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Hi :3

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    being blind also means missing out on the beauty of the earth  
    Kill you with kindness  
    sabotage man  
    same heree  
    dude have you even played until dawn  
    I f*king hate surfing. used to love it before I tried it  
    what? im sorry but its money  
    ipad man  
    what, so ppl would actually rather to go look at stuff instead of swimming in such clear waters??  
    Eventually could also mean tomorrow  
    U N I C O R N  
    never said whether your partner's ugly  
    free food and accommodation man  
    Its just putting a bullet in a couple of guns (in this case one), spinning the barrel and then shooting yourself, hoping you won't die  
    ill be like "f u bish, never needed you anyway" and walked out in style  
    music is life  
    music is love  
    Search it up and there will be information talking about how it started as a simple collision.  
    God farted and created the Big Bang WHICH created the world. so technically God  
    who needs people when you have money  
    eh celebs aren't really my type  
    harry potter  
    people can learn to drive by themselves  
    I'll be like wassup kids to my 10 yr older grandkids  
    I can have a private wedding instead, just the priest guy, me and my soon-to-be hubby  
    I'm sorry, but light sabers  
    PC dude  
    Ok thanks, ^_^  
    I need a break from all this  
    Well, Im kinda both because I'm religious AND I believe in the BB theory  
    Wut. How are you supposed to "bend" fire?  
    Is this my fart? Coz my fart smells like flowers  
    Gay, lesbian and bisexual people should have the right to get married, I mean what difference do they have that deserves their right taken away?  
    I do that anyway  
    Yay construction!!  
    It's cooler  
    Hate football  
    Can't breathe  
    Just coz you're never talked ABOUT, doesn't mean you're gonna be alone  
    I'll find one when I'm old enough  
    Clicked on the wrong one :(. But Id rather be the younger sister because I really want an older brother that always looks out for me and is really protective of me, almost over protective. But, that's never gonna happen coz I'm an only child so I'm the youngest anyway :D  
    YAY TIGY  
    I'll just not press the buttons  
    I don't even watch TV anymore... Like who even watches TV?  
    I'll beat HIM up. Bastard....  
    At least it won't get burned down or trampled over or zapped by lightening...  
    My kind of ugly is HOT  
    Don't need em  
    Let's hope aliens don't have dicks  
    As long as it's awesome  
    Well, why would I want to lose something over someone else getting some money? Psshhhhhhh  
    Food, music, headphones.... Is there anything else i need?  
    Who doesn't?  
    Stuff arrows  
    Make that 23 hours of sleep then  
    I won't even get married then  
    If my crush dates my best friend, it's an automatic answer that I can't do anything to screw their relationship. But if it's my worst enemy.... Ooooh the things I could do  
    I don't need friends, I have my computer  
    They do the shopping for me  
    No school  
    It's normally the person you hate end up being the one you marry... Well, that's what happens in the movies  
    I'll bat them away  
    I gotta make sure I'm beautiful.. Duh  
    Do you wanna build a snowman?  
    That's why it's called an "nightmare" instead of a "dream"  
    Sayonara school!  
    Not for too long though, haven't you seen the titanic? The water is freezing cold  
    If I was successful  
    Small dogs have maximum cuteness  
    I want a finger monkey  
    When you're happy and you know it be a moron  
    Free food and accomodation dude  
    Imagine how much free food you can get by telling the cashier that you've paid.  
    Yes because I have the ability to cheat  
    Invis: the answer to detention  
    I like money more  
    Eh, I can get free music anyway  
    I'm not even gonna vote  
    You 33% greedy people. Smh  
    I so want a tattoo  
    I guess the first one, because if you release all the "guilty" people, they'll do bad things to many, many other people (rape, murder, harassment) and so I guess the first one is better.... But if there was something that could prove that innocent person innocent, then everyone wins! +1
    Yay immortality  
    Just coz Im hot, doesn't mean I'm not smart  
    What if the celebrities are actually just greedy dIcks on the inside?  
    I'd say more time because I would be able to earn money during that time, and it doesn't say "Would you rather have more of one thing THAN the other" so to anyone who says you can't have the other, you can  
    Wow this is hard.... I'm just gonna skip this  
    But if you knew the cause, it can still be a chance to avoid it (obviously until you eventually die in the end) but if you knew the date then you can't really do anything about it  
    Well, I guess it's the food that God ate since he farted a Big Bang while playing poker with Santa Claus +1
    Hahahahaha ikr  
    Go Utopia!!  
    Woops lol I on  
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