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Would you rather Have Metalhead parents or have strict parents 5 years ago 277 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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boobs. 5 years ago +1
both suck 5 years ago  
You must have some mental disorders, if you really mean that 5 years ago  
31% must be Americans who don't know sh*t about histiory 5 years ago +1
I'm not gay, so... 5 years ago +4
me 5 years ago  
Neither of them 5 years ago +7
skip 6 years ago  
I like Power Metal, so both 6 years ago  
Mike Tyson, because then I'd had a chance to win 6 years ago  
I'd rather drink Finlandia 6 years ago  
God is real 6 years ago  
Burn in hell 6 years ago  
You can be friends with a serial killer 6 years ago  
Doesn't matter, had sex 6 years ago  
netflix 6 years ago  
Whore's have STD's 6 years ago  
I'm man, sooo yeaah 6 years ago  
VODKA! 6 years ago  
METAL FORVER \m/ 6 years ago  
God will give you an eternal life in heaven 6 years ago +1
owls can fly 6 years ago  
You can't use a gun while swimming 6 years ago  
War is in human nature 6 years ago  
God will give you a eternal life in Heaven, only if you believe in him 6 years ago  
Friends bring happiness 6 years ago  
ad drivers kill people, long line won't 6 years ago  
Already played with a lvl 87 character 6 years ago  
God rewards people who sacrifices themselves for a life of another 6 years ago  
Why did I even bothered to vote? 6 years ago  
I would rather beg for some money, than committing a sin 6 years ago  
Power Metal is old enough 6 years ago  

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