given the Japanese more than 18 hours to surrender 3 years ago +2
Scientology is just a scam, WBC is an actual hate group 3 years ago +1
A gold coin smaller than a nickel costs over 100 dollars 3 years ago  
I gotta admit, in my head I was mixing up De Gaulle and Chamberlain, and was about to bring up the failure of appeasement before realizing my mistake 3 years ago  
I used to liv down in the conch republic, the crime isn't that bad 3 years ago  
I think scarecrow is a better name, but be sure that you don't make your thing too similar to the series by Matthew Reilly 3 years ago  
It's cream soda, not root beer 3 years ago +3
A century is a hundred years, and so the first century started with the beginning of year 1 (since there's no year zero) and ended with the end of year 100. The second century started with the beginning of the year 101, and ended with the end of the year 200. Continuing that pattern on, and you'll find that the twentieth century started in 1901 and ended in 2000 3 years ago  
Candide is alright, and I remember chuckling once about a joke Voltaire made in the annotations, but I still prefer Bjork over Voltaire 3 years ago  
I already pull 12-hour on-call shifts at an interesting job, I just don't get millions of dollars a year for it 3 years ago  
Personality traits can be faked, and getting to know the real personality of everybody I have to judge would take too much time. One look, though, can tell you everything you need to know about a person. Aside from the obvious physical features, you can look at what expression they have, how they dress, how they carry themselves. I've found that the initial impression I get of somebody based on looking at them usually ends up being accurate 3 years ago  
I'm not going to get a pet that I wouldn't be able to handle if it gets out of hand. Now, a lion I can handle up until a certain point, when it gets too big and I don't know if I could beat it. A gator, though, I can handle no matter how big it gets 3 years ago  
The Bulls are winning over the Rockets? What year is this, because last time I checked 1993 was decades ago 3 years ago +2
With a video game, something exciting needs to actually happen for it to be interesting. You can't have a game just about a guy living his life, except for the Sims which I don't want. TV, though, can be a character-driven slice-of-life type of show 3 years ago  
Wasn't B the actress Hedy Lamaar? 3 years ago  
What? No, the guest is right, 2000 was the final year of the 20th century 3 years ago  
I'm 100% sure you eat GMOs. For instance, have you ever had corn? If it was bigger than your thumb, it was a GMO. Same thing with tomatoes 3 years ago  
Listen, I can power through 3 3-minute rounds of a fight, that I'm fine with. Going three times in a row in bed, though? That's easily half an hour of vigorous exercise, especially if I don't get a cooling off period between rounds 3 years ago  
Higher visibility, which would introduce me to a larger audience 3 years ago  
A) The US military has yet to target ISIS in a serious way B) The U.S. Military is a global force that operates on seven continents and six oceans that maintains world peace and has a number of higher priorities while ISIS is a rebel terror group so you can't really compare and C) if war were based on simple arithmetic, then mathematicians would rule the world 3 years ago  
Aren't they both Wes Craven movies (rip in peace)? 3 years ago  
Sit your Mary Tyler Moore Show ass down 3 years ago  
3 rounds in bed? What am I, a machine? 3 years ago  
Why not 3 years ago  
From what I can tell, UN is just the main game with a lot of the fun parts stripped away and all the enemies replaced with slow, unthreatening ones 3 years ago  
You're right, it would be boring if they took a guy who is always as strong as he needs to be and put him in situations where he needs to be strong. The point of Superman isn't "can Supermsn punch that robot really hard?" Because of course he can, the point of Superman is "even with this ultimate champion, can good win out over evil in the end." That's why the best superman villains aren't the ones who can last in s fistfight with Superman, they're the ones who are evil geniuses, who can challenge Supes on a mental and moral level 3 years ago  
Ppl that pick A are the kind of ppl that think Superman is boring because he's "overpowered" 3 years ago  
GPA isn't a test you take, it's a way of assessing your grades. You take every letter grade you have, assign them a numerical value (A=4, B=3 etc.) and average them out, and that number is your Grade Point Average. 3 years ago  
Ares is a punk as b*tch, Hephaestus is the best. He hangs out in a volcano with cyclopses all day building super cool robots and stuff, and then at night goes back to his wife Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. And before you start with "but Aphrodite was banging Ares on the side," I'm gonna stop you, because the emphasis is on was. Hephaestus caught on, because he's a genius, and turned the tables on them by surprising them in the act and trapping them in bed with a net, before dragging them up to Olympus to humiliate them, and after they Aphrodite remained faithful 3 years ago  
Physics is consistent and easy to understand. Give me a month, enough parts, and a stable internet connection and I can build a functioning rocket. Humans, though, are complex and dynamic. They're a mixture of unknown genetic predispositions and secret past experiences that come together to make a living, breathing person who is inconceivably complex. 3 years ago  
Athena is the goddess of wisdom, crafts and warfare 3 years ago  
Ares is a lil bicth who talks a big game but gets dunked on any time he's fighting anybody with any sort is skill 3 years ago +1
I was excited about it, until I realized that it's not getting released on 360/PS3, and I'm not dropping $400 on a new console any time soon 3 years ago  
Wow, that takes dedication. Color me impressed 3 years ago  
Tell me, Mister Sister. What do you wanna do with your life? 3 years ago  
I'm old enough that, if I went to school, I would be going to college, and I'd rather get paid $25000 a year to work than pay $10000 a year to study 3 years ago  
