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true to caesar!

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Would you rather have an incredible life and relive for eternity or live all your life lucid dreaming 4 months ago 74 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Only eat wet food or Only drink warm liquids 4 months ago 109 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a sick sense of humor or Never have a sense of humor 5 months ago 102 votes 16 comments 0 likes

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*assists you with committing seppuku. it is successful because my grammar is better.* 3 days ago  
I hate coffee. 3 days ago  
Why these gems? Why these images? 3 days ago +1
Just put my arm out the window to show my skin color. 3 days ago +2
Shut up, guest 3 days ago  
*jerks you off with it with its mouth* 3 days ago  
Because you're a fruit cuck 3 days ago  
fruit cuck. you've all been brainwashed all children when your parents told you to eat disgusting apples. 3 days ago  
fat 4 days ago  
when ur lowkey not creative so you use memes to make would you rather questions rlly gay 4 days ago  
Put the poor bastard out of his misery. 4 days ago +1
6 million goyim? How about 4 million, comrade? 4 days ago  
Undertale was overrated garbage. Why are you neanderthals still into it? 4 days ago  
Remember when these questions started with "would you rather" and not the opening to a sh*te wattpad story? 4 days ago +2
Avocados are god fruits. Choke on your red cyanide garbage, fags. 4 days ago  
nigs gonna nig 4 days ago +1
If glasses won't help my blurry vision, then contacts will. 4 days ago +1
Are you Indian? Because this is a really hot roleplay 4 days ago  
Shut up, Rabbi. 4 days ago +1
I said you're high iq, not you have a high iq. Big difference. That's low iq, usmanc 4 days ago  
But A is eating noodles 1 week ago  
Misclick. I can't jerk off anymore. 1 week ago +1
I only need one. Girl, you're making me harder than bedrock! Like, I can become your new father with that one. 1 week ago +1
Where did Hitler keep his armies? In his sleevies! 1 week ago +1
People usually commit suicide when they hate something about themselves...so...get to it? 1 week ago +1
*gargle gargle* 1 week ago  
One movie is for kids and one is for women. usmanc I thought you were high iq 1 week ago  
How long do you admire yourself in the mirror? 1 week ago  
Get over yourself. 1 week ago  
No te tocaría con la punta de la polla de mi hermana, viejo maricon. Mamaguebo 1 week ago  
Order everyone to spit on the food. 1 week ago  
Now my baby is just like my wife. Cleaning my house and sucking my dick. 1 week ago  
Victrix causa deis placuit sed victa Catoni. 1 week ago  
Commit seppuku during battle to taunt my enemy. 1 week ago +1
What's with this roleplay sh*te? 1 week ago +2
It's Caesar Salad, you idiot 1 week ago +2
I'm grown and a man so none 1 week ago  
Not old Kratos 1 week ago +1
Seafood. Bleh. 1 week ago  
Give epic head 1 week ago  
Then I see what it's like to be SatanLordofLies666 1 week ago  
I rather not study black history. I rather study the history of actual monkeys. 1 week ago  
Caillou's a little baby biatch and Family Guy was a worse Simpsons. 1 month ago +1
End your life 1 month ago  
They accomplished more. I guess blacks made peanut butter. That's cool. 1 month ago +2
That robot was dummy thicc 1 month ago  
Sorry I keep forgetting this site. Shows how bad it's getting, huh? 1 month ago  
That's Reggie, you dumb uncultured prick 1 month ago  
How old are you? 2 months ago  
black people 2 months ago  
Black man 2 months ago  
Retard. 2 months ago +1
black people. 2 months ago  
Holy cow. A was hell to read. 2 months ago  
Retard. 2 months ago +3
I hate animals. 2 months ago  
Fine. I'd age back into a sperm cell. 2 months ago  
F*ck you too 2 months ago  
F*ck em 2 months ago +4
Please say no homo 2 months ago +1
Syria... 2 months ago  
You're retarded 2 months ago +3
I'd turn into a baby then a fetus, then a sperm cell. I'd rather bleed out. 2 months ago +1
Oh yeah... 2 months ago  
Yeah, well I bet he can't see stands. Also time stop is busted. 4 months ago +1
make people soil themselves 4 months ago +1
World hunger solved 4 months ago  
depends... 4 months ago  
He doused his flaming bars with a glass of water 4 months ago  
He has cards? 4 months ago +1
Shut up, civilian 4 months ago +1
nice, I broke a 50-50 4 months ago  
lots of 50-50s today 4 months ago +1
no no no no no no no no no no no no no 4 months ago  
delete 4 months ago +1
zoomer 4 months ago  
But it's lucid :o 4 months ago  
ohhhh 4 months ago  
Like Jesus, you should be nailed to a cross. 4 months ago  
wow i hate you 4 months ago +1
