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    Plinko :D  
    44% for avatar? I sense a disturbance in the force.  
    bieber is stupid.  
    I love kittens. +36
    How is this a questio- oh it was written by another girl.. +2
    Dream boyfriend? teenage boys are stupid I love videogames.  
    NEITHER! +1
    "make you decide" If I didn't..  
    Well, 5 is more then 1. So it'd be better to have only one person die then the 5. +1
    Black ones look cooler. +3
    Hungry? Eat your hair, it'll grow back. +7
    Never kissed. Whats the big deal here?  
    buttur +1
    Distract duck with bread, make your escape. +59
    Why cant i live without both  
    Free the lobsters, while screaming "FREEDOM!" +85
    Planes are my biggest fear. It'd be a bit better for me if it was a car crash..  
    I don't have a grandma.  
    Lions don't live in jungles, and I can't swim. All I have to worry about is the tigers.  
    I'll die happy.  
    Well people already eat snails so I guess it can't be that terrible.. I'd feel horrible for the next few days though, same if I ate a frog. +1
    Some of my family might not live 100 years. I hate pain) and I'd like to live happily. Best 25 years ever.  
    Forget partying, I still need to save Tamriel from Alduin! +137
    Burger king is just some dude with a mask, but Ronald McDonald.. I have had nightmares with him in it. +2
    I barely ever use my phone, and I don't have a tablet. I'm currently using a computer on this..  
    I've never been to austrailia. I would like to see whats there.  
    I can just go to Walmart and buy water bottles and gatorade. +2
    How to not be sad: Ignore this question, and walk away.  
    Well you can be mermaids and I can... I wanna be a mermaid too now...  
    Oh no! My parents caught me playing Skyrim! No.  
    That's harsh. i still wouldn't want hair as short as her. Plus I have stupid secrets.  
    I like actors more then singers. Plus I'd be a better actor.  
    When I get tired I can just crawl into the punching bag . +2
    Marvel has the strongest heroes and villans. Marvel has loki, for one.  
    I like potatoes.  
    Bras are the most uncomfortable thing..  
    They never said that the one who borrows money doesn't return it back later.  
    I can't handle the truth.  
    I lose my keys a lot.  
    i like bananas  
    I don't barelly ever watch TV anyway so it wouldn't be much of a change. i'm to busy watching youtube videos for TV.  
    Is there a way to change your choice? The comments have points in them.  
    that monkey in the picture is adorable  
    People can survive without eating meat longer only meat.. Vegetarians live a long time.  
    Stuck on an island? Eat them if their useless, or simply work to control them forcefully.  
    I shall dip my finger in orange juice.  
    Being a kid is better then an adult. No worries besides who gets to shove their face into the playdoh first.  
    I don't like wearing white so I'd be fine with mud on it.  
    Being deaf still means I can type and watch silent youtube videos and not have to listen to 10 year olds puking into their microphones in videogames.  
    I don't even have a significant other :D  
    If I could fly, I would tweet "lol flying as I type! #ibelieveicanfly".  
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