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    DUH 3 years ago  
    I wanna be a mermaid if they were real... my only consicuince 3 years ago  
    IM JUST A FRICKIN KID 3 years ago  
    I AM a kid.... this was obviously made by a adult 3 years ago  
    I dk what the Holacost was & just found out I WANNA SWITCH MA ANSWORS!! 3 years ago  
    I want EVER1 TO BE HAPPY EVEN IF THEY DONT WANT TO BE!! 3 years ago  
    go to the bank, tell them all of the money is ur's, and get away with the BILLIONS of doallers! jk I would never 3 years ago  
    Idk my dreams.... cant remember... oops... 3 years ago  
    wrong 1 3 years ago  
    hmmm I wonder if im NOT THE ONLY 1 HATING ON JESSICA PARKER??? 3 years ago  
    I DONT WANT TO BE IN PRISONE 3 years ago  
    of course.... IM ONLY 10 BRUH 3 years ago  
    Oops... picked the wrong 1... 3 years ago  
    who WOULDNT? 3 years ago  
    I would have scared my OWN MOTHER if I had Dark Vader's voice... It would be funny dough 3 years ago  
    anamals are unique and I WANT TO KNOW IF MY DOG IS ACTUALLY THINKING Squirl Squirl Squirl Squirl or Bacon Bacon Bacon BACOOONNNNN MMMMMM 3 years ago  
    I HATE DA OLIONSSSSSSSS (Aliens r scawyyy XD) 3 years ago  
    That 1 who said that the White girls were the other 37%.... I'M A WHITE GURL AND I WOULD RATHER BE CALLED COUCASIAN OK AND I HATE COFEE OK? 1 MORE THING I ONLY LIKE THEIR SWEETS KK???? SO SHUT UP... 3 years ago  
    whats Rusion Rullete? I see a gun... Is it fun to play with guns...? I don't tink dough... 3 years ago  
    why would I die? YOLO... I meaannnnn uhmmmmmm Hakuna Matata? 3 years ago  
    a Zombie apocilipse could destrough OUR BUTIFULL FACES!!! 3 years ago  
    at least im not a frickin stupid hoe 3 years ago  
    why would I ever even kill? I don't wanna kill.... And of course I don't want to juvie.... yeah..... I LOVE MA BABAY BRUDERRR DOUGH!! 3 years ago  
    that's me anyway 3 years ago  
    at least it tells you wut its from... I guess 3 years ago  
    CHRISTIANANITY BRUH 3 years ago  
    at least it would not feel like 5 years and it feels like 3 seconds 3 years ago  
    eew 3 years ago  
    who said that the gifts couldn't contain 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.000.999 dollours 3 years ago  
    I love my friends (not in that way) 3 years ago  
    VIDEO GAMES IS DA LIFE! 3 years ago  
    I would be happy for my friend 3 years ago  
    He'll grow out of the habbit (Maybe, there's at least a 46% chance of it) 3 years ago  
    Why the hate on this guy? 3 years ago  
    love gangdum style 3 years ago  
    I LOVE RED HAIR 3 years ago  
    oops wrong one xD 3 years ago  
    That kind of gal 3 years ago  
    All so called "straight people", lets get this "straight" *budum chuuuuuuu*, ok, lets get to the point, I know what you would have chosen if you were "gay". This is obvious, and if you're "straight" and consider yourself above "gays" then you're not seeing right. It's easy to SAY it, but, THINK about it, if you were them then what would you say to the people who said, "GAYS ARE STUPID!". That's right, you would say, "whatever" or "I'M GOING TO SLOTER YOU ALL!".(depending on your anger level). do you think you would like them for it, NO. What if you're a Christian and think "gays" are "Stupid" then you are not FULLY Christian. God loves "gays" "Straights" and in-betweens . If you think its "Stupid" to love any "gays" then you think God is "stupid" witch he definitely isn't! -PandaNicenessMatters (You should be proud of yourself if you think it doesn't matter if you're gay {The 74%}) 3 years ago  
    I don't like seeing others in pain 3 years ago  
    oops I picked the wrong one. xD 3 years ago  
    I could quit the job with the $1,000,000 and get a new one duh 3 years ago  
    THE LESS THE MARRIER 3 years ago  
    ya... 3 years ago  
    more the marrier, I guess.... 3 years ago  
    im not a law breaker, IM A RULE BREAKER 3 years ago  
    yaaaaaaaa 3 years ago  
    id be dirty as HECK 3 years ago  
    I like the laws the way they are 3 years ago  
    what if we have TWO siblings ;-; 3 years ago  
    id like to be free 3 years ago  
    I love my family 3 years ago  
    YAAAAAA 3 years ago  
    idk 3 years ago  