A World War, in the traditional sense, is no longer possible. Weapons technology has become to advanced, in power and accuracy, for large standing armies to be able to fight like they have in the past. The trend of warfare has led, for the past 70 years, towards small unit tactics relying on mobility and the ability to hide and avoid detection 3 years ago +1
Rock flag and eagle, baby 3 years ago  
Yes I have played it. By "Mirror's Edge with portals" I didn't mean have Mirror's Edge gameplay with a portal gun, I meant having a portal game set in a Mirror's Edge-type environment, but in retrospect I really meant in an environment like in I Am Alive or The Last Of Us (but without zombies) 5 years ago  
Why not? 5 years ago  
If you consider Portal 2 to be the same as Portal with minor details, then yes. Anyway, it could also just be Mirror's Edge with Portals, as Chell explores an abandoned Metropolitan area 5 years ago  
Multiple orgasms 5 years ago  
They wouldn't just use the same stuff (portals and gels), they would add in something new, like whatever that F-Stop thing is 5 years ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL4L4Uv5rf0 5 years ago  
I leave tomorrow morning for move-in 5 years ago  
They find her at the nearest human settlement, which there aren't many of in 7,000 AD. If they find room for a sequel after the ending to Portal, they can find room for Portal 3 5 years ago  
She changer her mind about wanting to kill Chell. And somebody like Atlas or P-Body could go get her 5 years ago  
A) Send a robot up to get her and B) The button that fixes everything is in a room at the end of a testing track (but really GLaDOS is just trying to kill her by making her run tests) 5 years ago  
Just eat a lot and it'll average out 5 years ago +1
I went pre-IB in 10th grade, staid in it for 11th, then just ditched it and went for duel-enrolling instead. It's a lot of making stuff up, having tons of work and not getting a lot of benefits. It's just not good at all 5 years ago  
Don't worry, it's not that good. AP will help you a lot more 5 years ago  
My purge plan is to lock myself in the garage with a shotgun aimed at the door and lots of coffee 5 years ago +5
If you're eating mostly beef for years, you're going to get gout 5 years ago  
Judging it as a game, B is better. The gameplay in A consists of adventure game puzzles in a visual novel, with some quick time events and a handful of first person shooting segments sprinkled in. It barely even qualifies as a game. B has actual gameplay, and you can choose your approach (stealth, quietly picking the enemy off, massive gunfights). Judging as a story, I'm not sure, since I've still got an hour left in TLoU so I don't know the story 5 years ago  
The gust of wind is coming from the the East, meaning it's going East to West (aside from the fact roosters don't lay eggs) 5 years ago  
On second thought, I'd rather go with B. A will give you gout 5 years ago  
Having done both, no. People walk on hot coals all the time, it's basically just a parlor trick. Walk as a regular pace and you'll be fine. Glass gets imbedded in the bottom of your feet, and you have to pick out a dozen tiny pieces with tweezers. And if one piece get so far in your foot you can't reach it, you have to slice the foot with a razor so you can pull it out. Compared to glass, hot coals are a cake walk 5 years ago  
Just shave the other half, even it out 5 years ago +1
A rrrather fanfic? You know what, I change my mind, put me in it. I want to see what it would be like 5 years ago  
How so? 5 years ago +1
We all die eventually 5 years ago  
GLaDOS has a problem that she can't handle herself, so she gets Chell to come back to help, and the only way to solve the problem is to get to a room at the end of several testing chambers, but then it turns out to be a trap and GLaDOS is just trying to kill Chell. There's your Portal 3 5 years ago  
87. I would have broken 90 if I could remember how to spell Guinea 5 years ago  
Lion would never catch an eagle, and the eagle couldn't kill a lion. I chose A because they live twice as long naturally, so it'll live longer and "win" the death match 5 years ago  
Portal ended with the facility destroyed, GLaDOS dead and you outside and free, but they still made it work for Portal 2 5 years ago  
I think mine is 37? I could be off by a little, but I know it's less than 40 5 years ago  
In Walking Dead, if a walker gets left alone for a while, then it's muscles deteriorate and it can't even get up. In TLoU, if a runner gets left alone for a while, then it turns into either a clicker or a bloater, which are hella dangerous. Also, walkers are dumb and you can take care of them really easily. There's a reason more people get killed by people than walkers in B 5 years ago +1
Just google "[song] MP3 download" anything from BeeMP3 or MP3Skull or any place like that should be good 5 years ago  
But A is, like, 7 hours long and super-boring 5 years ago  
I'm going the opposite direction. Go fight in WW2, beat the Nazis and stick it to Hitler 5 years ago +3
Exactly. If Ben got shot and survived, Peter would still have learned that all that needs to happen for evil to win is for good to do nothing, and that those who can help must. If Batman's parents survived, he wouldn't have the drastic life change that drives him to become Batman 5 years ago  
Illegalize anime 2K14 5 years ago +1
It's not a baby. It's a bunch of goopy cells inside a human 5 years ago +4
I could never be as good as Jenk Dengles. Ray William Johnson is cookie-cutter baseline humor, I can manage that 5 years ago  
Watching it right now 5 years ago  
17 years 11 months 8 days 5 years ago  
Chuck Norris has, like, 5 blackbelts. Clint's a chump that talks to chairs 5 years ago +2
Forget John Green and his boring-asss books 5 years ago +1
I'm not accepting four jobs with no clue what they are for a measly 8 mil. For all I know, I could be signing up to kill high-ranking government officials I reasonably have no shot at getting 5 years ago  
Really you can date it back to the zionist movement of the late 19th century, but it comes to the fact that if Israel hadn't been founded in the same area as Palestine was, there wouldn't have been a conflict to begin with 5 years ago  
Steelers all the way 5 years ago  
My grandfather was regional something-or-other for the Masons back in the 50's or so 5 years ago +1
Because it went do well last time we went in to Iraq 5 years ago +1
