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    what's wrong with you? 6 years ago +4
    NONE 6 years ago +2
    hard one 6 years ago +1
    just the Wii 6 years ago  
    it'll be hard to recognize people when they are drawn. well it'll be hard for me 6 years ago  
    i would love to read " to kill a mockingbird" 6 years ago +1
    i didn't knew that. thx 6 years ago  
    i can close my eyes 6 years ago  
    i can hide 6 years ago  
    i love the way he walks 6 years ago +2
    wrong answer 6 years ago  
    get my lips WHA? 6 years ago  
    depends what kind of pc 6 years ago  
    i'm a girl 6 years ago  
    really? if this was last year i would have picked A 6 years ago  
    i hate war 6 years ago +2
    i liked that movie 6 years ago  
    that's racist 6 years ago +4
    i could be possessed buy a host 6 years ago  
    CRAP! i thought it said what would you rather do. A is more annoying 6 years ago  
    i don't get it 6 years ago  
    wow 50/50 6 years ago +2
    wHAT? 6 years ago +1
    i pressed yes just because i wanted to know what other's say 6 years ago  
    i'll rope swing 6 years ago  
    i'm gonna poop on the floor 6 years ago  
    idk 6 years ago  
    i just counted until 25 6 years ago  
    music now 6 years ago  
    i don't hate math, i just prefer english 6 years ago +1
    i like both 6 years ago  
    both 6 years ago  
    i did not understand the question 6 years ago  
    i don'r know 6 years ago  
    i don't like vanilla 6 years ago  
    NONE 6 years ago  
    both 6 years ago  
    hard one 6 years ago  
    I hope so 6 years ago +3
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