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    yay more photo inspiration 1 year ago  
    dont have one win win 1 year ago  
    they would be impressed 1 year ago  
    what if i like the richest man 1 year ago  
    hmmmm i need a bf to help me get richer so there 1 year ago  
    hmm another choice is to pull it right at the middle so the train will derail 1 year ago +1
    why not extremely softly 1 year ago  
    hmmmm im kind of hybristophilic so win win i guess 1 year ago  
    i wouldnt mind this i already am pretty emotionally devoid 1 year ago  
    let us wear what we want 1 year ago  
    i lose things extremely easily 1 year ago  
    same 1 year ago  
    never have summer break... but a whole year-round break! hax 1 year ago  
    hmm i go to taiwan sometimes and all my relatives are poor so... also too many mosquitos 1 year ago  
    lol im an only and i have straight as so there 1 year ago  
    go learn your science 1 year ago  
    break up and find another one 1 year ago  
    well at least i would go somewhere instead of dying off 1 year ago  
    i require privacy 1 year ago  
    is it you again 1 year ago  
    crap this made me get baby stuck in my head 1 year ago  
    horses step on my feet 1 year ago  
    lol i pull my glasses off weirdly enough 1 year ago  
    u can change ur name easily but appearance is much more difficult 1 year ago  
    no thank u i would like to own my stuff 1 year ago  
    yell back at her or something 1 year ago  
    i already am so yay 1 year ago  
    finally someone who i relate to 1 year ago  
    D: 1 year ago  
    didnt say u cant have the other one 1 year ago  
    i usually hate beef 1 year ago  
    my body is okayish; better than my face at least 1 year ago  
    and then get it back 1 year ago  
    come on i like both 1 year ago  
    lol i already have 1 year ago  
    surgery 1 year ago  
    same 1 year ago  
    i am sort of 1 year ago  
    i AM object attatched sooooo 1 year ago  
    i hate kids 1 year ago  
    nah ur the one who is 1 year ago  
    i dont need sex 1 year ago  
    whoa so new 1 year ago  
    ow my boubs 1 year ago  
    i cant stand dipwads 1 year ago  
    I hate traveling 1 year ago  
    Never said I had to act on it lol 1 year ago  
    meals are half-unpredictable and its annoying 1 year ago  
    You actually get to see what's happening 1 year ago  
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