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    lol freakin walmart sucks.  
    livin in california and i love it.  
    it is proven that democrats tend to have a higher IQ than republicans  
    dog are kinda dumb. cats don't give a sh*t.  
    grass stains are cool...  
    environment killing assholes  
    people who text break up suck  
    drunk people are funny  
    michael phelps is a pompous jerk..  
    Simon Cowell get's too much crap. He's freakin honest and knows real talent.  
    wow. selfish retards pickin a mansion. god, i hate rich people  
    well my grandma is pretty  
    and in minecraft i build treehouses  
    living underground would be hell.  
    i already am cocky  
    i'm an indiefag. lol. but i love electric  
    lambos are freakin retarded  
    people should try to go vegan anyway +1
    lol. I already say everything on my mind.  
    NYC is so much more culturally diverse.  
    The best artists stay true to themselves and don't sell out.  
    I wouldn't wanna get too attached.  
    Blackberries are so much cooler.  
    communication is lost through text  
    I'm a city dude but elevators really scare me.  
    Pollution IS animal abuse.  
    small dogs is cute  
    um...I already am weird.  
    lol. kadafi rox. omg obama is so bad. hes a muslim. hes communist 2. and socialist. (and black). kadafi doesnt like obama so i side with him.  
    Website. Because I'd hate to suck the life and individuality out of artists.  
    music! I freakin love music.  
    I am not ashamed of my dong.  
    Oh shut up you atheists. It's a stupid hypothetical question. You can't live any extra 50 years either (in most cases). @[email protected]  
    lol. I listen to some obscure crap that isn't out on the internet. So iTunes.  
    Sexism is bad...but it makes more sense. @[email protected]  
    stupid people suck.  
    lol. lol. lol.  
    this is such a touchy subject... +1
    pepsi suUuucks  
    I'm terrified of one of my two cats.  
    Ask long as I could be a liberal hick. +2
    Rich people suck.  
    seeking makes me sad  
    I'd flash my tits to those dumbass men.  
    firefox is gangsta  
    rockstars are 8,000 times cooler  
    I'd wanna watch them and it'd be awesome cause I get some whack dreams. I swear to God, I don't do drugs but Weird stuff.  
    I like Minecraft and I'm not a nerd. People call me a hipster. lol. But I think I'd still rather be outside. I feel very connected to nature.  
    lol. If you think BUSH was better than Obama you are insane. It's okay if you don't like Obama...but to think BUSH was better!? lol!  
    affairs. +3
    ew...fat men...  
    I'd save a child from poverty.  
    Some old fashions are badass.  
    city lyfe dawg  
    ima fruit.  
    lol. 50-50. Unicorns are rad. I'd ride it to school and be like, "WASSSUP YALL. RIDING MY UNICORN." They'd be so jealous.  
    ima vagabond yo  
    lol. My first kiss was with a crazy girl.  
    I pee in the shower all the time.  
    I'd be all seasick and junk.  
    I love food.  
    It's horrible what Hitler did but I think that an example of horrendous racism and genocide is necessary to help prevent it from happening again.  
    lol. I'm skinny. So doubling my weight would be okay.  
    I almost said forest but then I thought of serial killers and how they live in forests.  
    80's clothes can be pretty badass. Not the ones in the picture...but yeah.  
    Really...nightclubs? Lame.  
    People who dress too fancy piss me off.  
    Reading minds would mess me up.  
    I would screw up with a rewind button. I'd probably make a wrong choice thinking it was right. A pause button would be WAY better.  
    Giving a bad gift is fun.  
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