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My name is RaelynnJamison,and I’m 20 years old.I am half British,a quarter Norwegian,and a quarter American.I was born in Sandefjord,Norway,but moved to America when I was only 4 years old. I met my best friend in preschool after moving and collab with her on poems and short stories very often. I have a passion for writing and currently attend college online to make more time for writing on the side.I have brown hair and grey eyes,and I hate bullies.

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Would you rather Watch The World End In A Violent War or Watch One of The People You Love Most Die 8 months ago 53 votes 13 comments 0 likes

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Really? I thought it was unicorns XD 8 months ago  
Still don't care. 8 months ago  
Case in point. 8 months ago  
Aw, thanks. Wolves are my favorite animal. 8 months ago  
Writer's gotta write, mate. 8 months ago  
Why say to not ask about the pictures? That only entices people to ask. 8 months ago  
Solid 7. 8 months ago  
Nice try. 8 months ago  
Yup. 8 months ago  
Well I'mma get called a lummox so whatever. 8 months ago  
Till 11 pm the next day. 8 months ago  
Wow, what an original question... 8 months ago  
I appreciate it. 8 months ago  
Shadow is a natural born female, you twits. Also, how many times do I have to say that she has a boyfriend? She isn't interested in any of you. She just wants to be left alone. 8 months ago  
Please just leave Shadow alone. 8 months ago  
I honestly thought you lot were going to stop this nonsense. 8 months ago +3
A fascinating friendship we have, isn't it? 8 months ago  
I started school late. I started preschool when I was almost six. I dunno why, I suppose my mum and dad thought it was best after moving to America when I was four. 8 months ago  
Replying to comments because my friend's a bloody idiot. Care to be more specific? 8 months ago  
Can't access the photo, mate. Try sending it a different way. 8 months ago  
She's my best friend, that's all. She's had it rough since...well, that part of the story isn't anyone else's business. I get that she may have touched a few nerves, but she's pretty sorry (as she should be). She wants this to be over, so couldja throw me the bone and just let this be over with? 8 months ago  
She (not me, but thanks for the compliment) doesn't write only fanfiction. Kid's been workin' on her novel for a long time now. Not to mention the awards she's gotten for her poetry. I don't mind if lummox is a meme, just don't associate with Shadow. 8 months ago  
Mind if I take that as a compliment? Honestly, I don't care much for this whole argument. Shadow's my friend and I'll defend her no matter what. 8 months ago  
Lol, ain't that the bloody truth! The kid takes everything too seriously, I'll tell ya that. 8 months ago  
And so it begins. Ya really think I'm Shadow? I'm not. I'm her friend. Best friend, actually, so while I see the confusion, don't be such a prat. 8 months ago  
And, I'd like to add that I have posted before. I just like to vote on things, I don't usually get drawn into the convo. 8 months ago  
I've been working on my studies, ya twit. Look at my bio and it'll tell ya that I'm attending online college to focus on writing. I've had better things to do. 8 months ago  
That's what I thought. You'd better use your time to cool it, if you're still ranting when I see you tomorrow I swear I'm gonna let loose on ya. 8 months ago  
Shadow, my friend, shut up and sit the hell down. You lost this fight and you know it. Quit acting like a caged tiger and let the adults talk this out. 8 months ago  
Then why call Shadow an edgelord? That's rather rude, isn't it? 8 months ago +2
Call me what you want, you can't faze me. 8 months ago  
No, actually we've been friends for about ten years. We went to preschool together and I just happen to be a decent friend. 8 months ago  
A clumsy or stupid person...and I wish you lot would quit making fun of my best friend. 8 months ago +2
No, if you look at the original comment she made all she said was that depression sucked in general. That's not something that deserves so much negativity. 8 months ago +2
Guys, what the hell? 8 months ago  
Why are you guys attacking her so much? All it does is show how insecure you all are and that you have nothing better to do. Shadow is a writer and as her friend I can tell you that she's actually a wonderful person. She may be a bit b*tchy at times but it's only because she's tired of being hurt by people such as yourselves! 8 months ago +2
LEAVE HER ALONE 8 months ago +1
Shadow isn't queer, you dumbasses. 8 months ago +2
Yeah, yeh spelled her name wrong, idiot. 8 months ago  
Guys... why are you being so rude to Shadow? She didn't do anything wrong and Sodium just decided to attack her. 8 months ago +2
What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. You. PEOPLE?! 8 months ago  
Will you LOT LAY OFF THE POOR LASS! 8 months ago  
Yeah, no, Shadow's actually a real friend of mine and she's got a boyfriend. Honestly, leave her the hell alone! 8 months ago +2
You lot need to lay off the poor lass. You don't know her and yeh shouldn't be judgin' her like that. 8 months ago  
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