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    Both steer away and eject  
    Everybody has diffrent beliefs anout how the earth is made but don't call people idiots just because they don't believe in the same thing you do #TRIGGERED  
    My daughter "Daddy I had a nightmare" Me "Ok here sleep with me if it makes you feel better +1
    I'm a man just me wearing a dress with my hairy legs  
    This is kinda sexist  
    Isn't this kinda sexist +1
    Not nerds geeks  
    I can never ask for corn  
    This is me already  
    Sit down and order the buffet  
    Is it just me or is this question kind of racist  
    I play the didgeridoo  
    Butter is awesome  
    It's because of Adam and Eve making the first sin which triggered storms, tornados(etc.)  
    It's technically the force  
    I want to be agent 47 from hitman  
    Aren't democrats elephant and republicans donkeys  
    I don't know my dad really much  
    F u  
    None I'm straight  
    At least I can be alone  
    A condom  
    This is me already  
    I bet most people chose volleyball because of the girl in the picture  
    I a man  
    I will diarrhea at anyone I hate  
    I married someone on a minecraft server  
    Me too  
    I would be a grandpa  
    Breath through mouth  
    You can't live on either by individually  
    What if my best friend is a celebrity  
    And the best part about being a man (I am a man) is not needing to go through the pain of giving birth  
    They would both give you diabetes  
    You would die either way  
    Losing power from legs  
    Tomboys are hot girls that act like men my kind of woman  
    Girly girls are just stupid period  
    This question is sexist  
    Leap of faith  
    I will be agent 47  
    Who immediately chose the next one just cause beiber  
    Play games on the compiter  
    Wait gay means happy  
    Wait gay means happy I know my answer  
    It's the same thing  
    I remember ME  
    Convince them to have sex  
    I'm both of them  
    It's me already  
    Playing minecraft all night  
    He never said how long the river was it could be like three inches just step over it  
    Just stay home  
    My family is in society boom  
    10 years younger 1 10 yrs older 21  
    I'll dress like agent 49  
    Just go to a mental hospital  
    Doesn't matter sex  
    Face book got taken over by old people twitter still has a chance  
    I picked this one beacause if I live forever I would be depressed  
    So I can tur n my head 360 degrees  
    Have sex with no worry of having kids  
    Punch the shark in the nose  
    Have street smarts so you don't get raped when you walk in the streets  
    What if we don't have a significant other  
    Google bought the company facebook. Right?  
    I love sleep  
    What if the gift was money  
    I don't have any friends  
    I live with both of them and they love each other well the cat thinks the dog is anoying  
    They never said how bad it would be what if they just pat me on the back  
    I already control my dreams  
    If you live in maui  
    Friend did you know world war three was in blablaj blah (the time it was because I do not know) me teleporting to that time no thanks  
    They are lying you wernt made from a factory you came from storks  
    I'd wish I could wish for money  
    Predator will wreak us  
    Space unicorns  
    If the country is poor everything is cheap  
    The horse because it amuses me  
    Teleport to famous people's house and stalk them  
    It's when you put a real bullet in a real gun the keep pulling the trigger until someone dies  
    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope  
    Time is money  
    Cut off your left hand and sell it  
    It would be weird if your a Jew and you change your last name to hitler  
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