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COD Black Ops Zombies Map Tournament Semi Final Der Riese or Verruckt 3 years ago 68 votes 11 comments 0 likes
COD Black Ops Zombies Map Tournament Semi Final Moon or Five 3 years ago 58 votes 6 comments 0 likes
COD Black Ops Zombies Map Tournament Quarter Final Shangri-La or Moon 3 years ago 73 votes 3 comments 0 likes
COD Black Ops Zombies Map Tournament Quarter Final Kino der Toten or "Five" 3 years ago 98 votes 4 comments 0 likes
COD Black Ops Zombies Map Tournament Quarter Final Shi No Numa or Der Riese 3 years ago 64 votes 2 comments 0 likes
COD Black Ops Zombies Map Tournament Quarter Final Nacht der Untoten or Verruckt 3 years ago 71 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Which was better The Original Black Ops or Black Ops II 4 years ago 152 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Pacquaio or Mayweather Pacquiao or Mayweather 4 years ago 140 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Which of these ballpark treats is better? Texas Rangers S'mOreo (Smore in between two Deep Fried Oreos with whipped cream.) or Arizona Diamondbacks Churro Dog (Churro In a long donut bun topped with frozen yogurt.) 4 years ago 69 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Are you a member of any of alexw's other sites like nnnever or pppeves? Yes or No 4 years ago 131 votes 11 comments 0 likes
What annoys you more? Getting Cut Off or Waiting for a REALLY long time at a light 4 years ago 199 votes 3 comments 0 likes
JunkFood Tournament Finals Pizza or Fries 4 years ago 219 votes 19 comments 0 likes
JunkFood Tournament Semi Finals Doughnuts or Fries 4 years ago 173 votes 14 comments 0 likes
JunkFood Tournament Semi Finals Pizza or Burgers 4 years ago 163 votes 9 comments 0 likes
JunkFood Tournament Quarter Finals Breadsticks or Donuts 4 years ago 197 votes 9 comments 0 likes
JunkFood Tournament Quarter Finals French Fries or Waffles 4 years ago 205 votes 5 comments 0 likes
JunkFood Tournament Quarter Finals Burgers or Fried Chicken 4 years ago 205 votes 9 comments 0 likes
JunkFood Tournament Quarter Finals Tacos or Pizza 4 years ago 203 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who is better? Rhett and Link or Key and Peele 4 years ago 150 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Coke or Pepsi 4 years ago 193 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Family Guy: Better Character Brian or Peter 4 years ago 194 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who is a better comedian Jim Gaffigan or Brian Regan 4 years ago 132 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who from the Big Bang Theory do you like better? Rajesh Koothrappali or Sheldon Cooper 5 years ago 163 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have A Guarantee To Live For at Least 100 Years or Be Given 30,000 Dollars Right Now 5 years ago 235 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Fast Food Tournament FINAL McDonalds or Burger King 5 years ago 186 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Fast Food Tournament Taco Bell or Burger King 5 years ago 191 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Fast Food Tournament McDonalds or Chick Fil A 5 years ago 188 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Better looking burger Burger 1 or Burger 2 5 years ago 177 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Cooler fake superhero Final Demonico or Yinayang 5 years ago 106 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Cooer Fake Superhero 2 Yinayang or Bullfly 5 years ago 102 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Cooler fake superhero Tail Man or Demonico 5 years ago 111 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which is better? Cheez-It or Goldfish 5 years ago 194 votes 18 comments 0 likes
CHOCOLATE BAR TOURNAMENT FINAL Would you rather Twix or Kit Kat 5 years ago 171 votes 14 comments 0 likes
CHOCOLATE BAR TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL Would you rather Twix or Hershey Bar 5 years ago 153 votes 29 comments 0 likes
CHOCOLATE BAR TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL Would you rather Kit Kat or Milky Way 5 years ago 138 votes 6 comments 0 likes
CHOCOLATE BAR TOURNAMENT Would you rather Snickers or Kit Kat 5 years ago 178 votes 10 comments 0 likes