The crew from the original series but with Picard and Riker replacing Kirk and Spock 5 years ago  
Having met 18-year-olds, I wouldn't. Young adults at the most, but that's more your twenties 5 years ago  
Death Wish, Death Wish 2, Death Wish 4, Bronson is much more badass 5 years ago  
He's a coolguy 5 years ago +1
The odds are better with A. You have a 100% chance of saving 101 people (you and 100 kids), while in B you have a 50% chance at saving 201 people. A cones out to 101 saved, B comes out to 100.5 people saved 5 years ago  
What was that? 5 years ago +3
What is Lady Death from? 5 years ago  
American84, if for no other reason than because our profile pics are so similar 5 years ago +4
I don't trust any of you 5 years ago  
Is that coming out? Gotta be honest, I miss killing Nazis, it'd be good to get back to that 5 years ago  
Wait, that's that movie with Chris Pine and the train, not the movie with Bruce Willis with superpowers. Nevermind 5 years ago  
Have 65% just not seen GotG? 5 years ago +5
Osama hadn't done anything back then to justify killing several hundred civilians just to take him out. Besides, that wouldn't have prevented 9/11 or anything 5 years ago +1
Rifle is lighter, pistol is smaller, and the machete is more useful 5 years ago  
I saw it and assumed it was the real guy just joking around, then figured it out after about 10 seconds 5 years ago  
If you have the technology to make realistic-looking animation, why would you choose to make it 2D? That's like making a game with a "retro" feel, in that it's dumb 5 years ago  
Legally, threats count as obscenity, and aren't protected as free speech (Roth v. United States, 1957) 5 years ago +3
Remember back when they made it so you could have animated profile pictures? Every comment section was full of people complaining about it 5 years ago +2
Jeff the Killer would actually die, since he's just a guy with a burnt face. Slenderman is a centuries-old unkillable demon-thing 5 years ago  
The Beatles are going to win, why even bother? 5 years ago  
I tend to go with newbie, but noob is fine, I guess 5 years ago  
Didn't care about either of them dying 5 years ago  
Snape is a horrible person. Okay, so he still loved Lily years after she died, so what? He's still a dlck who was horrible to 3/4th of the school for decades just for no reason. And if he really loved Lily, he wouldn't have treated her only son like dirt the entire time he knew him just because her son looked like the guy who bullied Snape in school. 5 years ago  
If it was 9 or 11, then I'd choose A in an instant, but not the Fangirl's Doctor. 5 years ago  
The main game is boring, but GTA is one of the best online multiplayers of all time 5 years ago  
Already done it twice 5 years ago  
If it was anywhere else in Canada I'd consider it but not Quebec 5 years ago +4
Be nice to visit, as long as I came back to the US afterwards 5 years ago +1
That's actually the supposed first place people saw him (disregarding the ones about him showing up in Egyptian hyroglypichs) 5 years ago  
Rajput were hardcore and disciplined 5 years ago  
Bear venom 5 years ago +1
I'm better at archery than he is 5 years ago  
You're missing out. It's one of the best burgers in America 5 years ago +1
To be fair, artist's original image doesn't mean much in comics. Simon and Schuester didn't imagine a guy who could fly at the speed of light and benchpress the entire planet, their character evolved into that over time. Not that being white was integral to GL's original character like it was to, say, Captain America, so John Stewart isn't just a diversity grab, he's just another GL 5 years ago  
You;ll never find it, though. The catacombs are like a labyrinth of labyrinths 5 years ago  
Tough, but that episode of JLU about Booster Gold was great 5 years ago +1
Yellow Lanterns are also a thing, though 5 years ago +1
Visit the catacombs and get lost for two years? I don't think so 5 years ago  
Go big or go home 5 years ago +3
What do you mean by "victimless"? Every crime I can think of has some victim 5 years ago +3
Nobody likes Guy Gardner. The best Guy Gardner comic was the one where Batman knocks him out with no difficulty whatsoever, while John Stewart is cool 5 years ago  
Considering how the real world isn't a cartoon, if a guy accidentally walked into a woman's rest room then the girls inside aren't going to shriek and call the cops. 5 years ago  
Make A like XCOM and I'd play it for days 5 years ago  
From what I remember, Rocket was the older sister, who I never really cared for 5 years ago +2
Homeschooling is better academically, but they miss out on socializing. They miss out on 30 hours a week around other people who aren't family, so they're at a disadvantage in the average world 5 years ago  
I met the Iron Sheik at an airport once. Well, I didn't meet him so much as hear his rant about how the TSA is racist against him and how he's not Osama Bin Laden and he won a gold medal. It was interesting 5 years ago +1
I don't think Benchwarmers counts as a #1 hit movie 5 years ago +3
That's why hunter-gatherers predated farmers 5 years ago  
They'll release HL3 when they're ready 5 years ago  
Who's AmeHana? 5 years ago  
http://www.reddit.com/r/whowouldwin/comments/2bnazu/hulk_vs_goku/ r/whowouldwin has you covered 5 years ago  
Have you ever had trail food? Makes fast food look gourmet 5 years ago +3
It looks dumb but I'm still going to go see it 5 years ago  
There's only 52 weeks in a year... 5 years ago +9
Goku seems to be more interested in fighting worthy opponents than saving somebody. If some villain was about to power up into their final form, Superman would take them down before they did so that less people get injured in the fight 5 years ago +1
There's no real "bad guy" in this situation. Israel took Palestinian land, so Palestine should be pissed. And at this point, Israel is an established country who is defending itself from terrorists, albeit in an extreme manor 5 years ago +3
Do you mean his powers or what he does as a superhero? 5 years ago  
Parkour skills include the ability to fall from moderately high places without hurting yourself 5 years ago  
This happen, twice. First time B won, and in the rematch B was going to win again until Mike bit his ear 5 years ago +4
