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its yo boi

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    Drench myself in purfume liquid each day  
    Omg 2 girls 1 cup made me vomit  
    Ima fast forward that shizz  
    Lol, the other hole is what gets you preggers  
    No, I'd walk out of the class  
    More sweet  
    HD bruh  
    I remember having one of those :D  
    Never EVER  
    Got a macbook air  
    Pit is senpai  
    Google obviously  
    Better for chat related games  
    PC is way better  
    Blackberry is now a grandpa phone  
    Chrome has almost everything! If you were to look up this certain name on images it comes up with a game ON the images page  
    I'm naturally beautiful •√•  
    Google obviously  
    What kind of question is this?  
    UH obviously?!  
    Yahoo sucks  
    For the clean freaks!  
    How can the even BE a best friend if they treat you like a nobody  
    Already am a happy genius :)  
    Lookin fabulous  
    Smart hottie bruh  
    Minecraft :D +3
    Hair makeover  
    Nerds sound smart... Oml I can be a rich smart ass :D  
    Simple, change your name xD  
    The question is, do I have WiFi?  
    Here in NZ, we just have to get on a boat and go 1k out to the ocean.  
    I don't need to be corrected.  
    So basically getting money or risking money?  
    Use mouth wash?  
    I get a gun :D  
    We wish  
    My breath will smell nice?  
    There's a movie about this!  
    So hot with short hair oml  
    You wouldn't get anywhere without the degree.  
    It would get depressing if you found out what people think of you. Sometimes, not depressing though.  
    When your just a agnostic theist  
    Define the meaning of friends  
    Oh shoot wrong thing  
    More calm when drowning  
    Europe all the way! +1
    Screw love!  
    I rather not be murdered by a family member.  
    Women can have a baby then go back to buisness.  
    Know the truth to where my mom hid my B-Day presents  
    Pepsi 4 life  
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