CHOCOLATE BAR TOURNAMENT Would you rather Butterfinger or Milky Way 5 years ago 169 votes 13 comments 0 likes
CHOCOLATE BAR TOURNAMENT Would you rather Twix or 3 Musketeers 5 years ago 178 votes 15 comments 0 likes
CHOCOLATE BAR TOURNAMENT Would you rather Hershey Bar or Take 5 5 years ago 144 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a Soup of your choice or Salad of your choice 5 years ago 136 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Ice Cream Tournament FINAL Would you rather have Chocolate Ice Cream (Beat Mint to make it to final.) or Cookies & Cream (Beat Cookie Dough to make it to final.) 5 years ago 145 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Ice cream tournament Would you rather have Mint Chip Ice Cream or Chocolate chip Ice Cream 5 years ago 157 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Ice cream tournament Would you rather have Cookies & Cream Ice Cream or Cookie Dough Ice Cream 5 years ago 156 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never get tired or Never get hungry 5 years ago 1,400 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer Takeoff or Landing 5 years ago 238 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which part of Oreo is better? Cookie or Cream 5 years ago 141 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Given your current health and wealth would you sacrifice a year off your life for $500,000 Yes or No 5 years ago 116 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Assuming that you make the same amount of money on both would you rather be A famous actor or A famous director 5 years ago 144 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Do car commercials get on your nerves? Heck yes or Nah 5 years ago 132 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you think McDonald's is overly criticized? Yes or No 5 years ago 131 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Ultimate Jack-o-Lantern This guy or This guy 5 years ago 137 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Win 1 billion dollars in the lottery instantly or Work extremely hard for 3 years to get 1.5 billion dollars 5 years ago 167 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who would win in hand to hand combat Jason Bourne or John Rambo 5 years ago 115 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who will win Red Sox or Cardinals 5 years ago 142 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Go bungee jumping or Go skydiving 5 years ago 141 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Unlimited Candy or Unlimited Cake and Ice Cream 5 years ago 148 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Assuming that it is tame would you rather have to live with A lion or A tiger 5 years ago 124 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Who is a better player Messi or Ronaldo 5 years ago 78 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to make any type of food you wanted out of thin air for the next 10 years or Live in your dream house for the next 10 years 5 years ago 109 votes 8 comments 0 likes

QuestMan has posted the following comments:

I've been off for a while. Farewell, legend. 2 years ago  
try using both 2 years ago  
I have the feeling that the 18% that said below average are actually smarter because they are intelligent enough to know and admit their weaknesses. 3 years ago +3
Who doesn't hate tranzit. 3 years ago +1
Mob of the Dead, Origins, Die Rise, Buried, Tranzit, Town, Bus Depot, and Farm. Thats 8, but Tranzit is basically the last three. 3 years ago  
They're fun but you think everyone would pick those over maps like Origins and Mob of the Dead? Plus in order to have 8 I would have to include Tranzit alongside with them which doesn't make sense because they kind of go hand in hand. 3 years ago  
I might do a Black Ops II tournament, but It would only have to be between 4 maps. Town, Farm and Bus Depot aren't really legit. 3 years ago  
And over Kino too. 3 years ago  
I have absolutely no idea. 3 years ago  
And in my opinion Kino is the best. 3 years ago  
I find it very hard deciding myself. The zombies in bo1 are way better, but I like the campaign in bo2 better. 4 years ago  
I'm making this decision assuming that if I chose one, the other one will happen. I am also assuming that I can chose to have the THING I value most taken rather than the person. Great Question 4 years ago  