    I can be a lazy but on some days 3 years ago  
    some thing NEED to stay secrets u know! 3 years ago  
    im not a "blond preferer" anyways 3 years ago  
    i'd look AWSOOOOMEEEE 3 years ago  
    ITS FRIDAY FRI- Me: shut up im not picking you because Justin is gross. I would pick both but it wont let me ;-; Rebecca:FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY Me:DANGIT REBACCA 3 years ago  
    #BlameJustinAndHisHorribleSongs 3 years ago  
    crashes can cause DEATH AFTER DEATH AFTER DEAT.... welp imam go slap ma brother for picking terrorism 3 years ago  
    im on chrome 3 years ago  
    BIGGEST. PERSON. EVEEEERRRR!!! 3 years ago  
    sorry outsiders, DEAL WID IT 3 years ago  
    YA 3 years ago  
    Being yourself can get you to be better than anyone guys.... YOU ROCK BABY IN THE PICTURE you suck picture of the lil' girl(picture A) 3 years ago  
    God is love and peace and The Lord Over All so : love + peace + lord over all = God 3 years ago  
    I.... like....scary....things.....ummmmm 3 years ago  
    idk cause you always could go back you know 3 years ago  
    ya... 3 years ago  
    mountin dew is better though and that's from pepsi 3 years ago  
    there the same to me, coke + pepsi = just the same thing you started out with. 3 years ago  
    WYAAAAAA!Got ya, I know I did, totes op cause I know I scared you. 3 years ago  
    im a girl 3 years ago  
    thiefing is rude and you have a 86% chance of being caught. 3 years ago  
    im one of those ppl, top comment plz lol I suk *meditates* 3 years ago  
    translate 3 years ago  
    that would be emberrising either way.plz top comment 3 years ago  
    all my friends are girls xD 3 years ago  
    specielness is happienes, everyone has somthing special about them, even you. 3 years ago  
    im suuuuutch a herry potter fan..... yeah 3 years ago  
    it matters 3 years ago  
    ya 3 years ago  
    ew u r gross, being a prostitute is just..... no 3 years ago  
    lines aren't dangerous bad drivers are (.(.) 3 years ago  
    oops.... welp..... picked the wrong one.... 3 years ago  
    oops, wrong one xD 3 years ago  
    Dogs are so cute, even when there wet, why the hate on chubby people? 3 years ago  
    why the hate on un-attractive peeps 3 years ago  
    big miniature pet fan 3 years ago  
    idk the difference... 3 years ago  
    not a musical person, a singer person 3 years ago  
    eww 3 years ago  
    My friend would hate me if i didn't choose Michael Jackson even if it wre against anything else! 3 years ago  
    the world would be full of criminals if there were no Justice 3 years ago  
    oh well 3 years ago  
    no answor plz 3 years ago  
    and i could cure cancer, diabieties, ect. 3 years ago  
    I don't want to over rule God 3 years ago  
    I would wish to have 10 more wishes and on the last ten wish for money if i wanted 3 years ago  
    Divorce is sad 3 years ago  
    OF COURSE 3 years ago  
    IM SUCH A HARRY POTTER NERD 3 years ago  
    I want to be younger 3 years ago  
    yeah 3 years ago  
    ONLY IF I COULD BE ONE!!! 3 years ago  
    what's The Holocaust 3 years ago  
    When you go up to a bank and say "this is all my money" then they give you allllll the money! xp 3 years ago  
    i cant remember my dreams xD 3 years ago  
    idc (i don't care) about my clothes or hairstyles 3 years ago  
    ummmmmm most ppl that are kids would probably choose option A 3 years ago  
    Horses are my spirit animal........ NO REGRETS 3 years ago  
    i don't use amazon that much 3 years ago  
    I need to have a free life 3 years ago  
    omg this is gross 3 years ago  
    3 words: Yoda's Wise VOICE, people would listen 3 years ago  
    ummm you need to hear to live a fun and exiting life 3 years ago  
    LOVE+FAMILY+MORE LOVE=LIFE 3 years ago  
    i coult TP to school run away from the bullies and no one would know im right behind them and when its Halloween i could scare them soooooo much!!! 3 years ago  
    I would know what my puppys want and don't want! 3 years ago  
    What is Russian Roulette anyways? 3 years ago  
    i don't use I-Tunes but i love Cake-Pops! 3 years ago  
    at least im not the mean one! 3 years ago  
