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    A lot of them are, yes.  
    Yeah, said the same.  
    Yeah well whatever, :/ simple typo.  
    Like I said, you're lookin' at a few thousand IN which, you don't have.  
    That all requires money. Unlike your car, you only have a monthly payment. With all three of thos accessories, it's a lot more.  
    Better car than that... :/'re lookin' at a few thousand.  
    That's retarded.  
    No, cause I'm pretty sure, last time I checked, thn is spelled "than". Not thn.  
    Ok, I don't need 6 people to correct me. -.-  
    What did you search to get your prof pic? Jw.  
    And you're a mother?! +1
    22. +2
    Definitely the computer!  
    In Australia retard! -_-...... I'm in fking Australia!!  
    Like who?  
    You think you're tough ROCKS?! Go up the Eiffel tower without looking down!! D:< Come back here when you have! -_-  
    Please get that disgusting picture out of my face!!! @[email protected] -------->>>  
    "Staples"?! :/  
    WWIII is much much MORE important!!!  
    I can easily see why it wouldn't have wifi.... :/  
    That's a piece of what the mountains in the forest looks like behind my apartment!!...O__O...except theres no shack there! xD  
    Tell me about this gf ROCKS....  
    I basically kinda live on a tropical island!,...more rather see it as mountains actually.. :/..  
    Heh! Kinda looks like my dad!! :) ------->>>  
    Gotta love Batman! p.s. I know My choice has been taken as SUM but regardless of that, i still choose Batman! :P  
    But why you choose pgs when you have an Xbox 360?!  
    It's winter here right now! +5
    Get a life!  
    I'm much tougher than you! :P  
    Don't tell people on here your last name ROCKS! It won't do any good! +1
    No just no. +3
    How was it?! :-) Did you get a chance to water ski???! :D  
    Your portrayal of tea partiers and republicans shows that you are just as bigoted and prejudiced as those that you condemn. +1
    Who says?  
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