If I was rightfully facing no legal consequences, then I guess what I did was legally justified. 4 years ago  
Hurricane Irene. 4 years ago  
I would be slightly above average at being the best. 4 years ago +1
A: Fun people who get nowhwere in life. B: Boring people who end up in a cubicle. At least I'm making some sort of money. 4 years ago  
I wouldn't take offense in the first place. 4 years ago  
RIP 4 years ago  
We never use the telograph today. 4 years ago  
Not sure what B would look like... Obviously. 4 years ago  
Lightsaber looks like a toy. 4 years ago +4
1. Become the best hitter for my age in USA 2. Give 1000 to every homeless person 3. Help my family out financially. 4 years ago  
A good example of B would be Lord Voldemort. 4 years ago  
Temporarily. 4 years ago  
FTW. 4 years ago  
I could make small, unelecttic items as gifts and stuff. 4 years ago  
Moreso than the one in A? 4 years ago  
Good question. 4 years ago +1
The question was "too much", meaning probably a-lot more than what you're thinking of. 4 years ago  
Hedgehog. 4 years ago  
Pink. 4 years ago  
Got to agree with you on that one. I personally kind of enjoy arguing. I think it's kind of fun. 4 years ago  
I get that all of this might not be extreme legit junkfood, but your classification of what type of food it is shouldn't actually affect your vote. Just pick the one you like better. This series is for fun. 4 years ago  
No contest. 4 years ago  
Pizza is amazing, but NOTHING beats a good burger. 4 years ago +1
That's a big typo. 4 years ago  
It never dies. It just "faints." 4 years ago  
In some cases they are, but you're right these are only sometimes junkfood. 4 years ago  
Dang, wrong one. I'd be scared of Mr. Herbert. 4 years ago +1
B is on the soundtrack for fifa09 or 07 or something like that. 4 years ago  
You couldn't have picked tougher choices. 4 years ago +3
They got a lot of new edition on the pitching front, I just don't think that they have an expirienced enough offense to go all the way this year. But they are a strong possibility in the next 10 or so years. 4 years ago  
They are both good, but the escnese of an oreo is the cream. Without it, it is just a chocolate wafer. 4 years ago  
The assorted flavors of cheez-its are more impressive to me. 4 years ago  
Dang, wrong one. 4 years ago +3
I could do it repetitively. 4 years ago +3
It'd be a nice magic trick. 4 years ago +4
There is just as much possibility with a sub as there is with a salad. 4 years ago  
Taco but in a soft shell. (The main difference is the beans.) 4 years ago  
I feel bad for not only vegetarians, but vegans. They're basically not allowed to have anything that tastes good. 4 years ago  
The holocaust could have dramatically changed history. Hitler might have taken it out on someone else. 4 years ago +1
I had the 66th vote... And they were 50-50. 4 years ago +1
The two pairs are both very origional, I just think that Rhett and Link have a more relatable quirky sense of humor. 4 years ago +4
65 4 years ago  
I asked a question exactly like this: // 4 years ago  
What is it? 4 years ago  
How do we know which one is the correct answer? 4 years ago  
Then why are you even on this site? 4 years ago  
O+ 4 years ago  
Cats have a better life. 4 years ago  
The actual Chuck Norris? Hands down. The legend Chuck Norris? Heck no. 4 years ago  
Since when did Sweden create America? Where did you go to school? 4 years ago +3
Wow. You're pretty commited to something aren't you? 4 years ago  
He does, along with nnnever. 4 years ago +1
This is basically like a superpower. 4 years ago  
I joined like 300 users after you. 4 years ago  
They both suck. 4 years ago  
This way, I can choose to keep my gender. 4 years ago +1
I can't bring myself to answer this. Why the heck do people ask questions like this? 4 years ago  
What the heck? 4 years ago  
Nominate me for something. 4 years ago  
You can bite into me immidiately... 4 years ago  
I'm fine with myself the way I am. 4 years ago  
Never been to A, but I like Disneyland because it isn't over done. It is just the right size and perfectly themed. Plus, everything in Disney World is based off Disneyland. 4 years ago  
If I was dictator of a really crappy place, then that would mean I was a horrible dictator. 4 years ago +1
