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Would you rather... Only use the bathroom If you sneezed? or Only eat when you coughed? 7 years ago 827 votes 17 comments 0 likes

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I can buy a separate camera. Lol . 7 years ago  
What I don't know won't hurt me. 7 years ago +4
I might as well set fire in the rain like Adele did . 7 years ago +4
I'm not a homophobe either but I voted . Freedom is equal for everyone . Doesn't what race or gender you are . 7 years ago +1
How the hell is the most answered is 3 ? 7 years ago +1
Some cancers can be treated.. 7 years ago +4
Lol it's the same thing. You would die either way.. 7 years ago  
Holy crap that's my name... >_> 7 years ago  
Titanic. 7 years ago  
That would be useful when I'm taking a test in school. 7 years ago  
Grayscale gives that emotion feeling while bright colors makes everything happy ^_^ 7 years ago +1
Angry birds is so overused just like temple run. They're starting to get boring.. 7 years ago +1
What is the difference? You both read in the same place. 7 years ago  
Pikachu from pokemon mofo! :3 7 years ago  
Stop it, your making me hungry.. 7 years ago  
I'll have morgan freeman please. 7 years ago +6
God did 7 years ago  
troll is the new awesome 7 years ago  
Holy crap I did not know there is a such thing called Wii U O_o 7 years ago +1
WDF is up with the 2nd picture? 7 years ago +5
I doesn't matter to me. 7 years ago  
It's like saying 13 x 0.. 7 years ago  
I totally didn't fangirl when I saw this question. >_> 7 years ago +1
Their garlic bread crust is delicious. 7 years ago +1
I rather find love then never find love at all. 7 years ago +2
Im bi so...? .___. 7 years ago +1
WHY THIS QUESTION? I freaking love them both to death. D: But I had to choose. : [ 7 years ago  
Go tobuscus! :3 7 years ago +3
T 7 years ago +2
Go smosh! :D 7 years ago +1
It didn't say you couldn't text. 7 years ago +1
Lol, you can survive a shark attack, just stab it in the eye and it will go away. It's their weakest part. 7 years ago  
Well isn't option B saying only 13 and over should be on here? 13 y/o's are classified to be teenagers... so.. :I 7 years ago  
My two most favorite eye colors. 7 years ago +1
Im not going to say i'm random but im pretty funny. Im the class clown in my class. But im not going to say im 100% funny because i know its not true. :I 7 years ago  
I'm not going to say i'm random, but im 7 years ago  
What the hell is up with these life threating questions? 7 years ago  
I actually want to know how it feels to take an arrow to the knee. 7 years ago  
Let me get the duck tape. 7 years ago  
I don't wanna drown & get eaten by sharks. :P 7 years ago  
What's the point of dying before your lover if your going to put him/her in some much pain? 7 years ago  
Not living on the ground is freaking awesome! 7 years ago  
Why the f*ck would I wanna see bones? 7 years ago  
It never said you can have finds over. 7 years ago  
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. :D 7 years ago  
Time to go to the zoo... 7 years ago  
I rather be a light meth user then to be puking up all over the place everytime I get drunk. 7 years ago  
The old is the new. 7 years ago  
I would have all the food to myself. :D 7 years ago +405
I can watch movies in theaters.. 7 years ago  
Saving lives is the best! 7 years ago  
With out Bill Gates, there wouldn't even be a Ipod, Iphone or Ipad. 7 years ago  
LUCID DREAMING FTW! 7 years ago  
I wouldn't steal it, it could have belonged to someone who needed it. 7 years ago  
And for my very last wish, I wish I had 10 more wishes! 7 years ago  
Your smartness would lead you to riches. 7 years ago  
This is such a f*cked up question... 7 years ago  
You can't do it with a mermaid, but have ever seen 2 guys 1 horse? 7 years ago  
COME AT ME BRO! 7 years ago  
How is people getting treated wrong because the color of their skin so funny? 7 years ago  
