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y'all better fuckin' yee haw or hee yaw

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Would you rather Be turned to stone or Trapped in an unbreakable glass box 3 years ago 76 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be stuck in a room full of weeaboos or Stuck in a room full of Homestucks 3 years ago 93 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Play Splatoon? or Play Call of Duty? 3 years ago 119 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Sleep on a bed of nails covered in ketchup? or Have to live on ketchup only? 3 years ago 125 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Work for Nintendo? or Work for SEGA? 3 years ago 86 votes 15 comments 0 likes

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we're all gonna die you either kill yourself or get killed 6 months ago  
You need the Internet to live. You don't need a phone to live. 2 years ago  
This is just ironic. 'Your the stupid won'... 2 years ago  
Draw me like one of your French girls... 2 years ago  
Never said anything about a bath. 2 years ago  
FEWER. 2 years ago  
I'd stick with my sister. 2 years ago  
Knowledge is power. 2 years ago  
Wouldn't mean that I myself were poor. I could be super rich, and still live in a poor country. 2 years ago  
Alright, so I found this little nugget of hilarity on the internet. Try and read this phrase without laughing. 'tutant meenage neetle teetles.' I'm proud of you if you managed! 2 years ago  
I SEE WATCHA DID THERE 2 years ago +1
I'd give 100 dollars to lots of African families, and I'd still have some left. 2 years ago  
I like tattoos, but if I get one that means I can't go into a hot spring back in Japan... 2 years ago  
I'd be the cutest little woman in the office... 2 years ago  
Let's all escape the hell we call 'exhaust fumes' and we can all go and bleeeeh in the sunny seas. 2 years ago  
I can screw up that little pink sissy in seconds, hahah. 3 years ago +1
Clever. 3 years ago  
We don't care. Stop trying to sound smart, and give yourself a break. 3 years ago  
AHAHAHAHAHAHA 3 years ago  
My earlobes. 3 years ago  
Hahah, my childhood screams at me. 3 years ago  
I can't believe that I answered this. Nintendo all the way! 3 years ago  
Same! 3 years ago  
I would quit. Duh... 3 years ago  
It gives you the ticket, but it never says that I have to... 3 years ago  
Oop, okay. Same here, I had great grades back in school, and I'm happy that you didn't rage at me. Most people I correct tend to blow up and scream crap at me. 3 years ago  
Geeks don't necessarily wear glasses. 3 years ago  
The worst possible physical pain is probably breaking all your bones at the same time, not being able to move and die. 3 years ago  
I'd rather use a game console on my TV. 3 years ago  
If you lived forever, all your loved ones will be gone someday. And I would actually be generous enough to give people any money they want at any time. 3 years ago  
This guy was born to be an uneducated arsehole. 3 years ago  
I challenge you to a battle, my people! 3 years ago  
Heheheheheh, I love your comment,nintendogirl. 3 years ago  
Says the one who sucks at it already...also, the capital letter in the word 'grammar' is unnecessary. 3 years ago  
It was a typo, you douchebag. Besides, most of your sentences and comments make no sense at all wheras most of mine are perfect in spelling, grammar and punctuation. 3 years ago  
Richter. Learn to spell. 3 years ago  
None of us really live in a forest, so...that kinda proves my point of choosing this opinion. I would also probably be sleeping the entire time this fire goes on somewhere where I don't live. 3 years ago +1
Back in Hokaido where my grandma lives...winters are like the insides of a paper shredder. 3 years ago  
