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People at my school wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts and it's freaking Winter...idiots

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Would you rather? Have a crap ton of lag on your computer or Have your computer page/pages crash every 20ish mins 62,515 votes 547 comments 1 like
Which is better? Mulan or Hunchback Of Notredame 27,026 votes 246 comments 0 likes
Which is better? Finding Nemo or A Bug's Life 27,680 votes 277 comments 0 likes
Which is better? Toy Story or Cars 30,513 votes 233 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a? Nintendo64 or Gamecube 12,733 votes 208 comments 0 likes
Which show is better? Spongebob(Nick) or Class of 3000(Cartoon Network) p.s. this got canceled unfortuantely!! 25,008 votes 277 comments 0 likes
Which webcam would you rather use? Logitech Webcam c200 or Logitech hd webcam 260 32,412 votes 195 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have an? Ipod or Ipad 24,882 votes 302 comments 1 like
Would you rather have? DIRECTV or Dish Network 17,431 votes 198 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer? Fletcher or Gerald 15,458 votes 158 comments 0 likes
Which do you prefer? M n Ms or Skittles 27,418 votes 255 comments 2 likes
Which do you prefer? Snickers or Twix 25,095 votes 224 comments 3 likes
Which is worse? Tinychat or Skype 15,481 votes 165 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer? Butter or Cheese 24,673 votes 144 comments 1 like
Would you rather Have to register for everything you join as in considering games or whatnot or You go anywhere in the world with your computer and have up to at least 10-15 different kinds of wifi network and 10 of them require a password that you don't know but the 5 of them don't require one and you're able to connect but has poor signal 9,896 votes 154 comments 0 likes

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Don't we all?  
That's not what they meant tard..not at all. They mean it's just soo obvious of an answer that this shouldn't even be asked. You think I don't know what a question is by this point? Most of us are past elementary school. Get your act together.  
Don't answer for him.  
You'd have to be utterly retarded to think that. +2
Stupid question though.  
Your childhood must've sucked.  
Hate the game, not the person.  
Enjoying that magical world of yours?  
Well 1 can adjust any direction you want without having to move it's ass everywhere unlike the other where it's just...horrible.  
Can't Pixar be fun with it? Stop asking questions that aren't necessary.  
It's Would You Rather dude, get over yourself.  
It lasted 10 whenever I watch it, my heart pumps faster.  
Why'd you ask thenn? Seems to me you knew what it was already.'s right < there. the question Thoroughly actually, no. This isn't even a sentence long. It's just which is "WORSE" you got me?! "WORSE". Just fu[king think first about it and you'll have the choice you want rather than complain like a little bltch. Just every question you read READ IT!  
I'd say that would be ok if you were 14 or something but that's way to young to have any kind of phone. Spoiled brat.  
That's if you had black. People can still find it especially the CIA.  
Just a little surprised that you actually did it. Usually it's of someone else taken off of Google.  
Not to some people unfortunately.  
Fight me if you have a problem. Sounds like you do.  
Oh, what a coincidence this. My oh my!  
No I mean when she was still around(still is but she left a while back and hasn't been here for months but just recently got back on). You came months after she had left. That doesn't put you in the spot where just because you look over ones specific questions means you havent been here long enough. I was here a couple before she joined so I would certainly know. I however do agree with you on this behalf. +1
That can't be you!...  
Were you even here?  
Said the same. Although I'm not that surprised.  
When you die, I'm gonna Bury you in the UK!  
You make one thenn.  
That is worse.  
What does it sound like it is? +1
Music show df.  
I hope you mean allergic.. +21
Least I'm not lazy. +1
And mnms doesn't? +7
It's one of my favorites too.  
Doesn't mean they actually happen.  
It's not bad, just a bunch of fu[king idiots.  
Can't believe you actually think that'll change anything..  
Dish is good. +1
Ofcourse it is dude!  
You're soo cool as of saying "f*ck this", such a fu[king badass mofo.  
There's no right or wrong answer..  
You will get that a lot here.  
Na man pick A! Fu[k da HD part.  
Google or startpage it.  
Oh I know what you're saying! Yeah, they used fake Cookie Dough flavoring to help the taste in my mouth while they did the work til to this day I feel like throwing up. But candy in general is simply just amazing.  
What are you talking about? They're both masterpieces of Disney.  
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