Did it make you realize your life is not incredible? 4 months ago  
Why are you so edgy? It's really hard to retort. Stop self diagnosing you fag. 4 months ago  
He's making room for you, so he and his sinful minions can hack you to death and throw you in boiling cum. 4 months ago  
In front of where? And I'm glad my loved ones will not die degenerates like you. And I bet my bottom dime you're still wearing pull ups 4 months ago  
Infidel? Didn't you say something about killing god? 4 months ago  
Mmmm...crayons 4 months ago  
edgehog 4 months ago  
When you die, still pathetic, God will make it a tickle me elmo hell in the boilers of oblivion for you. 4 months ago  
street sh*tters or sentient bombs? 4 months ago  
Let me hit you with a brick my man. Brain damage will do the trick. 4 months ago  
Not funny. Pffttt. 4 months ago  
part skippers are sub human 4 months ago  
can i do this to you? 4 months ago +1
canooks 4 months ago  
meh 4 months ago  
Shia Labeouf 4 months ago  
And they deleted a reply so that's a red flag 4 months ago  
Nah. I've met attention seekers like these. Or he and you are uneducated. 4 months ago +1
I can bet my life he's sad and he thinks that's depression. 4 months ago +1
It's some gay sh*t from a game. 4 months ago  
By definition...no. 4 months ago  
My toenails too. 4 months ago  
I haven't used a nail clip in years 4 months ago  
$4 for a 10 piece mcnugget. Thank you, Ronald. 4 months ago  
Gross 4 months ago  
you and a rope 4 months ago +2
shut the hell up. feeling sad isn't depression. but I agree with your mother. take some antidepressants. take a lot. 4 months ago +1
Luigi main here 5 months ago  
edgehog 5 months ago +1
kek 5 months ago  
Makes the time go faster 5 months ago  
When you failed algebra 1 in 8th grade. Neanderthals. 5 months ago +1
no homo 5 months ago +2
Who are any of these people? 5 months ago +1
A is overated 5 months ago +1
context 5 months ago  
Try something different and try harder. 5 months ago  
Agreed. But please don't act like an elitist. 5 months ago +1
https://www.rrrather.com/view/243881#comment4479966 5 months ago  
Watch your mouth. Thats god damn Reggie The Mouse 5 months ago  
It was just that one show about the talking sponge! 5 months ago  
biased bigot 5 months ago +2
Save that mustache 5 months ago  
Kill him yourself 5 months ago  
anime sucks 5 months ago  
anime sucks and so does that guy 5 months ago +1
anime sucks 5 months ago  
You're lucky you're a vet 5 months ago  
Delicious 5 months ago  
You've allegedly been of this site longer than me. lol so? Go suck your mom's tit, kid. 5 months ago  
Matchless retort, my friend. 5 months ago  
And you picked A so you're insignificant 5 months ago  
Good observation. I am that guy. 5 months ago  
I love those guys so I will talk about them. I love you usmanc. But I hate this guy. And I think I hate you too. 5 months ago  
me 5 months ago  
loser 5 months ago  
Anything sweet 5 months ago  
I love gingerbread 5 months ago  
Not how you use this site. Get out. 5 months ago  
Grandma's dead...HehehegugagugahahahHAHAHGAGUGAGAGUGUGAHAHA 5 months ago +2
What about children? 5 months ago  
liberal 5 months ago  
Just you and the stupid things you typed. Thanks. 5 months ago  
Hot 5 months ago  
People who picked A are liars 5 months ago  
shut up 5 months ago  
Then learn 5 months ago  
>from pennsylvania 5 months ago  
appreciate kids. 5 months ago  
I forget 5 months ago  
no contest with that seizing clit 5 months ago  
true to usmanc 5 months ago  
bring all the hedgehogs to the yard 5 months ago  
appreciate the classics, kids 5 months ago  
Whoever picked B is a delusional degenerate 7 months ago  
It's not cheating if the secret gets out 7 months ago  
This is a site about would you rathering! 7 months ago  
No one cares about your sh!t fan fiction 7 months ago  
We could've been besties if your weren't a furfag 7 months ago  
Die. So should you. Get this fodder off my site. 8 months ago +3
Springfield Armory M6 Scout. 8 months ago  
Your mother 8 months ago  
Your mother 8 months ago  
I don't play Robin 8 months ago  
Really don't want to click any answers with that lesbian show 8 months ago  
Black 8 months ago  
Boy, that's just the shows 8 months ago  
Superfly? 8 months ago +1
I don't see a need for a second Bully. The soundtrack fuc*ed though. 8 months ago  
That's a cartoon horse so.. 8 months ago  
Okay 8 months ago  
overrated 8 months ago  
I'd kill my child 8 months ago +1
Yeah 8 months ago  
Gay XD 8 months ago  
Ben 10 since he's unstoppable 8 months ago  
Vanilla Ice 8 months ago  
If my profile picture was anything you'd still "use it againts me" to avoid what I'm saying. And YOU shouldn't talk, Mr. Anime Profile pic. 8 months ago  