I've seen him being strong and fast with his super sharp sword or whatever, I've yet to see him display any actual skill with a sword, while Deathstroke has shown great skill 5 years ago +1
I haven't seen Tai Chi Master, but assuming it's in the same series as Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero, then it's safe to say it's not good 5 years ago +1
I don't think domestic abuse is an equal rights issue 5 years ago +7
He's so good he made and mastered his own style of lightsaber combat, Vapaad 5 years ago  
There's debate over whether Palpatine was holding back I'm in the 'Yes he was' group, because he's the strongest Sith in all of Star Wars so Mace and two chumps wouldn't have beaten him 5 years ago  
If it gets to be Escape from LA-level then yeah but in the sense that "America is fascist they're trying to take my gun" or something like that, then no 5 years ago  
Options are "Yesss" and "NO, I hate that show". B is heavily disliking it 5 years ago +2
It's asking if you like or dislike it, not whether you've seen it or not 5 years ago +1
Then why click "I hate it" rather than skip? 5 years ago +3
The future 5 years ago +1
Rather not have to poke myself in each eye twice a day 5 years ago +6
Blast him in the knees to make sure he can't run away. Shooting is too quick a death for him 5 years ago +1
True, but do you really want to end him so quick? 5 years ago  
Douglas 5 years ago  
That way they'll have less raw resources if we do end up having to go to war 5 years ago +1
I'm not strong enough with any of the rings to use them well 5 years ago  
All the more reason to pick it, then 5 years ago +1
B has a severe number and hardware advantage 5 years ago  
I don't remember any of your questions, so I just clicked on Fist of the North Star 5 years ago  
They try to be as real as wrestling, in that they both say "Look at this guy, his name is Rambo/The Undertaker, he can do all this really cool stuff now pay us money to watch him do cool stuff." I'm pretty sure that WWE stopped trying to pass people off for real when they started making people with superpowers and made one wrestler undead/the grim reaper 5 years ago +1
Yeah, but in a fight, if you get decapitated then it's more than fair to say you lose, even if you re-grow a body later 5 years ago  
Clicked wrong. Both retired 8 years ago, but Lita is still active on the independent circuit. Trish is out of practice 5 years ago  
Rambo isn't real either, but people don't complain about how fake those movies are 5 years ago +10
Unless it's a surprise fistfight, then Lex. And if it's a fist they can prepare for, Lex puts on his battle armor and stomps Mr Fisk out 5 years ago  
Mr Freeze can die from extreme cold. Iceman can't, or at least not from temperatures Mr Freeze can muster 5 years ago +1
This fight happened in a crossover. http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11112/111129726/3389694-3042231-1168949-aj_02_37.jpg basically Superman wins then gets beat on by 6 other heroes 5 years ago  
Bullets move faster than cards 5 years ago  
It's this song https://youtube.com/watch?v=qb_hqexKkw8 5 years ago +1
Deathstroke beat half the Justice League in one fight, including Flash, GL, Zatanna and Hawkman. Deadpool's only similar feat is Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, which isn't canon 5 years ago +1
Can be decapitated, that's close enough 5 years ago +1
They can go shot for shot in archery, but Hawkeye is better with swords and hand-to-hand 5 years ago +1
Spider-Man as Batman in the future, or Spider-Man as Spider-Man on an alternate earth? Spider-Man every time 5 years ago  
Juggernaut was designed to be a character couldn't beat with brute force and somebody they had to outthink. Bane, while a super-jacked luchador, was also a genius who rivals Batman's preparedness and cunning. He can definitely cone up with a way to beat Juggernaut 5 years ago +1
What's next, saying Alexander the Great's last name wasn't Great? Reed a buk, idiout 5 years ago +2
The dictionary definition is "conforming to the standard or common type." No one person is completely normal, but some people are more normal than others 5 years ago  
I'd like to throw my hat in the ring too, why not 5 years ago  
There is. There is a normal 5 years ago  
Yeah, in the late 80's/early 90's when the USSR collapsed 5 years ago +2
Is that all you have? 5 years ago  
I've seen it. It's dangerous. Your entire planet might blow up just to intimidate one princess. Star Trek is a more civilized place, and as long as you're not in/near the Klingon buffer zone (treaty space, or whatever it's called), then you're pretty safe. Plus holodecks 5 years ago  
More ammo, kills faster 5 years ago +1
I like Predator 2 because it's more world building. It's what introduces the code the Predators have, beyond not killing unarmed people. That's what makes the Predators the hunters they are, rather than a murderous alien 5 years ago +1
If you're far enough away that you need a scoped rifle to kill a zombie, you're far enough away that it isn't a threat to you. Plus the Ghillie suit would be unbeleivably hot and wouldn't help you sneak past a zombie either. Meanwhile, in B you get a shovel and a durable knife 5 years ago  
Power Rangers have super powers and martial arts skills. Damian is still a child. A child trained by assassins and two Batmen, but still a child. Jason might not be the best Power Ranger (Tommy is the best, obviously) but he still beats Robin 5 years ago +1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0A6lSZlPWQ That's exactly what I want my funeral to be 5 years ago  
Much more cost effective for a smaller nation. A larger nation like the US can afford to build a massive nuclear power plant with all the storage facilities to deal with the spent fuel reactors, but for a small state just building solar panels produces enough energy without taxing the economy too much 5 years ago  
The stormcloaks are basically saying "Skyrim is for Nords only, let us be us" while the Legion realizes that a unified Empire is the only way to stop the Aldmeri Dominion from controlling the entire continent 5 years ago +2
You can make a good living as a voice actor with mediocre skill. If you can perfectly replicate any voice, you'll constantly have a job 5 years ago  
We'll run out of coal and oil eventually. We won't run out of sunlight, and if we do then energy production is the least of our worries 5 years ago +7
