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    I'm a girl, but I don't wear makeup anyway...  
    Like Percy Jackson!!  
    Cut all your hair off  
    I'm the middle  
    Ew. Not me.  
    Never dated  
    It's like how a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn't a square. Love includes trust, but trust doesn't necessarily include love.  
    Haters gonna hate, I'm just gonna SHAKE IT OFF!!!  
    Never said how many people. Could be 2.  
    It would be easier to move on  
    I hate that band  
    I'm a girl XD  
    In most places, it's called football or FĂștbol  
    Golf is sooooo boring. I'm taller than everyone else, so I'm great with rebounds, and I'm fast, so I can fly across the court. BBall is so great.  
    I don't watch soccer  
    I run like Atalanta and hunt like Artemis  
    I love water and surfing and pools and Soul Surfer and Percy Jackson and...did I mention I love water  
    Duh. This one has a correct answer: Michael.  
    I did the same thing.  
    Haven't seen it  
    I have a little rivalry with Katy, due to my status of Swiftie, and Mila Kunis likes video games. How can you compete with that!? Yes, I'm a girl.  
    I wouldn't live forever if I got a million bucks. Everyone you know, love, or care for would die, and their descendants would die, and you would still be there, lonely, and forever living.  
    And I picked Lucas cause he's awesome and he was in TSwizzle's You Belong With Me music vid.  
    No offense, but Somerhalder's eyes kind of freak me out. They're too intense.  
    He is  
    Actually, if the music is REALLY loud, I think deaf people can hear the music, or at least the beat. And some are still capable of making music. It's impressive, really.  
    I love doing ASL, so I would pick being deaf. I know being hearing and able to sign isn't the same as being deaf and signing, but I just think there's more to see than to hear.  
    Umm...hearing aids don't fully repair deaf people's hearing. It just helps them hear a little bit more than silence. They still sign and everything.  
    I have never seen or felt real snow, but I think it would be wonderful.  
    Ever since I saw Frozen (2010), I've been terrified of getting stuck on ski lifts.  
    If I chose "time," then I'd have to skip history class because I'm black and going back to those times would NOT be good for me.  
    I'm black, so going back isn't really a logical option.  
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