"Accidentally" "Regret" lies. 8 months ago  
Thats not a thing 8 months ago  
Sleep for a million years 8 months ago  
I'd rather not 8 months ago  
Dealing with sh*t is worse than just shi*ty students 8 months ago +2
Beat up those black kids son! (JOKE) 9 months ago  
I rather fullevil 9 months ago  
Like this Garfield onex I have of weeeird p*rn 9 months ago  
Raining right now 9 months ago  
Don't tell me you listen to this 9 months ago  
Theres not enough time in the day to say what I'd do. But I'll just list three. Drugs. Hardcore, brain fu*king up drugs. I'd volunteer for genital mutilation, and do some freerun parkour off big building. 9 months ago  
No 9 months ago  
Something to take my frustration on 9 months ago  
Lmao I hate Blink so much 9 months ago  
I want your body. 9 months ago  
SatanLordofLies666. I'd do so much sh*t to that body 9 months ago  
Knee 9 months ago  
I never made an account until then 9 months ago  
Wage is so bad 9 months ago  
To be honest what you just said to me pisses me off because I don't wanna take that from someone with an account like yours. 9 months ago  
But my answer... 9 months ago  
Irrelevant 9 months ago  
Lmao what 9 months ago  
Ban the newbies 9 months ago  
I love foxes 9 months ago  
Well if it WAS worst things in the world... 9 months ago  
And your username. So you're like 16. 9 months ago  
I just lost a bet. I could've swear I thought you were a homo. Jk. This made no sense. 9 months ago  
You are a child 9 months ago  
We don't need to risk having more of you people 9 months ago +1
Better questions mean better users. Love you andruc 9 months ago +1
You look like both 9 months ago  
Pikachu 9 months ago +1
Pikachu 9 months ago +1
Eww why is this on my site? 9 months ago  
Avatarfag 9 months ago  
This one profile picture tells you all of that? Sketchy. 9 months ago  
Asterisks? Please go away. 9 months ago  
This question is my dad? 9 months ago  
Okay 9 months ago  
How do you know so much about this? HMMMM... 9 months ago  
Wow you really know a joke when you see one. 9 months ago  
Why are you typing in third person? 9 months ago  
I know what a god damn wendigo is that's why didn't pick it. And if I knew A was some weeb sh*t, I wouldn't pick it either. 9 months ago  
It's probably some furry thing so I won't risk it 9 months ago  
Why would I waste my time? 9 months ago  
I bet you like it 9 months ago  
Thats Garfield idiot. Is every anthropomorphic animal a furry to you? Neck yourself in your fursuit. 9 months ago  
Triangles suck, they have 3 sides and this mf only has one eye. On the other hand, look at that beautiful pompadour 9 months ago  
P.s all animation youtubes are terrible 9 months ago +1
He left college to make garbage comics and videos on how he left college. 9 months ago  
And we evolved from fishes and monkeys 9 months ago  
No one cares 9 months ago  
Are you crazy? 9 months ago  
As a neo-liberal. Yes 9 months ago  
You can say he's a bad person but not a bad president 9 months ago +2
Trump is actually doing pretty well – whether you like the results or not. 9 months ago +2
Too much story 9 months ago  
Remember the internet? 9 months ago  
kek thats how you perceive me fag*ot in my mind my actions are justified your words are but fodder for my mind to annihilate. Just be happy you dont find yourself at the pointy end of my katana right here. 9 months ago  
Dislike 9 months ago  
I don't get that 9 months ago  
Overrated trash 9 months ago  
There was a question about if abortion was wrong and I thought of you. 9 months ago  
Yeet, your daddy's getting rammed by Satan. 9 months ago  
Too much words brain hurty 9 months ago  
Minecraft. Literally Minecraft. 9 months ago  
One of the rrrather OGs 9 months ago  
It's the people. Kids coming in with memes and sh*t. Look at the popular rrrather questions and remember how good this site was. 9 months ago  
"Beyonder123 says Yeah I work at mcdonalds. Get tf over it" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 9 months ago  
Give him an award. 9 months ago  
Kill animals. 9 months ago  
I searched it up. It's some shi*ty fan character for some sh*t game. No one watched burgerbeard. 9 months ago  
It's in a shelter for a reason. 9 months ago  
I'd rather not live xD 9 months ago  
31% are edgelords 9 months ago  
You're going to hell 9 months ago +1
What the hell is this. 9 months ago +1
I meant yes. Even with rape. 9 months ago  
tl;dr 9 months ago  
I don't know what this is. 9 months ago  
This was so hard 9 months ago  
Remember when this sites question were good? What the hell is happening... 9 months ago  
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