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    MURICA 8 months ago  
    I can sweet talk 8 months ago  
    ONE WORD:WIG 8 months ago  
    NEW YORK FOR LIFE 8 months ago  
    3 words:train bus bike 8 months ago  
    NO,OH GOD NO,NO,NO,NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 8 months ago  
    YOU CANT HANDLE THE FUTURE 8 months ago  
    Seen both 8 months ago  
    IM FRIGGIN 12 8 months ago +11
    BRAINS 8 months ago  
    Im already a loser with my friends andre,donohugh,zion,and pablo 8 months ago  
    Im both i like pokemon and i knew how to hold my own bottle at 9 months still smart though 8 months ago  
    What is magic kingdom 8 months ago  
    IM A GUY 8 months ago  
    I sleep better in the cold 8 months ago  
    im 12 8 months ago  
    Im 12 anyway 8 months ago  
    you never said i couldn't brink a scuba mask and second oxygen tank 8 months ago  
    You never said i couldn't bring an ak-47 with full bullets 8 months ago  
    Stab em in the eye they let go 8 months ago  
    Im the oldest already 8 months ago  
    im a guy though 8 months ago  
    I already talk too much 8 months ago  
    I will buy a butler and cheafurr 8 months ago  
    I could dream of being with person of my dreams 8 months ago  
    I would live a happy lifetime 8 months ago  
    u can watch tv on your computer 8 months ago  
    Superman is too OP 8 months ago  
    You didnt say i counldn't use a snorkel and oxygen tank 8 months ago  
    PS4 FOR LIFE 8 months ago  
    whats wrong with my son if he is? 8 months ago +1
    I TAKE "ALL YOU CAN EAT" AS A CHALLENGE 8 months ago  
    IM TERREIFIED OF HEIGHTS 8 months ago  
    SPAGET HERE I COME 8 months ago  
    GO GIANTS 8 months ago  
    With wealth you could create a famous company 8 months ago  
    ET ESSSKETIIIIITTTT 8 months ago  
    Women are smarter 8 months ago  
    USA RULES!!!! 8 months ago  
    I already am the smartest one in my school 8 months ago  
    I honestly dont care you perverts 8 months ago  
    No interuptions plus the food might be bad 8 months ago  
    OBAMA FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 months ago  
    I can control my dreams already 8 months ago  
    Earth will end because of the sun blowing up in 1 Billion years or the Andromeda galaxy will crash into us in 1 Billion years soo you die on earth 8 months ago  
    I like Mtn Dew the best 8 months ago  
    Star trek is a bad knockoff of Star wars 8 months ago  
    Who is Hermoine Granger 8 months ago  

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