I was thinking you were talking about the Aztecs being the monarchy 5 years ago  
Who cares if a fanfic is bad. My Immortal doesn't make Harry Potter and worse, just like me saying somebody is a murderer doesn't make them a bad person 5 years ago  
If I'm Batman I'm going to save the person because Batman will always save somebody, no matter how despicable they are. And if he'll save Joker, he'll save Beibs 5 years ago  
I don't get the pictures. The celebrity biographies are actual narratives wherin you can feel the emotions of the people and get a slice of what life is like for the other half. Law and poetry are boring and you only really understand either if you took college courses on them. I'd pick the biography any day 5 years ago  
Who says the Jericho is better than the Arcus? The Arcus uses 9mm rounds, which is a common type of ammunition, much more than anything the Jericho takes. That means you'll be able to use it more without worrying about finding bullets 5 years ago  
Who said you would? Spain, France, and England were all monarchies centuries ago but are democracies now 5 years ago  
You don't regret what you've done in life, you regret what you haven't. Ask anybody above the age of 60 what they wish they'd spent more time doing, and they'll tell you they should have enjoyed life more when young 5 years ago +1
Lantern Rings are the most powerful weapons in the universe. What's that? Ganon is coming? Here let me just throw him into the goddam sun 5 years ago +3
Razor beak and also wings 5 years ago  
Azkaban is barely even in the top 5 Harry Potter movies 5 years ago  
Like, if I only see her as a friend, then who cares what other people say, but if I wanted to date them, I would ask. I only answered B because if I liked her, I would have asked her out before there were a bunch of people telling me I should 5 years ago  
Flash is way too fast for Quicksilver to handle. He's got the unlimited power of the speedforce behind him, Quicksilver just has a mutant ability. Ad in Flash's speed steal, and Pietro doesn't have a chance 5 years ago  
Putin is some high-degree blackbelt in Judo. Obama isn't very well-trained. Unless he has the Secret Service backing him up, Obama loses. 5 years ago  
Disney channel only has, like two good shows 5 years ago  
Realistically, there's nothing I can do about most of the problems with the world, so I just tend to take things for what they are 5 years ago +1
Getting my ideas accepted 5 years ago  
If you're fighting something that can only attack you if you stand within arm's reach of it, why would you go for the weapon that you have to be close to use? An M16 can be used both as a rifle and as a hand-to-hand combat weapon 5 years ago +1
You don't really need a smartphone. If you have a computer and a regular cell phone, you can do anything a smartphone can do 5 years ago  
A diet of only meat isn't a sustainable option, since the human body wasn't designed to function solely on protein and other meat-related nutrients. You could eat a vegan diet of fruits, vegetables and various beans and legumes and still be healthy, on the other hand. That said, I'd rather eat my arm than have to eat vegan for the rest of my life 5 years ago +2
A just means you're getting big getting swole 5 years ago +1
It's a cookie though 5 years ago  
Everybody is gonna try and be the badass cowboy who mows down herds of zombies with an M60 or whatever, but then they realize they're not Rambo and they get caught by the thousand zombies swarming around them, or else die of starvation because they don't have any food. I, meanwhile, will be avoiding zombies and getting food because you survive a zombie apocalypse like you survive any other apocalypse; actually surviving and not being a movie star. Not that any of this matters because zombies would be stopped by the military in a matter of days 5 years ago  
Just looked both of them up, both are horrible just like every other person with a capture card and a copy of minecraft trying to be Yogscast or Captain Sparklez or whatever other unfunny minecraft player with million of subs 5 years ago  
Never heard of either of them 5 years ago  
I'd make a Mack Bolan movie finally 5 years ago  
Why even have a gun if you're not going to use it when an armed burglar invades your home and might try to shoot you? 5 years ago +4
Never heard of either 5 years ago +2
No I don't know why 5 years ago +1
For some reason I assumed it would be a fistfight. If it's a shoutout, Han 5 years ago +2
Ideally I'd be Colossus, but Cyclops is up there for best zombie-fighting mutations 5 years ago  
See: Death of Superman 5 years ago  
Or if it's 11, 21, 31 5 years ago +1
I don't really care which as long as I get to sleep on bunk beds 5 years ago +13
That sounds like a sweet job. I'd love to have that job 5 years ago  
It's over the course of a week. Work 9-5 Mobsay to Friday or work 8-6 Mon-Thurs 5 years ago  
Just go to half.com for your books. It's a subsidiary of eBay that sells books really cheap. My $60 intro to business book is only $8 on there. Sell them to the book store at the end of the year and you can even make a profit 5 years ago  
Did I do my fair share or not? If it's like my US History project, where I told Eric "set up a meeting with your uncle" and he never did and we failed, then I blame that f***head Eric. If I messed up, I blame myself 5 years ago  
One of the big problems with the games industry is that they substitute graphics for gameplay. If they had technology from the 80s, they'd have to think up a better reason for people to play than "look how real this gun looks." Zelda is 30 years old, but you can still pick it up and play it today and still have fun. Take Ryse and downgrade it's graphics and nobody would play it. 5 years ago  
It's really cyan, is that blue or green? 5 years ago  
The average in Sweden is only 14.8, so i don't know why you're laughing. 5 years ago +2
In the movie, they tolerate the purge because it drops the crime rate a ridiculous amount. I doubt it would be effective enough in real life to justify it 5 years ago +2
What sport would that be? 5 years ago  
A just means you can improve. I did the best that I could in that game, but I could have done better if I has trained more. B means you did the best you can ever do at it but still failed 5 years ago  