Let it be free. Sometimes, us humans are douchebags. We need to take that thought in mind and actually see what we can do before we try to take over the Solar System. 3 years ago  
Oh. 3 years ago  
Not funny at all. 3 years ago  
Do we care? No. Not really. 3 years ago +2
Ash from Pokemon 3 years ago  
I'll make him lose weight. 3 years ago  
sorry* 3 years ago  
I'm osrry, but Potato_Gamer...get an education, because that sentence made no sense whatsoever. 3 years ago  
Oi, you made the question, so you can't really judge. You chose the two options. 3 years ago  
I apologise. If I were*, probably* and celebrity*. Get it right. 3 years ago  
I remember buying my little cousin these... 3 years ago  
I'm sorry, but there is no way I'm letting my best friends die. 3 years ago  
I want to be the very best, like no-one ever was...I'm sorry. My childhood is screaming at me. 3 years ago  
Yep. 3 years ago  
So, you're from England too? 3 years ago  
If only I could get rid of them all... 3 years ago  
No, seriously. It's quite a smart idea. 3 years ago  
Wtf? 3 years ago  
Nothing wrong with changing your beliefs. 3 years ago  
Heheh. 3 years ago  
ABXY, Hightide Era. 3 years ago  
A man that abhorrent should never deserve a limousine. 3 years ago  
Cooler. 3 years ago  
Sounds fun, why not? 3 years ago  
More popcorn to pop, and more people to friend-hug after watching sad films. 3 years ago +1
Anything BUT Edward. He's such a guy whore. 3 years ago  
That just made me choke on water. 3 years ago  
Ketchup only. Ketchup is the only thing that you can have access to, okay? 3 years ago  
Clever! 3 years ago  
It used to be good, but now people like my cousins just swear like old men and have to ruin it. 3 years ago  
Ok. People have opinions, and I'm not here to judge. 3 years ago  
Look at my profile page. And my name. 3 years ago  
What a scummy, chavvy thing to do. Fine, you can go and believe that homosexuals are of lower status in society, I don't give a crap anymore. 3 years ago  
Their* debt. 3 years ago  
That was hard. 3 years ago  
What are those is overrated. 3 years ago  
That bee looks like a stalker. 3 years ago +1
Why, I'd be caught and sent to jail. Better to kill them in a quick flash so they don't tell tales. 3 years ago  
'Looks' is the correct spelling. Is there anything wrong with homosexual people, or are you trying to 'buff up' like a man? 3 years ago +1
I will slit your throat, Mr.Darkskull. 3 years ago +2
Danbo...cardboard robot thing... 3 years ago  
I just chose because...sonic. 3 years ago  
Oh, crap...sorry about that. I only knew Otakumon for the first 3 months I was here on another user, so I guess we can relate, in a way. 3 years ago  
I miss him so much... 3 years ago  
Yes, my friend. 3 years ago  
It's the same thing... 3 years ago  
Nuh-uh. *Blissful with sugar. 3 years ago  
HEH 3 years ago  
Cold hearted bleh. 3 years ago +1
I'm so sorry... 3 years ago  
They might not want to fight, they come in peace! 3 years ago  
EHEHEHEHEHEHEH 3 years ago  
I've always wanted to wear those big fancy white if you agree! Childhood dreams. :D 3 years ago  
You can't even spell... 3 years ago  
.... 3 years ago  
More time, more money. 3 years ago  
That way, I won't get mobbed by dumb teeangers, would I? 3 years ago  
2 things...I'm a lazy sod, and I don't know how to swim. God help me. 3 years ago  
Heh. 3 years ago  
LUH 3 years ago  
If I ruled, the world would be made of cheese and other food. 3 years ago  
HUEHUHEUEHUHE 3 years ago  
I'mma be dead...not point! 3 years ago  
Chocolate, huh? What about chocolate flavored stuff, like pudding? Cocoa? My life is ruined. 3 years ago  
I'm a lazy sod. We all are, unless you're a stuck up boring git. 3 years ago  
Duh, sell it to the kids! 3 years ago  
ERMAGERD, you guys have Miiverse? Please follow me, I'm sushizelda12. I just like sushi. and zelda. my house is no 12. Yeah. 3 years ago +1