I love the way the show is put together. One part of the family is completely stereotypical. The dad is fat and stupid, the mother is a little smarter but still has bad views and tries too hard, their son is a moron just like his dad, and their daughter is way too overly worried about herself. Whereas the baby is completely sociopathic and clever. Their dog is also a ton smarter than all of them. 4 years ago +2
You would probably only have like $500. 4 years ago  
Bring in the box truck! 4 years ago  
Though Crosby is the most well rounded player in the league, he is not necessarily known for having a particularly hard shot. 4 years ago  
Silent. 4 years ago +1
This would be kind of funny. 4 years ago  
Just a test for heartless geeks. 4 years ago +2
With today's economy, Hitler wouldn't be able to do anything. 4 years ago +2
Technically, Jesus could do anything so he would be able to eat anything. Therefore, I guess if Jesus felt like making such a burrito, he could, but for the purpose of him being an example of perfection, he wouldn't. 4 years ago +2
As long as I can swing it like heck. 4 years ago  
Why would I be? It's from over 150 years ago. 4 years ago  
It depends on what type of chair/couch, but based off the pictures, the couch won hands down. 4 years ago  
I'm white. You honestly think I would want to process all those numbers? 4 years ago  
Sorry for the disorganization in the description. The top link is Gaffigan. The bottom in Regan. They are both hilarious in my opinion. 4 years ago  
Seriously people 500K?? 5 years ago  
I can choose to be a Nazi of peace. 5 years ago  
Today is the 238th anniversary of USA becoming a country and 99% of all innovation in the last 200 years. 5 years ago  
Maybe visit America and see how we are superior in every way. Sweden, along with every other country, relies on us. 5 years ago +10
You're a moron. 5 years ago +1
Thats what makes him funny. 5 years ago +2
You just don't understand it. 5 years ago +2
He's hilarious because of his intelligence and his social immaturity. 5 years ago +1
At least I'm safe. 5 years ago  
Neither would affect my life in any way. 5 years ago  
Just sayin I'm more of a cat person. 5 years ago  
Can I decide weather it snows or not? Because I live in a place where it doesn't snow in the winter and I really want it to. 5 years ago  
I wouldn't use it. 5 years ago  
I could still impress people. 5 years ago  
I can find love on my own and have a stable child thank you very much. 5 years ago +1
Don't have the time. 5 years ago +1
If I pressed it then my future wife would hate her life. 5 years ago +2
My arm has done so much for me I don't think I'd be able to handle giving it up. 5 years ago +1
I can just order a large portion. 5 years ago  
Please. We all hate diarrhea. 5 years ago  
If I work hard I can achieve that on my own without pressing some stupid button. 5 years ago +1
I love sleeping and I could do well in school at the same time with my superpower. 5 years ago +2
I can deal with not being rich and famous but still getting to see my kids grow up completely. 5 years ago +2
All being jealous does is destroy personalities and relationships. Sometimes people actually have a good and useful reason to be angry. 5 years ago +4
I'm a man myself so I don't think this would matter. 5 years ago  
I'm perfectly comfortable just the way I am. 5 years ago +1
John Mcain 5 years ago +1
Don't even know what the heck B is. 5 years ago  
For the popcorn. 5 years ago  
There goes the house again... 5 years ago  
As of right now, there is no chaos in my life. 5 years ago  
I'd be dead by the first day. Just the thoughts in a human's mind and the smallest actions can get a sin count in to triple didgits. 5 years ago  
Rapping is a form of poetry. 5 years ago  
A jewl that will grant me unlimited wishes including unlimited facts and unlimited objects. The other one might be a bag of chips. 5 years ago  
This isn't my computer! Ha! (It would still be cool to touch my toes on that ledge.) 5 years ago  
Awesome diaper. 5 years ago +1
I play violin. 5 years ago  
How can you not like your crush? 5 years ago +2
Whoever made this question might be blind. 5 years ago  
With a smart tv, the government can actually spy on you. 5 years ago  
SANTA is that really you?? Wait a sec... its just a penguin going through puberty. 5 years ago  