They're the bad guys in wrestling, like Rowdy Rod Piper or Million Dollar Man 5 years ago  
A democratic republic is a much better idea than pure democracy. Pure democracy is horrible 5 years ago  
9 is a great dinner partner, as that one episode shows 5 years ago  
It started out in 2003 as a 6(?) man team of friends living in Texas who decided to make a couple episode long Halo Machinima. It's now one of the largest media production groups on the internet with a large and supportive fan base, multiple successful YouTube channels,a yearly convention called RTX, numerous awards and holds the title for the longest-running internet series. RWBY is one of their newest projects, a computer animated, anime inspired action series 5 years ago  
The Queens Guard have to deal with tourists all day, so not them 5 years ago  
Matthew Reilly 5 years ago  
Short term Bane might take Grundy down, but long term Grundy can't die so he'll keep coming back for Bane until Bane is old and weak or he makes a mistake 5 years ago  
*they're 5 years ago +2
Those two things are mutually exclusive. The existence if ine disproves the other 5 years ago +3
Yu Gi Oh stickers that I stuck on the bedpost years ago 5 years ago  
CAT scan 5 years ago +1
Then you have to worry about poachers or your food source dying. Zoos won't run out of food or shoot you 5 years ago  
Hunted by predators or free food and safety? 5 years ago +1
Drop the gun. It won't do you any good 5 years ago  
Now that I think about it, Ireland would probably be a better place to go drinking, but my instincts told me to go with A 5 years ago +1
Batman from the Arkham games. He can roll right through 20 dudes no problem. 5 years ago  
Took me a full day to read the book, and that's a day I'm not getting back. Rather waste 2 hours than 10 5 years ago +1
He'd beat MM after having his mind shut down and then being beaten on by somebody at strong as him? 5 years ago  
Martian Manhunter also has all of Superman's powers, plus intangibility, shape shifting and psychic powers 5 years ago  
If we remove TOAA, The Presence, and other gods/author stand-in's, then DC definitely has the edge 5 years ago  
"USA or nothing, baby" Patrick Henry, kinda 5 years ago  
The only superman/batman fights are pretty much all else world stories, and Superman still wins handidly pretty much every single time 5 years ago  
No, he's not a multiversity threat. And anyway, he's still no match for Mr Mxyzptlk 5 years ago  
With Darkseid, the Anti-monitor, Imperiex, the Presence, the entity, all the fourth world characters, the 9 different lantern corps, Lucifer Morningstar, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and a bunch more I didn't feel like writing, I think DC will be fine 5 years ago +1
"I already won the lottery. I was born in the U S of A, baby" Creed Branton, lead guitar for The Grass Roots 5 years ago +1
I actually met JAT recently. He had a show where he did at least 100 different voices in 40ish minutes and it was great. He can of the best Hong Kong Fuey I've ever heard 5 years ago  
Superman can bench press the whole Earth for 5 days straight without even getting tired. There was a story recently where Superman and Shazam held up an orb of infinite mass. Wonder Woman is near Superman in strength, and is more skilled. Flash can move faster than anything in Marvel. Those four alone could solo 90% of Marvel in a matter of minutes. Add in the Lantern Corps, the New God, and all the Cosmic level beings and Matvel doesn't stand a chance 5 years ago +1
How are the plots anything alike? They both have a royal person go missing and then the kingdom falls into disrepair? Anastasia has that as it's plot and is in a snowy place and that's not like with movie 5 years ago +1
Well you're front 5 years ago  
Behind plexiglass, good luck breaking that 5 years ago  
You can freely eat the candy. In the video game store, you would need a tv and a console 5 years ago  
Good riddance, as in England's reaction to the US leaving, even though we kicked their tea-drinking assses back across the pond 5 years ago +5
Old West cities aren't a good place for the climbing-heavy gameplay of Assassins creed 5 years ago +5
My profile picture is an eagle and a flag 5 years ago +4
Humanity started in Africa 5 years ago +1
What the fuok has Sweden ever done? Hide Nazi Gold? Combine a pocket knife and tweezers? Go stuff your face with chocolate and sit your asss back down 5 years ago +8
Canada was the first place I ever had a beer 5 years ago  
Also they had a Cartoon Network show about themselves 5 years ago  
I've been on hiatus 12x longer than you've been on 5 years ago +1
Hufflepuff and a two-year relationship with a Pansy Parkinson aren't that much of a penalty 5 years ago  
It's only a matter of time until pennies are completely gone 5 years ago  
At least that's in my house, so I'd have the advantage if it turned into a life or death situation 5 years ago  
Doom and Sentry? Instant win 5 years ago +3
Too late, Commie 5 years ago  
Weeping Angels just send you back in time. The Silence are a threat to humanity 5 years ago  
RIP in Peace 5 years ago  
Kevin Spacey Simulator 2015 5 years ago  
I love PBG 6 years ago  
I see you're from Spain, so let me say this in your native toungue: Jodes tu Madre 6 years ago +1
Exactly 6 years ago +1
Why would Sweden be the best? What has Sweden ever done? Sent mercenaries to guard the Pope? Made TNT? Sweden might be a nice place to live, but they've never really done anything. The best country in the world won't be the rich guy standing in the corner at a party. 6 years ago +1
Japan isn't ahead of us technologically. They just have robots. There is literally no other field where they're more advanced, especially in the most important fields, consumer electronics, communication, health and space exploration. And who cares if we don't manufacture things, we get other countries to do that, make them even further dependand on the US. And the US is the cultural hub of the world, not Italy or the Middle. East. Them may have been culturally influental centuries ago, but not today. When was the last time you saw a movie made in Italy, or a hit new single by a popular Jordanese singer. The cultural landscape today is dominated by US movies, TV show, music and more. Believe me, there is nothing false about my sense of pride. 6 years ago +1