What else? 3 years ago  
Navi, I will kill you... 3 years ago  
SHUDDUP 3 years ago  
You are an awesome person. 3 years ago  
Yeah, and other places too. In this case, Indonesia. 3 years ago  
Learn how to spell. 3 years ago  
? What about it? 3 years ago  
I like snakes. 3 years ago +3
I'm sorry, my love... 3 years ago  
No point, I already do. 3 years ago +1
Come on, you lot...admit it! 3 years ago  
Both. 3 years ago  
None of those. Majora's mask all the way! 3 years ago  
Yo...Y U DISS MUH MAMMA??????? 3 years ago  
Wow, what kinda question is this? Whoever thought this up is a dumbass in my book. 3 years ago  
Why do people hate gays so much? They are humans too, just give them a chance! It's not like they're gonna blow up the Earth, is it? Get a grip, you lot. 3 years ago +1
The hipster could actually be really smart and love you, the douchebag...naw, he's the complete opposite of the man of your dreams. 3 years ago  
When I get a guy, I wouldn't care about what they say. This may sound a little weird but... HOES BEFORE BROS 3 years ago  
I'll just put on my little cutie face to get out of it, you know what I mean! 3 years ago  
Stop trying to wiggle your way out of this... 3 years ago  
I'm sorry, but who the hell wants to live forever? When the Earth ends, where are you guys gonna be? Floating around in space? 3 years ago  
Dumped by text message? Classy(!) 3 years ago  
You know, winning the big load of money doesn't stop you from getting a guy you can trust. Are you guys that stupid? 3 years ago  
YOU DISS MUH CHILDHOOD??????????? 3 years ago  
MUH CHILDHOOD. Sonic just looks like a blue spiky giraffe on crack, 3 years ago  
Leh. Nintendo is the BOMB. 3 years ago  
Genghis didn't kill everybody. Only men, for some deranged reason. 3 years ago  
My childhood... 3 years ago  
I am a lovely snail. Eat escargot and smile out the rainbows. 3 years ago  
Hmm? 3 years ago  
You do have a point... 3 years ago  
Turn off the caps lock. 3 years ago  
WTF 3 years ago +1
Quit raging for no reason. 3 years ago  
Yummy. 3 years ago  
Is that feta cheese? 3 years ago  
Everybody would be holding phones 10 feet long. 3 years ago +1
It doesn't have to look like something from the '40's, it could be a room with a big bath inside. 3 years ago +2
Yummy. 3 years ago  
I could get dentures... 3 years ago  
It looks really good. 3 years ago +1
HEHEHEHEHEHEHE 3 years ago +1
But what about hot chocolate? 3 years ago  
Me in a nutshell. 3 years ago  
That really doesn't matter, mate. 3 years ago  
Great, so I can become friends with mutated watermelons and vases with my face on them! 3 years ago  
Both, really. But if I had to would be the guy I could throw eggs at in WalMart. 3 years ago  
I miss my childhood...spending hours on the N64 was bliss. Like if you agree! 3 years ago +1
MAH MAN. 3 years ago  
... 3 years ago  
... 3 years ago  
The childhood feels... 3 years ago  
What kinda question is this? Splatoon is the BOMB. 3 years ago +1
That omochao creeps me out. The eyes... 3 years ago  
Fall from a high cliff...onto a trampoline. 3 years ago  
A caring husband with AIDS... sounds pretty dodgy if you ask me. 3 years ago  
Crickets are surprisingly good. 3 years ago  
C'mon you lot, you know you want to... 3 years ago  
Hello, sex toys? 3 years ago  
Both sound excruciatingly painful... 3 years ago  
Good thing we have perfume. 3 years ago  
God, I hope people finally realise that this Blue Waffle thing isn't real... 3 years ago  
That explosive bit just made me freak out. 3 years ago  
What sort of question is this? I'm pretty sure most pervs would choose option number 2. 3 years ago  
I've heard that maggots are actually pretty salty and good. 3 years ago  
Turn off the screen, turn up the audio and let your mind go wild. 3 years ago  
