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Hey... psst... If you say "Jesus" backward, it sounds like sausage... heckin xd phams

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    Why can't people ever just accept that other people believe in different religions?! Honestly, like, why tf is it so hard to NOT judge. Just accept it everyone, not everyone will believe in what you do. GAWD. Judgmental as sh*t...  
    A would cause the human race to go extinct  
    P-p-p-ORN THO  
    Orange juice ;D  
    You guys do realize that your parents won't be around for your entire life, right?  
    So... what's the downside here?  
    Why not both?  
    Troll C:  
    I do have a foot fedish... +1
    Just say "I really like the month March"  
    Already am  
    Either way, Justin Bieber will die  
    Nice, sex with a sandwich  
    If I had it MY way, that would be no way. Problem solved.  
    I think it's funny how I said "let's give each other likes" and everyone liked my comment even though they actually didn't like everyone's comment XD  
    No thank you C:  
    Where's my money bro?  
    At least one survives  
    31% don't see the obvious loophole here...  
    I COULD SELL MY HAIR TO MCDONALDS. Or do I already? *illuminati music*  
    Twitter is literally Facebook, just without the pictures and videos  
    The tiger would probably e scared of me after me trying to cuddle with the giant cat.  
    It's about SURVIVAL  
    They'd be jealous.  
    They better not f*cking sparkle in the sunlight  
    A snail is much more smaller than a frog... LOGIC  
    Ronald Mc Donald is a clown so... NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE  
    After he would say you were lovin it.  
    The dad looks like he's going to rape his son O.o  
    The best celebrity is the greatest three people in the world, Me, Myself, and I. :)  
    5 stuffed animal puppies :) (this is just a really messed up question and I'm trying so hard to find a loophole)  
    Anyone herd of prosthetic legs?  
    Notice how it says LIVE underwater not BREATHE underwater.  
    If they got their wrappers it's all good  
    Lol, I don't care 'bout football trolololololol  
    ( . )( . ) there, I put boobs now give me top comment  
    ...after I'm dead :P  
    F*CK yeah Barbie time  
    *eats two worms* done.  
    It did dumbass  
    Finally, me and my puppy have something in common!  
    PE excuse  
    Does someone want to tell him?  
    Can't download mods and steam games on IMac  
    Like if you just clicked option A because of the little toast dude. :P  
    Already am  
    Never worry about bad breath again.  
    What is it you people call "nature?"  
    What is a "cell-phone"? Never heard of them. :3  
    Doesn't say they don't pay you 200% back :) +1
    Ooooh! I know this one! It's... I don't give a fruk  
    Me:"Crap!" Friend:"What?" Me:"I lost the key to your heart :'("  
    Either way, I can eat tomatoes  
    *cough* Netflix *cough*  
    I am offended  
    Go die and see what happens, then tell me ;)  
    What is it you smert people say "college" is?  
    Me: "Has anyone here drank milk recently? I'm lactose intolerant." (Not really)  
    Mud is not permanent  
    Aye, all you b*tches focus on ME. It's MY DAY.  
    Hey, don't you guys know about sign language? It can come in "handy" huehuehuehuehue- okay I'll go die...  
    Heil Hitlier- what? Pshhhh, I'm not hailing Hitlier... what... *says Heil Hitlier under breath*  
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