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Bisexual feminist, who strives for gender equality and lgbt to be accepted into society. Loves food,kittens,and Tumblr. Warning: I'm absolute weeaboo trash!

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    Don't put off today what you can do tomorrow.  
    Notifs brought me here  
    It said to support i dont think a penny is gonna support his drug habit. +7
    Sex is repulsive. +1
    True love can suck it t(•_•t)  
    That makes no sense  
    You can have friends at work too.  
    Well you wont be going anywhere in life.  
    It doesnt matter.  
    No recess in high school and hardly any games.  
    Notifications whyy  
    Can we all just respect each others differences.  
    Yea its sickening. Im Christian but i support gay marriage all the way.  
    Hey its true it was when i was 5  
    What da Faq  
    You'd still smell like fart dumbass  
    My dream is to get a good education. I don't know what kinda dreams you've been having,..  
    Well too bad  
    Lol same  
    Thats disgusting...No one needed to know that.  
    Thats disgusting bro. I would not wanna be your mom.  
    I believe in the same god but please don't talk about religion. As you can see religion is a touchy subject and can offend many people,  
    Keep your opinions to yourself.  
    Keep telling yourself that..  
    Yea we can see that. What does that have anything to do with the question  
    My dream is to get a good education. Idk what kinda dreams you've been having.  
    Damn it  
    It seems pretty gay though. and yes it does seem gross  
    True dat.  
    Remind me never to eat your food  
    Where the frick did u get these picture  
    I eat at home alot. Would be nice to eat out once in a while.  
    Im a pc gaming type of girl. Aka Minecraft  
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