Thank God for the skip button... 3 years ago  
And why would that matter? Don't get so worked up over the amount of time I've been here compared to you. Doesn't make you cooler, mate. 3 years ago  
Nicki, you slut... 3 years ago  
I hate quotes so effing much. Like if you agree! 3 years ago +3
Who the hell are you? 3 years ago  
Elsa. You SLUT. 3 years ago  
I MISS YOU 3 years ago  
To be honest, Bruno looks ever so gay. 3 years ago  
The one who wrote the question could at least learn how to spell the name Michael... 3 years ago  
Thank God for the skip button. 3 years ago  
How can you WEAR a hairstyle? 3 years ago  
Vegans.... 3 years ago  
Overrated. 3 years ago  
At least I'm not gonna be ruled by people forcing me to eat my dog. 3 years ago  
Skip. 3 years ago  
Who the eff is Ms.Sirois? 3 years ago  
Tumblr all the way. 3 years ago  
*lose* 3 years ago  
SO CUTE. 3 years ago  
Um, how is this racist? Guest from Virginia? Really...? 3 years ago  
Tofu. 3 years ago  
SKIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. 3 years ago +32
... 3 years ago  
Windows Vista... 3 years ago  
... 3 years ago  
I AM the second one. 3 years ago  
I just chose the one I heard of... 3 years ago  
Thank God for the skip button. 3 years ago  
YAAAAAAAAAAAY. I like bananas. 3 years ago  
Well, there would be no idiots if there were no religions. 3 years ago  
Bacon perfume. 3 years ago  
Erm...wut? 3 years ago  
I slept for a whole 2 days in summer vacation. 3 years ago  
I am British, you know... 3 years ago  
I love dead sheep... 3 years ago  
Yaaaaaaay 3 years ago +1
I don't drink, but those Grey Goose bottles look prettier. 3 years ago  
Huehuehue 3 years ago  
I don't drink, but the logo for Bacardi looks better. 3 years ago  
I don't want people knocking on my door every 5 minutes... 3 years ago  
NAZI. For the love of God...get it right. 3 years ago  
Oh, I'll just dip it in orange juice! 3 years ago  
BLEACH. 3 years ago  
That's the size of the snake? Not very big, is it? 3 years ago  
Who else clicked the other one as soon as they saw Twilight? 3 years ago  
Mind is quite an easy word to read. OH, DO YOU MEAN 'MINDS'? 3 years ago  
Perfer? 3 years ago  
I thought it said something else... 3 years ago  
I don't play American sports. 3 years ago  
I regret this choice a lot, you could have a heated pool. 3 years ago  
That Mazda's colour isn't very appealing... 3 years ago  
It's usually referred to as 'soccer' in America, please remember that Britain was the country that gave it to them. 3 years ago  
Golf is for boring old people who play it on Sundays after church, now let's go slamdunk some balls. 3 years ago  
Is it baseball? Or something...? 3 years ago  
We don't wear slutty clothes like that... 3 years ago  
I'll just beat the crap outta them. 3 years ago  
Bruno's suit is pretty disturbing. 3 years ago  
Well, at least Michael Jackson will be remembered for years... 3 years ago  
Oi, I tried at least. 3 years ago  
Da eff is Sirois? 3 years ago  
SO MOTHER-EFFING HARD!!! I love both... 3 years ago  
Awesome... 3 years ago  
American 'football' is some form of rugby...except that the Americans wear massive helmets... 3 years ago  
Makeovers... 3 years ago  
TOFU. 3 years ago  
Make new ones... 3 years ago  
Please don't use 'party' as a all seem uneducated... 3 years ago  
The Queen only does paperwork, cut ribbons and wave her hand about until she gets cramp... 3 years ago  
Let's go annoy that boy in green! HOOOT HOOT! 3 years ago  
I'm not going to get caught, so... 3 years ago  
Just dip it in orange juice. 3 years ago  
My grandma's not annoying...some people need to think twice. 3 years ago  
Time to go on that monorail! 3 years ago  
There are intervals, right? I cannot hold a pee for longer than 2 hours. 3 years ago  