Yeah, but that's because of countries like Luxembourg who have 500 people 6 years ago  
That's the thing, though. They're small island nations, so their economy and political standings are heavily dependent on larger, more powerful nations 6 years ago  
How about because we're the political, economical and cultural center of the globe, have the highest GDP, are worth 51% of the global economy, and are decades ahead of the rest of the world scientifically, not to mention having the largest, most technologically advanced and well-trained military in history. 6 years ago +1
Can you name one, though? Bad as the US is, everywhere else is worse 6 years ago  
You have atleast 1, which is also what USA is. USA #1! 6 years ago  
Greatest means the one better than the rest. By definition there has to be a greatest country, which is the US 6 years ago  
I'm an Elvis guy 6 years ago +2
learn-english-online.org/ You're welcome 6 years ago +3
If I had to get pregnant, then I'd want to at least be rich 6 years ago +2
A is more, but it's pennies, so it'd be useless 6 years ago +2
I would love to be Robin Williams 6 years ago  
Loved that movie 6 years ago +1
The second 6 years ago +1
Seriously, though, if the US isn't the best country, which one is? 6 years ago  
USA #1! 6 years ago  
You heard wrong 6 years ago +3
I don't know why you would want that, they're the worst accents 6 years ago  
I'll fight a bear. I ain't afraid of no ursa-asss bicth 6 years ago +1
Red Hulk is super smart, isn't he? 6 years ago +1
Nobody uses cursive 6 years ago +2
I just realized I don't know anybody's first name online 6 years ago  
A doesn't say I have no shoes, so that means I get them 6 years ago +3
That's 10,000 pounds of pennies and would take up 20 square feet, which is between 2 and 5 wheelbarrows, so that'd be 1-2.5 tons per wheelbarrow 6 years ago  
I've always preferred the Irish goodbye 6 years ago +2
If I'm typing a password with a 1 at the end, I'll just use the top, but when I'm writing a list of phone # into a word file, then B is much faster 6 years ago  
I just pronounce the r sound for longer. Now that I think about it, maybe we're supposed to roll the R. 6 years ago +2
I don't care about malnutrition, I'm not giving up meat. 6 years ago +2
I read the book How to Beat Up Anybody by World Champion Judah Friedlander, where he has a chapter specifically dedicated to showing how to beat Bigfoot up, with pictures included, so I think I'd manage A aright. Also, I ain't messing with no Mothman 6 years ago +1
It's practical if you're trying to earn points instead of knocking somebody out 6 years ago  
I've always wanted to go on a train ride, which is weird, since when I think of trains, I think of Murder on the Orient Express 6 years ago +1
I've tried my hand at wood carving (which is different from whittling) before, and I know I couldn't manage B. A, though, I could manage 6 years ago  
If you have a game that plays well but has little to no story, then oh well. If you have a game with a fantastic plot but is broken when you play it, it'd be terrible 6 years ago  
Ray Mercer, way past his prime, knocked Tim Sylvia out in like, 30 seconds 6 years ago +1
How do you know? Do you fight and beat boxers often? Or are you saying that because you know Tae Kwon Do and just want to make yourself seem tough 6 years ago  
I assume you need to know martial arts to do that, though, so I'd rather just be able to punch the other person 6 years ago  
I swear I saw the Rake once 6 years ago +1
Lefty Magoo up there is SCP-096, but I don't recognize the other one 6 years ago  
You know these aren't originally from a game, right? They're from the SCP website, which the games were based off of 6 years ago  
No Russian was nothing. There was literally no difference between the civilians I shot in the airport and the terrorists from every other level. SPOILER There's no difference between the civilians and enemies in Spec Ops, either, but that's the point, not only of that mission, but also of the whole game 6 years ago  
Maybe. I always played as Lisa, so I don't remember anybody else's moves. Except for Bart's skateboard 6 years ago  
A looks like he's about to fall over, while B is an actually useful stance 6 years ago +9
I know what A is, and have killed some, so it's not as scary to me anymore 6 years ago  
I'd rather have a dog then a heart condition 6 years ago  
That's not what either of those SCP's are. SCP-053 is a little girl, and SCP-189 (which I had to google) is some worm thing 6 years ago  
The hardest games to beat are arcade games. If you die in, say, Metal Slug, then it's another 50ยข to continue, and when you only have $2 of coins and dozens of games to play, you don't want to spend it all on one game. The only time I ever beat an arcade game was the Simpsons game that I beat with my friend Jordan when I was 8, and we only managed that because he knew how to get free tokens from the token machine 6 years ago  
I'd hate to hear the kind of music that would be made in a world without imagination 6 years ago +8
I have a hyper-powerful microwave, so 2 minutes to me is like 5 minutes to a normal person 6 years ago +1
They Yautja have a code of honor about who they can hunt which would make me a dishonorable kill, and can be reasoned with, except for the physically larger subclass from Predators (which is what you used as the pic). Aliens are horrible killing machines that know neither reason nor fear 6 years ago +2
There's no doubt I'm getting this, just having to decide what to get it on. Getting it for the 3DS would be cheaper, but I've never played a fighting game on the DS. I'd have to go out and get a Wii U to play it on there, but that'd be a better game 6 years ago +2
Saints Row has a story? 6 years ago  
It's nothing scary, just click it. If you still think it'll be scary, mute the computer and put your hand in front of the screen, then move it down until you can see it's not Jeff 6 years ago +1
youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Don't worry, it isn't Jeff the Killer. Scout's honor 6 years ago  
I love Great Wolf Lodge. My second cousin works in the baked good shop next to the arcade 6 years ago +3
So you think of a bunch of questions, then find two pictures to fit all the options? 6 years ago  
When compared to hetero marriage, then they're the same. I don't really like marriage in general, though 6 years ago +1