"Sir, I just feel like you are such a loser because of that ugly wart on your face"... wait a sec 5 years ago +1
If I could get a twinkie, then yes please. 5 years ago +1
Stupid you are bite off your head chewy will. 5 years ago +2
Now I can lift a car with my pinkie! 5 years ago  
I wont eat for three days. 5 years ago +2
Ligers unicorns and griffins. 5 years ago +1
Hmmmm... another person trying for a 100% question? 5 years ago +1
B just looks like such an awesome picture. 5 years ago  
Everyone. 5 years ago  
A totally overdun it. 5 years ago  
I wouldn't want to be known as the idiot who killed himself with a bannana peel. 5 years ago  
Free Penguins! 5 years ago  
Dat-a interesting question. 5 years ago +1
Pizza. 5 years ago  
At least my food is good. 5 years ago  
Taco Bell's Mexican Pizzas are so freakin delicious. 5 years ago  
Such a tough choice. Flipped a coin. 5 years ago  
I create these on a site that only gives me 2 body type choices and I try to make them the same. 5 years ago  
Well they dont. 5 years ago  
I actually think the seahawks will win but that would be being a trader so lets go niners. 5 years ago  
Well, you seem to know what it is... 5 years ago  
Wouldn't you be gaining something bad in the act of losing something good? 5 years ago +1
I just couldn't imagine living in a world without extra large bacon cheesburgers with ketchup. Tough choice 5 years ago +2
What purpose do eyebrpws even serve? 5 years ago +1
Great question. You had me thinking! And just a side question: can you hear the music included in the movie? 5 years ago  
No wonder. You live in australia. 5 years ago +3
Cereal commercials are ridicoulous but the trix swirls things look heck a delicious. 5 years ago  
I love the Cheddar Jack flavor. 5 years ago +1
I think you could die from a. 5 years ago  
Yes there was, In my opinion, butterfinger should have won with twix in second. 5 years ago  
You guys voted to get here. 5 years ago +1
If its a good one, then I can sell it for much more than that. 5 years ago  
Helens and Otakumon have made 17 of the 24 comments on this question. You guys need to break it up. (Otakumon kind of won the battle.) 5 years ago  
I chose the wrong one. A chuck norris roundhouse kick would destroy all matter. 5 years ago +1
A person in my opinion, can not be totally good but the can be completely evil. 5 years ago +2
That might be rather disturbing. 5 years ago  
STAND 5 years ago  
A looks like a future version of b. 5 years ago  
A is actually pretty sexy. 5 years ago +1
No but I hear it's pretty good. 5 years ago  
Stop it. You're ruining my appetite. 5 years ago  
Well you got to find some way to get one. They're delicious. 5 years ago  
Dora holliday special! 5 years ago  
For fun a couple of minutes ago I read "Danny Goes to Kindergarten" 5 years ago +1
Taladega nights. 5 years ago  
I can write a story for 10 years, get it published, and then have the computer break and destroy the file. 5 years ago +1
While holding a butterfinger and appearing in a commercial. 5 years ago  
So much tougher and more effective. B is a freakin single evolution that you can find in the third town you get to in sinnoh. 5 years ago  
Only on the condition that you put a big mac on your screen for me. 5 years ago +1
There would be less disease, if you actually think about it. 5 years ago  
What was exactly the point of this question? 5 years ago  
Depends on the situation. If you were to hold up the word on a piece of paper for me, I would probably actually think of the direction. 5 years ago  
I have played both and the xbox 360 is so much better than the ps3. 5 years ago  
Talking about the Xbox 360 and the and the ps3, xbox was much better. 5 years ago  
You honestly thing I would list them all? 5 years ago  
Chemistry seems more fascinating but if you have the right materials you can do some awesome stuff. Such as 5 years ago  
I think the x and y series is dumb. 5 years ago  
Ps has more game options but you can do so much more stuff on an xbox than just play videogames. Watch movies, play games already on the xbox, heck you can browse the internet! 5 years ago  
First 22 votes and still 100% B. 5 years ago  
You can eat other stuff at mcdonalds besies burgers, you know. 5 years ago +4
Um neither. 5 years ago  
I think messi is more productive but I live ronaldo more. 5 years ago  