i dont have a wife (im a girl) or son at this age. But it would be more acceptable finding out the truth of your own child. 7 years ago  
they both twins sooo.. LOL! 7 years ago  
What is wrong.. 7 years ago  
Omg... The planets of the aps movie. :O 7 years ago  
The person below me is right. If science say we are from monkeys, then why the f*ck are we born out from a female womb? 7 years ago  
Im bisexual.. WHERES THE BOTH OPTION!? 7 years ago  
DAMN IT WRONG ONE! 7 years ago  
How is this even a f*cking question? 7 years ago  
Wtf.. 7 years ago  
Im a girl... O__O 7 years ago  
Hey! I just met you, and this is crazy. So heres my number, so call me maybe! : D 7 years ago  
CREATE A DAMN NEW PASSWORD! Wtf.. What type of question is this? 7 years ago +3
Who wants to eat cold pizza? 7 years ago +7
But im bi... (O____O) 7 years ago  
Well atleast no one died in the prosses. 7 years ago +2
You can live with one kidney you know.. 7 years ago +1
What type of dumb question is this? 7 years ago +1
Candy. Because when you drink a milkshake its gonna melt at some point and so therefor you have to drink it faster. Candy last longer, depends on your craving. 7 years ago  
Umm... I'll can talk to my family if I'm lonely. 7 years ago  
Simon gets on my nerves. 7 years ago  
I'll get no credit but I will get fame. 7 years ago  
Answering this question on a iPhone 4 so I guess you guys know my answer.... 7 years ago  
One word... Liposuction!!! 7 years ago  
Have a perfect relationship with a famous person! 7 years ago  
Um...make up? Plastic surgery? Come on people... 7 years ago  
NO SCHOOL!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
Atleast Taylor is hot.. 7 years ago  
Yeah I would go in insane... INSANELY CRAZY! And I would maybe dance with a little and play hide n go seek. :3 7 years ago  
You people have no idea what's really in coca cola. With out it's brown color the true color would be green. And plus It has so much acid in it that If you but a cooked porkchop in a glass of Coke the whole thing would dissolve in less then 3 days. U mad? 7 years ago  
Both. 7 years ago +1
Ever heard of perfume? 7 years ago  
Well If you keep throwing up you would get skinny and die.. :L 7 years ago  
Didn't say who's toothbrush.. 7 years ago  
DAMN IT WRONG ANSWER! 7 years ago +1
Extra blood in my body. :3 7 years ago +1
At least I'm enjoying the ride.. 7 years ago  
When It's nice and cold, It taste better! 7 years ago  
The serial killer could teach me how to kill....and then I will kill the serial killer and then I would escape. :3 7 years ago +1
He would share his moneh with me. :3 7 years ago  
2 earrings in 1 ear. It's a win! 7 years ago +3
I would win babeh! 7 years ago  
Snookie... 7 years ago  
Lawl. Already had It when I was 9... 7 years ago  
Dip it with warm milk.... Ohhh yeah. :3 7 years ago  
Mmmmmm food! 7 years ago  
Whales are epic. 7 years ago  
I could make a beat out it. 7 years ago  
Easy questions babeh... 7 years ago  
Feel the rush... 7 years ago +2
I'm invisible b*tchez :3 7 years ago  
Pleasure.... ;) 7 years ago  
Make me feet feel comfy. :3 7 years ago  
Ever heard of perfume people? 7 years ago +4
Atleast I'm going to be clean on the inside.. 7 years ago +2
I could dream to be in love with the person of my dreams! :D 7 years ago  
MONEH! 7 years ago +1
If I'm thirsty I could drink milk. :3 7 years ago +2
Tylenol. :3 7 years ago  
SKYWARD SWORD BITCHEZ! ;3 7 years ago +2
Atleast I wouldn't be fake and wear a wig.. 7 years ago  
Um...if you always shout, you could lose your voice. 7 years ago  
The TV is on in my room and I'm not even watching it! Lawl! x3 7 years ago  
Awww yeahh nice soothing bathes... :3 7 years ago +2
Ugh...I eat meat but looking at that picture made my stomatch sick. 7 years ago +2
I can cut it! :D 7 years ago +3
WIG! 7 years ago  
I get to meet famous people! :D 7 years ago  
Um...steal an awesome car? 7 years ago +1