You should do that find-two-random-pictures-on-bing-and-make-a-dozen-questions thing again 6 years ago +1
When I read B, I immediately thought of Powerpuff Girls. Maybe because I saw an episode of it with "Him" earlier today 6 years ago  
Katara wasn't black, she was Inuit kinda 6 years ago +3
Cosmo wears nail polish, and that guy plays Zelda like a champ 6 years ago  
There's a reason Riddler is my second favorite Batman villain (#1 is Penguin) 6 years ago  
I do hold resentment for GameStop, though, because my local GameStop is where the old Rhino Games used to be. If you don't know, Rhino was just like GameStop, except they had lifetime guarantees on games, and they gave you more than $1 for your old games 6 years ago  
Blockbuster was faster and it was easier to find movies 6 years ago  
In jeopardy, you just need to be smarter than the other two people 6 years ago +2
That would be writing, under A 6 years ago +7
How is that racist. That's Usain Bolt, one of the fastest people in history 6 years ago +1
Not when in the back is high explosives and the face is a small piece of rubber 6 years ago  
I usually alternated between Charmander and Bulbasaur. I never picked squirtle 6 years ago  
It's better in that it's lighter and more durable because of the folded steel method used to make it, whatever that is 6 years ago +2
I saw a transformer kill a bird once. Not going to specify which kind of transformer I mean 6 years ago +2
Terry Fator 6 years ago  
It's T 6 years ago +1
That's exactly my point. I'd be the worst father 6 years ago  
There is when Zod is the villain. Otherwise, you're right 6 years ago  
Yeah, they have a base 10 method. What's that about? A base 12-3-1760 system makes much more sense 6 years ago  
A had a better representation of a previously established villain that I like then B did 6 years ago  
I'm saying kilogram is the communist equivalent of dozen 6 years ago  
I thought it through plenty. Iron is much heavier than cotton, and a kilogram of it (assuming a kilogram is some communist unit of amount, like dozen or score) is going to weigh more. Duh 6 years ago +2
Iron is much heavier than cotton, and a kilogram of it (assuming a kilogram is some communist unit of amount, like dozen or score) is going to weigh more. Duh 6 years ago +2
I'd gladly spend 6 months fighting the Nazi war machine. Suck it, Hitler! 6 years ago +1
Pizza isn't really a lunch thing for me. If I'm eating pizza, I'll eat a good 2 or 3 slices, which is too heavy for lunch 6 years ago +2
It's iron, of course it's going to weigh more 6 years ago  
I wouldn't call the Nazi experiments 'wacky' 6 years ago +10
Enclave: The last remaining remnant of the good ol' US of A 6 years ago  
yes 6 years ago  
How is that shame on me? That's like eating a lollipop somebody peed on 6 years ago +1
She sounds like a valley girl, but with a deeper voice 6 years ago  
I game, so that decision was easy 6 years ago +2
Here's a good rule of thumb; if pee comes out of something, nobody should have to put their mouths on it 6 years ago +3
Technological indecisiveness 6 years ago  
Why would I be swinging at midnight? 6 years ago  
everything 6 years ago  
Gooooooo Blue Team! 6 years ago +1
Modern Times Forever is 10 days long, that doesn't mean most movies are 6 years ago +1
Movies aren't 3 hours long 6 years ago  
yes 6 years ago  
It's not a short, it's 20 minutes long. You know how many popsicles I can eat in 20 minutes? Like, 3 6 years ago  
I'm not going to run from the cops if I'm innocent, let alone shoot them 6 years ago +1
If the point of the video is to give me a new perspective on homosexuality, then you're too late. I already don't care what somebody's sexual orientation is 6 years ago  
wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrett_M82 Scroll down to the M107 section 6 years ago  
The one pictured, the Barrett M107 6 years ago  
I get the feeling you don't know how government works. High ranking military officers don't decide who our military allies are, let alone who we go to war with, charismatic as they are. Case in point, MacArthur during the Korean war 6 years ago +1
5-2=3, 3x3=9, 7+9=16, 7x2=14, 16/4=4, 4x2=8, 14+8=22 6 years ago +3
I remember the Giver. He invited a little boy into his chamber, told him to take off his shirt and gave him memories 6 years ago +5
They have US Presidents/Founding Fathers on them, to they're automatically infinitely better 6 years ago +2
T is clearly on the left 6 years ago +1
I'm on a boat with a couple of wackos/ singing my song and dipping my fat toe/ in the water, in the water/ this conversation's getting hotter/ it's so hot it's stupid 6 years ago +1
9+3=12, 48/2=24, 24*12=288 6 years ago +1
Except PEMDAS, so it's 9+3=12, 48/2=24, 24*12=288 6 years ago +2
wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_Squad! 6 years ago  
I usually do. For example, when I think of Peritwinkle, I imagine she's an owl, I imagine Tberr as catbug, and ChronicRose as Hinata 6 years ago  
I prefer the show, though 6 years ago  
I live in Florida, so I already know B. The answer is never 6 years ago +2
Super Strength has it's problems too. If you pick up something heavy, like a car, then it'll crush you despite your weight. If not that, then you'll just sink into the ground, like a nail in wood 6 years ago  
It's all tapwater anyway 6 years ago  
If I got 2.5 K a week, then I wouldn't need a job, and then I'd be bored because I'd have nothing to do all day 6 years ago +2
Cake is much better than pie 6 years ago +3
The land where we drop unnecessary vowels 6 years ago +4
Crowbars are not useful for fighting zombies. Ever tried swinging one? It feels weird 6 years ago  
Mountains I can deal with, I don't do swamps 6 years ago  
I was at Universal last year, and they had this really cool hotel called the Loews Royal Pacific Resort which was themed after Pacific Islands. They had another resort called Portofino Bay which I want to see 6 years ago  
Wait, does drugs just mean recreational drugs, or does it mean I can take Tylenol without actually taking Tylenol 6 years ago +3
Because this is America 6 years ago +6
I'd feel too guilty spending it 6 years ago +2
Really though, it's the same chance no matter what, because that's not how statistics work 6 years ago  
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