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    Alright. Have have grown tired of constantly correcting grammar and spellings, so let's play Find the Misspelled Word or Grammatical Error in That Comment!  
    I am a vegetarian. You meat eaters couldn't be a vegetarian if you tried because you have weak will.  
    Nice question, but I don't want to answer. Good day. +1
    They are the same thing :P an alien is just something which is not native to a certain area, so most terrorists are aliens. Aliens (as in space martians etc) if they do exist then they can't fly aircraft, guaranteed.  
    I'm in England, the eagle thing is never gonna happen. Plus I hardly eat anyways.  
    No, they're both Dumbledore.  
    Keep teleporting into one place in the sky and it's the same thing as flying. Kinda.  
    When idiots started existing.  
    Well what is the deal? If I have to give him my soul then no, but if he wants me to lend him a tenna because the cafe won't take credit cards then sure.  
    I'm a guy and I picked movies :( well I would be happy either way.  
    Would not be hard to beat them all up.  
    It's stupEfy. Honestly Ronald.  
    I do live in the Potterverse. RAVENCLAW FTW!!!!!!!!!  
    So long as they don't eat me (the dogs, not the fat guys) then the dogs.  
    It specifically says you can't change it. Can't you read?  
    No, cause then the date of death would just be "Today". Obviously.  
    You could buy food and drink for everyone you know as well as yourself. Music can be found on youtube.  
    Big dogs are much harder to train and THEY CAN EAT YOU.  
    Excuse me while I go and hang myself.  
    Irrelevant. The question said there is a lion there anyway. Why that is does not matter. But anyway, you could just climb a tree.  
    I can't believe anyone chose rain. You're all fools. Excuse me while I go and stick my head in the oven after hearing of your moronicality. Morony? Moronicity? I dunno.  
    I luv both  
    Which sibling? Never mind, I hate them all.  
    I pressed skip question then answered it so I knew which one to go for. Hand over the money.  
    Both are gross.  
    Seriously, how is that "LOL"? Stating an incorrect but nevertheless noteworthy equation is not cause for laughter.  
    Come on England! Let's try not to join in this war for once.  
    Aww hadn't thought of that!  
    We evolved from a different breed of ape (not monkey) and all different species evolve at different rates.  
    Are you saying you eat all your pets?  
    Why Do You Have Capital Letters In The Wrong Places?  
    Then you get shot.  
    Bring back someone else to stop the holocaust.  
    With that much money I could but true love! Well maybe not, but it never said I can't find love after.  
    Wish for world peace etc.  
    And fall to your death. Great work Sherlock.  
    Yes, but you have to watch everyone you love die.  
    Hate both, but Bieber doesn't have a nose made entirely of plastic and never raped anyone.  
    You people are sick.  
    I really don't care about famous people cause they're not me.  
    I'm sorry but I really don't understand the question.  
    For computers it's always windows, for phones apple is better. Simples *meerkat sound"  
    What's wrong with grass stains?  
    Hell no. We populated your country, so be grateful or you can all go back to speaking Cherokee.  
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