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Would you rather never be able to stop.... Shufflin' or saying swag 6 years ago 251 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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Neither,kill em because they suck!!!! 6 years ago  
Rebecca black is cool. I met her. No,I'm not shane dawson. 6 years ago  
I like MJ because he's dead and now he won't molest children anymore. 6 years ago  
Surf the ocean while surfing the Internet like a b4u5 6 years ago  
E=MC squared like a b4u5 6 years ago  
Same here. 6 years ago  
Clicked wrong one. Never said you couldn't say it in syllables. TROLOLOLOLOLO! 6 years ago one listens to gangnam style for 10 hours....THEY LISTEN TO RICK ASTLEY! Never gonna give you up... 6 years ago  
Christmas Cash. LOL! 6 years ago  
Never know what your gonna get. Lol 6 years ago  
Ms. Sirios apparently teaches poetry 6 years ago  
I already have an iPad,so I go with Air 6 years ago  
Same here. 6 years ago  
Same here. 6 years ago  
Damnit nevermind 6 years ago  
How ya like me know,new jersey comment? You got booted off the recent 6 years ago  
Boo yah! *hi-5* 6 years ago +1
Same here. 6 years ago  
Who needs friends? I've got love from my crush and support from my family 6 years ago +1
No if your 6 foot tall you are related to the SLENDERMAN 6 years ago +1
If I dated someone the 1/3 of my height,I......don't know 6 years ago  
Like I said. Mila is my type of girl 6 years ago +1
The next person I see will be my crush,so ya. 6 years ago  
Umm I'm a dude,and naturally,hipster chicks are hot as hell. So ya,gonna go with hipster 6 years ago +2
Hmmmm..... Lets compare. Katy:god given talent of music. Mila:hot,actress,loves video games,Russian. I'm going with mila 6 years ago  
It happened to me. Perfectly fine with being friend-zoned. 6 years ago  
HECK YEA,WITH NUTELLA! 6 years ago +2
I'm not gay,but it's there choice 6 years ago  
Curable,hello? 6 years ago  
Selena 6 years ago  
Doesn't say I won't grow hair back 6 years ago  
Wrong click. I'd rather accomplish all of my dreams. 6 years ago  
So would I rather date a gay or a gay? NEITHER! Let's go with J-Lo and call it a day 6 years ago  
Ya.... I hate my brother,so I hate the rest. JK JK. I'd rather my life be like Jigsaw. He's freakin hilarious. Now if I were a person,not jigsaw,I'd say,"youre telling me I have to saw off my leg with a f----m 6 years ago  
Bye,women! 6 years ago  
CLICKED WRONG ONE! I hate small dogs. Oh god. Stupid f-----g rats 6 years ago  
If a movie is made out of a book,the book is wayyyy better 6 years ago  
Old logo is way better 6 years ago  
Me 6 years ago  
I'm selfish. 6 years ago  
I would keep the Bugatti,those things are tight! 6 years ago  
(note I'm a dude) would I rather be hot,awesome,study like,know every spell, or a sparkling vamp with no emotion.... Yea.... 6 years ago  
Kill the baby. 6 years ago  
If that bacon happens to be turkey bacon..... Then bacon.....but if it's not then nutella is way better then plain old bacon 6 years ago  
28 percent suck for picking narnia 6 years ago  
Borat is sooooooo funny! 6 years ago  
Ummmm neither? Hehehehe 6 years ago  
XD 28 percent are retarded for picking Mary Kate 6 years ago  
Claudia lynx looks WAY hotter. A total babe. Babe-a-licious. 6 years ago  
Let's see.... Your walking down the street..... And a dickhole points a gun at you. 6 years ago  
KILL IT WITH FIREEEEEE! -Syndicate 6 years ago  
Jessica is way cuter 6 years ago  
Screw JB. He is an auto tuned artist who's music doesnt speak to people and stand out from other artists like Nicki Minaj. Good artists that speak and stand out to me are:Gotye,Jimi Hendrix,Drake,and Cali Swag district. 6 years ago  
I'm a guy....comfortable with wearing flats.... Jus sayin 6 years ago  
I'm a guy....and I know hetero is attracted to Ya...... XD LOOPHOLE 6 years ago  
.... Pharmacist + arms dealer=death 6 years ago  
I'm short and ginger..... 6 years ago  
I'm wayyyyyy paler then those girls......I'm bleached......I want to be orange 6 years ago  
I'm dating a preppy chick. RUDE ASSES 6 years ago +1
My best friend dated my crush....they broke up....that was in third grade...she is available now.....OFF I GO! 6 years ago  
As long as my son is happy 6 years ago  
Wanna know what I would do? I would just plain pull my pants down,no matter where,and piss on everyone. Then it would turn in to cum,and that leads to another story. 6 years ago  
It would feel sooooooooooo good to get a bj,no matter if it was a boy or a girl. 6 years ago +2
Oh yeah. Give me your boob,babe 6 years ago  
Holy cow. You people wanna find a way out of doing fun stuff. The rough side of sand paper makes you feel so horny and good! 6 years ago  
Ya.... I'd rather sex toys 6 years ago  
Give me my bj. 6 years ago +2
Neither 6 years ago  
Let's see...hippie who puts thought into his music,or not hippie who doesn't put thought into music,...yeah,John lennon is better,by far. 6 years ago  
I'm a guy....comfort arable with no bra...just sayin. 6 years ago  
I am a midget.... OFFENSIVE 6 years ago  
This is so hard. I have to go with wife,we could always have another kid. 6 years ago  
I catch my meat at stores and restaurants..... XD 6 years ago  
I am the only one with my kind of body 6 years ago  
My crush dated my best 6 years ago  
U can still be straight,all it means is that gay guys r attracted to u 6 years ago  
South park is for idiotic fools who do not believe in Jesus. The only funny part in south park to me is,"You Bastards! They killed Kenny!" XD 6 years ago  
Yay! I need monr 6 years ago  
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