I like real madrid. Benzema is an animal and ronaldo is awesome but lionel messi has more support and barca is just amazing right now. 5 years ago  
Finishing=Messi Long Range Shooting=Ronaldo Ground Passing=Messi Crossing=Ronaldo Dribbling=Messi Skill=Ronaldo They seem equaly as good but Messi is just more productive. (I chose the wrong choice.) 5 years ago +1
I love Ceasar Salad. 5 years ago  
At least not as many people would be killed! 5 years ago +1
HAWAII 5 years ago  
You must hate cake. 5 years ago +3
Ghandi wasn't you. 5 years ago  
You can't live without water for 3 days or more. 5 years ago +1
NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL! 5 years ago +3
Heard of this place called rrrather. 5 years ago +2
Could you please tell me where you got the pic for a? 5 years ago  
How about the "I am your father." quote from darth vader? 5 years ago +1
I could just wear the waterproof headphones in the shower! 5 years ago +1
Sounds like to me that this guy can kill stars. 5 years ago  
That way, not as many people would want to eat me. 5 years ago +11
The pink teddy bear hall of fame was almost better than the spagehtti hall of fame!! 5 years ago  
Well I got math and then spelling 6th period. 5 years ago  
Soup 5 years ago  
By the way I said the monnkey had the lightsaber. THe monkey didn't get me one. 5 years ago  
I'll take a helper monkey wit a lightsaber. 5 years ago  
So you're saying you're more well known than dragah? 5 years ago  
Dragah already asked this... Wait a second! 5 years ago +2
I was 34. 5 years ago  
You have an a as either the third or 5th letter in your profile name. 5 years ago  
Some comments are one word while others seem to be like a million. 5 years ago  
I'll just wait until the other contestants get killed. 5 years ago  
Provided that it is enough to pay for my life insurance. 5 years ago  
No I just commented before the question was made. I'm a wizard. 5 years ago  
You obviously live in a different timezone then. 5 years ago  
I am THE first VOTE 5 years ago +2
FREE THUMB 5 years ago +9
I think this is in polish 5 years ago  
Now dats better. 5 years ago  
Neither 5 years ago  
iShoe app 5 years ago  
USA has everything... 5 years ago  
How can anyone even think to choose A. 5 years ago  
You can improve at B. 5 years ago +2
Are you kidding me? Soccer is the most popular sport on earth! 5 years ago +1
Here is the link to the other question in this series. // 5 years ago  
This is the link to the other question in this tournament. // 5 years ago  
I was a repulican by 71% 5 years ago  
The president has limited power. 5 years ago  
If I am trying to fail than I am succeeding in failing. 5 years ago  
THey can influence me. 5 years ago +2
I can have a trial with A. 5 years ago  
Just hope it doesn't fly off my head. 5 years ago +2
According to statistics, the majority of questions have more voters for A. 5 years ago +1
Meant to say A. I chose the world. 5 years ago +2
Am I waking up, or is this still a nightmare? 5 years ago +1
I would be running extremely fast. 5 years ago  
This is impossible. If they hate you, their not your friend. 5 years ago +6
Meat 5 years ago +2
Question 44444. 5 years ago  
Question 12345! 5 years ago  
This is question 55555. Thats five fives. 5 years ago +1
I already have B. 5 years ago  
I could hold the world record for the mile. 5 years ago  
It would suck not being able to blink. 5 years ago +1
I dont want to get electrocuted. 5 years ago  
In my opinion scarves don't actually serve any purpose. 5 years ago +1
Pic won it 5 years ago  
At this point it could actually be real madrid. 5 years ago  
God is already real so pokemon is my only choice. 5 years ago +1
It's their funeral. You should be happy. 5 years ago  
Um Niether 5 years ago  
I personally don't think its right but it's their choice. 5 years ago  
If I played world of warcraft i'd probably end up killing myself anyway. 5 years ago  
longer blade 5 years ago  
How would that get on your nerves? 5 years ago  
marijuana is smoked 5 years ago  
48 it was how I found out that no one cares about sports on this website. 5 years ago +2
I know what I want. It's in my head. 5 years ago  
I'm christian so based on my beliefs i'm already going to heavan. 5 years ago  
At least I won't die of a heart attack. 5 years ago  
Only so much in a midsize store. 5 years ago  
Better than dead birds. 5 years ago +4