Like sleeping? I can never sleep with all of the music in my house...I once woke up in the night to find that my dad was playing the keyboard... 3 years ago  
Pretty... 3 years ago  
Being smart makes you rich! 3 years ago  
I don't give a sh*t... 3 years ago +1
I love my parents... 3 years ago +1
I don't want fangirls come knocking on my door and then abducting me... 3 years ago  
I don't like to move... 3 years ago  
Chocolate... 3 years ago  
Aliens aren't always bad...besides, Hohephupan is cute. 3 years ago  
They could come over... 3 years ago  
EFF YOU CAMERON!!! 3 years ago  
We'd beat the hell outta him... 3 years ago  
I don't want to have a love. 3 years ago  
We all pee in the shower, guys... 3 years ago  
I'd like a kid to achieve their dreams... 3 years ago  
I'm hungry... 3 years ago  
I could meet my true love during my travels, problem sorted. 3 years ago  
I'm a female... 3 years ago  
So, a soppy wimp with massive cheeks, or a brave girl with magic powers? Oh, so hard to choose... 3 years ago  
God, I hate that song... 3 years ago  
Great, the lecturers at college can't do anything to stop my awesome power! 3 years ago  
I love Christmas... 3 years ago  
I'd make them have cosmetic surgery. 3 years ago  
David Cameron would kill me... 3 years ago  
I'm not white... 3 years ago  
Awesome... 3 years ago  
I never have good luck, and that's why I'm boring... 3 years ago  
I regret this choice...I could dream about purple Twinkies in a coma. 3 years ago  
I have no faith in this world anymore... 3 years ago  
Only Nintendo, though. 3 years ago  
God save the Queen... 3 years ago  
I can play as myself... 3 years ago  
Red hair is unique, and being unique is better than being a fat freak. 3 years ago  
Paris Hilton has a massive nose. 3 years ago  
Hey, I can do whatever I want in my relationship. My friends won't decide for me/ 3 years ago  
Guest from New York is a b*tch. 3 years ago  
Never said anything about baths... 3 years ago  
... 3 years ago  
Wow, this is a very silly question... 3 years ago  
Being in charge of everything that happens must be awful. You could have people rebel against you, but if you knew everything, you could put an end to those tragedies. 3 years ago  
I wish my grandpa was alive...I sometimes talk to him in my head, and that makes me happy. I never knew him very well... 3 years ago  
One of the best questions! 3 years ago  
I may not be able to become a ninja, but I can have the powers of one! 3 years ago  
Rather look smart than look like a lazy chav. 3 years ago  
The country may be poor, but it doesn't mean you're poor. Also, think about it: If you live in a prison, you did something bad. 3 years ago  
Hahah, I'd be hailed as a hero at sports day. 3 years ago  
Starbucks is fake coffee. I don't trust those assholes. 3 years ago  
YOLO. Really, people? That's the worst motto ever in existence, it means you only live once. Please...aren't humans supposed to be smart? 3 years ago  
Being immortal means you'd watch the Earth crumble away...watching your loved ones die and be lost forever...when it all ends, you don't. Do you really want to meet a terrible fate? Floating endlessly in space... 3 years ago  
Stephen Hawking is my inspiration, I would rather be known for helping the planet than looking like a jock. 3 years ago  
I want to be free... 3 years ago  
HUEHUEHUE 3 years ago  
If I ruled, the world would be a place made of Caciocavallo Podolico cheese... 3 years ago  
I'm Chinese...I'll be killed like THAT. 3 years ago  
I'm dead.... 3 years ago  
The key to eternal life! 3 years ago  
... 3 years ago  
That was hard...but I don't exactly want to be remembered as a cold-hearted, patronizing git. 3 years ago  
This is one of the best questions on the homepage! Well done! 3 years ago  
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