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Your average quality poster. I love anime.

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    What question is this?  
    whats bad about root canal work  
    this is also tech  
    this is tech  
    mk9 no  
    i like dre  
    why do I need FB +1
    Walgreens is actually good, but CVS is a bit tinier.  
    I'm not into rock.  
    Do you love your life? Do you want to die? -MaximBady  
    I cannot explain how stupid this question is.  
    face to face communication in terms of actual work then no +1
    Already have an iPhone 5C.  
    And the difference is?  
    I can use skype.  
    linux linux linux linux linux A PENGUIN  
    hotmail is terrible  
    Porn. Porn. Porn.  
    I don't know any of these.  
    i dont need my tv  
    Where can I watch my porn?  
    Facebook is terrible.  
    oh ok  
    Yahoo looks ugly.  
    PC Master race.  
    ojhhfweub ufiwejf  
    ohhh my goodddddd  
    Anyone ever seen the video by MaximBady?  
    One word: Accessibility.  
    apple is terrible  
    My moms gonna die anyways.  
    Bionic legs.  
    I'm gonna sell it before I even do it.  
    this is not a question  
    famous? no  
    Use. Rubber.  
    Jello is gross.  
    I take my time.  
    you are not giving me a choice here, and Tokyo Ghoul.  
    Star wars.  
    Ubuntu is good.  
    Anyone ever heard of accessibility? To the people who chose Apple.  
    I would not care.  
    My sister doesn't look ugly.  
    the elevator will fall (2)  
    Do I want to go to these places? no. +30
    Italy. Pizza. Ice cream.  
    Not gonna be hard.  
    Pewdiepie is too annoying and cliche. He's dying out fast.  
    I wouldn't care.  
    Trip, fall, break your neck, die. Why is this even a question? That dress will get tangled!  
    Tumblr has too many feminists. +2
    The green apple looks shinier.  
    The real question is: Can you see these pictures?  
    Gonna go with this.  
    Who needs to see a dumb ass toucan?  
    Day, because I don't need to go in the dark spots.  
    Depends on the picture (2)  
    I'd be a perfect drill instructor.  
    Better to get it faster then gradually. And no, not in a sexual way!  
    What type of question is this?  
    Do I need to?  
    I agree with xxcanderstealerxx.  
    We are already living in that world.  
    Edible. Perfume.  
    hello, immortal  
    That guy looks like a pedophiliacal wolf, or whatever it is  
    This question makes me cringe.  
    Being able to see the future is easier since the person who possibly plans a diabolical plan to destroy something or someone, then you could just prevent it. We don't need to hear thoughts.  
    Already athiest, and where is the controversial tag on this question? +1
    If it's apart of the plot then yes.  
    i dont need friends sorry  
    AIDS is your fault. Cancer isn't.  
    I don't know.  
    v what he said, just in not that way  
    Spearmint is for breath. Juicy Fruit is for fun.  
    It'll be quick.  
    Electric people shooting energy at spiders. No.  
    Not from EU.  
    BASED ON MECHANICS AND FRAME: Both four wheel drive, but BMW has a lot of space. SCIENCE: Lots of wind resistance for the BMW due to its back and its shape in all. Mercedes-Benz are usually low and very aerodynamic. DESIGN: Mercedes-Benz is best except that dumb logo in the front sticking up.  
    Damnit, I meant to choose both!  
    Blockbuster. Selected wrong one!  
    Both are doomed. But if they were without war (which USA can't stop without getting into an argument with a leader) yeah EU  
    Grey Goose. Now that is a thing to ponder about.  
    NO GOD PLEASE NO! (The Office)  
    Acoustic is beautiful.  
    Bacardi seems elegant. Smirnoff seems for people out in the wild or something, not to offend anyone.  
    Both the same to me.  
    Religious fanatics can't be stopped. But if it was possible, hell yes.  
    I don't need love.  
    Wealth. I hate being social in the real world.  
    Never speak again.  
    I like to lead.  
    Alex Jones looks like the fat version of Kevin Spacey, so I'll let him slide.  
    Book before movie. Come on!  
    Rape, bias, attention, three things I don't like. (non-divided sexual attention)  
    Luxury hotel, I don't want to be itchy.  
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