Ghostbusters are such idiots. 5 years ago +4
Both wouldn't tickle. 5 years ago  
I'm not afraid of work. I just hate it. 5 years ago  
What a jerk. 5 years ago +2
Me 5 years ago +1
I could be an awesome rapper. 5 years ago  
The brain is what keeps you alive. If you lose your heart it stops blood flow so nutrients can't be carried to your cells. Including your brain cells. 5 years ago +3
Only tomato sauce. 5 years ago  
That would be rather interesting commentary. 5 years ago  
I like cookie with a lot of cream in the middle. (The cream isn't good on it's own. 5 years ago  
ZOMBIE BUNNIES! 5 years ago +1
I'm ameican. 5 years ago  
Looked up "would you rather questions" on google. 5 years ago +3
Can't necessarily answer that because you can't live without either. 5 years ago +7
But the brain works the heart. 5 years ago  
42 5 years ago  
cats 5 years ago  
Where did you thhink the first chicken came from? 5 years ago  
Assassinate all the pirates and take their money. 5 years ago  
Because if you let 10 murderers get out then they will kill much more than 1 innocent person. 5 years ago  
Sorry I meant to vote for A. 5 years ago  
Goes just like real life for me... Except for the fact that I don't look like a abby with a man's head. 5 years ago  
at least I'm happy! 5 years ago  
Look at the description. 5 years ago  
Either would be fun but dragons can pretty much do whatever they want. (Except for killing unicorns) 5 years ago  
This is question 54321 5 years ago  
attack dog 5 years ago  
After they find a cure they can heal me and I can do my bucket list after that. (And some begging.) 5 years ago +1
He is not so much a psychopath in my opinion but should still be arrested. 5 years ago +4
FUDGE YES!!!!!! 5 years ago +2
It's all essentially the same stuff. 5 years ago  
I have had B. It's like Styrofoam on the outside and sour sugar on the inside. 5 years ago +1
That would be AN alcoholic. 5 years ago  
Sid could probably mess him up in some way or another. 5 years ago +1
Brownie flavored icecream. 5 years ago +1
Guy on the left... Just so frickin' awesome. 5 years ago  
I don't really care about the mushrooms but I saw the word bacon and i knew my choice. 5 years ago +2
My last name is easy to pronounce: shcdbjvfndjnbfbxjhcejxgnjewhgkncjgreusk 5 years ago  
Kick em in the place where he doesn't want to feel it. 5 years ago +1
Put in slytherin on pottermore. Nothing wrong with being clever and determined. 5 years ago  
Call of duty looks better because it's past games have been much more high quality than BF. 5 years ago  
Would not could. 5 years ago  
I can! The comment above this one was made by Ninjuh! 5 years ago  
Super power to create money. 5 years ago  
In car commercials they always talk about life lessons that have nothing to do with the actual car. 5 years ago  
Mess their life up so bad that they think their on fire. 5 years ago +1
Shorter 5 years ago  
Same thing. 5 years ago  
La di da di da. 5 years ago  
Three guys on the right lost their map. 5 years ago  
First comment on first question! 5 years ago  
Beat the crap out of him with a crowbar. 5 years ago  
You can say it's bad for you but you can't deny that it tastes awesome. Like saying "Oh McDonalds is horrible and it'll make you fat!" While at the same time you're stuffing your face with McNuggets. 5 years ago +4
Every shade of color that a human can see is blended in the rainbow/spectrum. 5 years ago  
I was looking for pics for B and I came across Dwight... Perfect 5 years ago  
Question #1000 5 years ago +4
My friends have computers. 5 years ago  
Right choice. (No pun intended.) 5 years ago +5
Beast on the left. 5 years ago  
I have a computer. 5 years ago +1
They play baseball outside the us. 5 years ago  
Who would watch that? 5 years ago +1
You've never tried fifa. 5 years ago  
Browns and Bengals... Biggest rivalry between two teams that suck. 5 years ago +1
He might break all the tv cameras. 5 years ago +2
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 5 years ago  
Kids visit me. 5 years ago +2
What's the difference? 5 years ago +3
B doesn't sound so good... 5 years ago  
My main goal is candy. I have to dress up so i'm just dying my hair and painting my face then hitting the streets. 5 years ago +1
Dang. 5 years ago  
I don't get around much... 5 years ago  
Tusks. 5 years ago +1
Cajun fries at 5 guys are frickin' amazing. 5 years ago  
