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    I don't want to live on this planet anymore  
    Better survival rate  
    Batman> everyone else but still marvel>dc  
    My best friends prrty ugly....  
    Ok I see the confusion. Soo first is parenthesis like everyone said, which leaves us with 48/2*12 then you just multiply or divide from left to right, whichever comes first. 48/2= 24*12=288 +1
    One day you'll all realize +1
    *votes for disney*  
    Drunk puppy keeps leaving me voicemails @ 2am +84
    Well to be fair it's jello brand pudding  
    Doesn't matter had sex! +2
    Who would want to be responsible for all of those high schoolers suffering in calculus?!?!  
    All the apple people will never know how useful and powerful a computer can actually be cuz they're stuck on "photo booth"  
    2 places > 1 place +1
    Just cuz whoever wrote this said they loved tobuscus  
    I can't sing  
    At least shes not wearing 2 pairs of sunglasses  
    Everyone just picked the more attractive one  
    You have no idea what kind of crap they put in perfume  
    If juicy fruit lasted for more than 30 seconds then I would change my vote in a second  
    At least my last day was on the beach, not on a stupid train  
    That one guy from Portugal like "people care about us!!" +1
    Mercedes makes 18 wheelers and BMW makes sport bikes, enough said  
    It's not like he could pass any of his radical bills anyway, at least he's American  
    Much more valuable and influential career  
    If he killed you tomorrow then you slept next to hi for the rest of your life.. It doesn't guarantee that he doesn't kill you tonorrow  
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