    *coughs and while that sings Hakuna Matata and says how much he/she looooveees Disney for creating Lion King* 3 years ago  
    like i said on the other "Alien" or "WWIII" question 3 years ago  
    i don't want to go to wwii cause im learning about wwii 3 years ago  
    im not choosing, my user name has "puppy" in my minecraft name and i have a baby sibliiiiinnnnnggggg 3 years ago  
    idk wut this meeeaaans 3 years ago  
    at least we wont all be obducted 3 years ago  
    ummmmm yeeeeaaaahhhhh 3 years ago  
    ill save the child, wut if you were that poor child! 3 years ago  
    why follow my first comment and youll get it 3 years ago  
    omg if u don't know why i chose this then follow my comments 3 years ago  
    i could change the answors on my tests! 3 years ago  
    I follow grandmother so yeah 3 years ago  
    Tatoos hurt ya, but they at least look like it never happened when you get rid of them 3 years ago  
    ok random on this one, but the question is, Would i weigh the same???? 3 years ago  
    omg if you were following my comments you know why i chose this! 3 years ago  
    if i had to choose it would be the burger king guy cause Ronald McDonald is sooooooo creeeeeepyyyyyyyy! 3 years ago  
    i want to be speciel for my brain not my looks and if i were really smart i could create futuristic internet! (or flying cars). 3 years ago  
    life is valuble and in the future i could tell tales of the old days and the ones i told the tale to would tell the tales when i die ect. 3 years ago  
    As i said, love = life! 3 years ago  
    More experience with life so i could bring that experience to Heaven, the lords land. 3 years ago  
    I WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH LDSHADOWLADY, EMMA WADSON, APHMAU, YAMMY XOX, AND JOEY GRACCEFFA!!!!! Oh and if i were only to choose one it would be one of the youtubers then most of them are friends with each other so... yeah! 3 years ago  
    I could avoid it if it were a car reck and then i could live longer and die of old age! 3 years ago  
    What am I doing write know? I think its obvios 3 years ago  
    i think that i don't want to know what my friends REALY think of me and i prbobly don't want to end up like Sophie from keeper of the lost cities and not be able to control it around mortals/humens 3 years ago  
    i think happiness is love and that's just my opinion. 3 years ago  
    i don't like any celebritys soooooo... 3 years ago  
    i would be THE BEST WIZARD.... ok maybe not as good as Harry, Sort of Ron, or DEFFENITEDLY not as good as Hermione! 3 years ago  
    So The Lord God Mighty Over All would hate me and be no more, and when there is a world with no problems would be as great as The Lord's Land (BTW heaven for the people who don't get christiananity) of course' most people who know me would know i would choose The Lord over me. 3 years ago  
    i would go back and tell the scientist at home how to make flying cars and the U.S. would be soooooo advanced so of course' future but is you went back into time you could tell them how to floss their teeth, how to make internet, how to make the internet, ETC. 3 years ago  
    It would be sad if your bride/fiance' didn't show up at your wedding.... That be embarrising, but no one would eeeeeveeeer knooooooow... xD 3 years ago  
    i mean, what if this site just shut dow- Site Owner-This player just disconnected. Have Fun! xD 3 years ago  
    I don't have a cell phone, but the internet is pretty much everything and a cell phone is nothing without the internet is a non-cell-phone? 3 years ago  
    This is obvios to me, I just finished learning about him and he was a rasist lil' rude idiot to me... 3 years ago  
    Yes I picked the vacation because school is stresfull, believe it or not! xD 3 years ago  
    wow, of course I would save a child, what if you were that poor kid? 3 years ago  
    Of course I would save someone, I think that the people who chose the lightsaber option then you're selfish idiots unless you're using it to kill animal (bears, Deer, ETC) and cooking it w/ the lightsaber then you're not as selfish as the people who don't care about others and just are the biggest Star War fan and just want the lightsaber. 3 years ago  
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