Look like a stud. 5 years ago  
Good question. 5 years ago  
Keep on rewinding until i win the lottery. 5 years ago +1
the smartest. im already hot 5 years ago  
Um how bout sporting. Just because they don't have ronaldo doesn't mean they suck. 5 years ago  
A navy seal yes, kip from Napolean Dynamite, no. 5 years ago  
I hate cheese pizza. 5 years ago  
A PhD in teddy bears isn't very useful unless your life goal is to work at build-a-bear. 5 years ago +1
Provided that he doesn't have a gun. 5 years ago +3
Heck yeah! 5 years ago  
Star in pretty much every strength sport. 5 years ago  
And give out free heaart attacks to all people... 5 years ago  
I realized i picked the wrong choice before i realized what it actually was. 5 years ago  
I like lime flavored artificial products but i'm not sure that counts. 5 years ago  
Food. I could mess with so many people. 5 years ago  
43% to 55%? 5 years ago +3
Shaq, Jackie Chan, David and Alex Mason, Mike Tyson, Jason Bourn, Rambo... 5 years ago +2
What if your favorite movie character is dead? 5 years ago  
I don't need a male ballerina flying around my bedroom when I'm trying to rest. 5 years ago +2
It's a would you rather question! It's either one or the other. Notice how it says you can't have both in the parentheses. 5 years ago  
$$$$$$$$$$$$ 5 years ago  
AVADA KEDAVERA 5 years ago  
Mac laptops are better, but pc makes better desktop computers. 5 years ago  
Question #10000 5 years ago +1
Well I guessed to soon. 5 years ago  
I'm an American I can't help it. 5 years ago  
Babies always learn to talk eventually. 5 years ago +2
Now we just need Halo ships in AC3. 5 years ago  
I'm a boy but I just typed in "One day I was walking down the street with my husband." and it guessed wrong. #Genius 5 years ago  
The lyrics are can't by me love. Not can't by me fame. 5 years ago  
How can you not vote for your own gender? 5 years ago  
Was that question a psychology test? 5 years ago  
I judged it by the picture. 5 years ago  
Deadline is the begining of time. Sorry :( 5 years ago +1
The hardest question you're ever going to see. 5 years ago +5
Look at the people in the background in pic A. 5 years ago +3
Don't give any ideas. 5 years ago +3
Hmmmm... 5 years ago  
How can everyone like you when you're a nobody? 5 years ago +7
The severety level would seem equal... If you were stupid. 5 years ago  
Oops. I chose wrong. 5 years ago +1
What is peter piper pizza? 5 years ago +7
Where do people come up with things like this? 5 years ago +5
I know top teeth would look better but I would be a beast with my bottom teeth. 5 years ago  
I'll chose the one that is possible. 5 years ago  
This is one of the few situations that Sheldon Cooper is the better choice. 5 years ago  
The person who made this question must really hate watermelon. 5 years ago +2
It's always been my dream to die miserably... 5 years ago  
I'd like to meet the 4% of people who chose B. 5 years ago +4
You would be physically gutted when you stopped A. 5 years ago +1
Okay, tell me when you get back to earth. Oh I just realized it doesn't exist anymore. 5 years ago +6
A is alot more sexy. 5 years ago  
Well you're getting free money so... 5 years ago  
OK I'll live one second behind what I normally would. It's still the past isn't it? Just not history. 5 years ago  
When you get better at something from working hard and earning it, thats just getting better because of hard work. Everyone is born with talent. There is a difference between talent and hard work. 5 years ago +1
The pics are from a ford commercial. 5 years ago  
I respect the other choice but where would you go back to if the earth blew up? 5 years ago +1
More space. 5 years ago  
The stuff you're teching isn't actually hard but the kids are mature and not as messy. 5 years ago +1
I love how 77% of Americans picked the food choice. 5 years ago  
A bunch of people think that just because they have their blackbelt, they think that they're like a master at kung fu or something. 5 years ago  
I'll just cut the spaghetti and be bald 5 years ago  
Godzilla is a beast. 5 years ago  
Do pillows qualify as beastly? 5 years ago  
So what? Atleast you make more money in retail! 5 years ago +1
Ronaldo seems to be better at everything, messi is just plain more useful. 5 years ago +1
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