Mmmmmm... 7 years ago  
Um hello! Vacum cleaner, boom, dusk pan....No need to think about this one! 7 years ago +1
My lover is the only friend I need! 7 years ago +1
Me, myself and I. :3 7 years ago  
I'm already in Civics learn what happened like 1000 years ago so why would I want to know more? 7 years ago  
With talent, I could get fame. Then I will have money! :D 7 years ago  
He would thank you later on and he will bail you out for taking the blame. 7 years ago +3
Shane dawson and Onision! :D 7 years ago +1
I could be a famous singer and get money! 7 years ago  
It's thriller! Thriller night! :D 7 years ago  
Ever heard of wigs? 7 years ago +5
Im going to Disney land this summer! WOOOOT! 7 years ago  
I didn't say for how long... ^-^ 7 years ago +1
Ever heard of sign language? 7 years ago +3
In the city of love.. 7 years ago  
I would never ask the devil for anything! I rather be the poorest girl in the world then make a deal with that 'thing'! 7 years ago +1
We could make up and be friends... :D 7 years ago +3
No school, no job,no homework....seems like a perfect life.. 7 years ago +1
Free presents b*tchez. :3 7 years ago +1
I rather be loved then getting treated like trash. 7 years ago +1
Lambo is my favorite car!!! :D 7 years ago  
Lawl. I have an iphone already.. 7 years ago +3
I could wish to say I wish I could have money. =3 7 years ago +1
Time to go Africa... 7 years ago  
Im using google chrome! Wooot! :D 7 years ago +1
Atleast I would be noticeable. :3 7 years ago  
Ever heard of duck tape? 7 years ago  
If you live underground you would get alot of bugs in your house! TREEHOUSE WOOT! Ever heard 7 years ago  
Why would I want to read what others are thinking? If I could fly I could go anywhere I want! And no school! :D 7 years ago +1
Calling is so much talking! 7 years ago  
In pajamas.. at least I would be comfy. 7 years ago  
If you start the world all over, It could be a better place. 7 years ago  
Sex isn't just love. 7 years ago +3
8 TRILLION!?!? I rather It be now when we have to only own like 15m... it's not much.. 7 years ago  
Controling your dreams. You could do ANYTHING!!! 7 years ago  
All sonic do is run fast. Mario all the way... 7 years ago +1
Always but family first! :D 7 years ago  
I would be smart. 7 years ago  
MODERN WARFARE! WOOOT! 7 years ago +1
If you picked console gaming your stupid. You would have to buy different types of games and waste money. But when your on the internet you don't have to waste a dime. There are many free online games. 7 years ago +4
I mean If you stole it, you would feel guilty.. 7 years ago +1
Making awkward noises would be really freaky... 7 years ago +1
I could play Minecraft outside! 7 years ago +3
I could be her friend!! :D 7 years ago +1
I could watch movies on TV anytime I wanted too. Unlimted Games? HELLYEAH! ;D 7 years ago  
Some freaky stuff happens at night in the shower. ;) 7 years ago +1
I could swim to shore.. 7 years ago  
Without bill gates, I wouldn't be typing this right now.. 7 years ago +2
If I take a bath, I could see my reflection in the water. 7 years ago +2
Damn right I had it my way... 7 years ago +1
People have the right to marry the one they love. Gay or staright, Bisexual or Lesbian, EVERYONE SHOULD BE LOVED! 7 years ago +3
I could cover the scary things I see with the cover!! 7 years ago  
Ever heard of rehab? 7 years ago  
I would be so smart I could MAKE my own money. And be richest person in the world. 7 years ago  
If people care about you, then you can get money, love and hope. ^-^ 7 years ago +3
I can adopt. =3 7 years ago +7
I can move the picture in a folder where know one would look at. xD 7 years ago  
I wouldn't mind...If he wants to be that way then let him be. 7 years ago  
Awkward moments...that way I can walk away from them. 7 years ago  
God created it and you know it! :D 7 years ago +5
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