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Would you rather Eat 2 living spiders at the same time or Eat 5 dead spiders at the same time 3 years ago 74 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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I am a brown bear 3 years ago  
BANANA 3 years ago  
MASTER YODA 3 years ago  
HARRY POTTER ftw 3 years ago  
Um, I have video games and a tv but my house sucks 3 years ago  
Omg, wierdos!! 3 years ago  
A big ocean 3 years ago  
I'd get fit 3 years ago  
HE IS NOT SATAN IS IDIOT 3 years ago  
YES HE DOES 3 years ago +1
I already am 3 years ago  
They are bothe sluts 3 years ago +1
No you get depressed 3 years ago  
At least they are smiling!! 3 years ago  
Reward should be a free week off of school!! 3 years ago  
My sister is my babysitter, she is already crazy... 3 years ago  
You r so rude!! 3 years ago  
Miiiiiiillllllkkk 3 years ago  
Hermione is boss 3 years ago  
Vitamin water sucks ass 3 years ago  
JACCU, Rey 3 years ago  
That's not a word 3 years ago  
JACCU 3 years ago  
Heheh harder to hang my self.. 3 years ago  
Half of what I have is $12.50 3 years ago  
Ur dumb 3 years ago  
If my relationship were perfect, I would not be depressed.... 3 years ago  
I wear glasses already 3 years ago  
My friends would never do that 3 years ago  
Wow, the two things my family says I will be when I grow up... 3 years ago  
I know, my dad crushed the popcorn bag at the theaters 3 years ago  
My preferred drawing tool, digital and traditional 3 years ago  
I stupit 3 years ago  
You have a cool mom 3 years ago  
... That's your own blood, You can legacy would live on and my boyfriend said the same!!! 3 years ago  
How could I "McDonalds" 3 years ago  
Comfy 3 years ago  
... Ummm 3 years ago  
My name is Lauren now 3 years ago  
Same 3 years ago  
God loves u anyway 3 years ago  
Yum yum I get beef pie 3 years ago  
I'm just a kid so yah I would by so much 3 years ago  
... Neither. I wanna b me 3 years ago  
It would be like old times!! 3 years ago  
............ 3 years ago  
... Wow 3 years ago  
... Wow 3 years ago  
Oh. Well the picture looks cozy at least 3 years ago  
Bananas on da beach 3 years ago  
I don't have a phone or a computer, I have a PlayStation 3 and an Xbox so HA 3 years ago  
COME ON!!!!! 3 years ago  
Srsly!!!!! 3 years ago  
Ppl these days... 3 years ago  
Gods not fictional 3 years ago  
I like where I'm at 3 years ago  
Fat THUMBS ARRGH 3 years ago  
My body is good already 3 years ago  
I could crush as a giant(attack on Titan) 3 years ago  
Before drugs duh 3 years ago  
Only if I get spanked by Megan fox 3 years ago  
Are those thongs? 3 years ago  
I don't drink yet 3 years ago  
Um I'm a girl b*tch 3 years ago  
PATRICK SWAZEE 3 years ago  
I want money for this 3 years ago  
I am lesboan 3 years ago  
I'm lesbian soooo 3 years ago  
Gad costs to much!!! 3 years ago  
We... 3 years ago  
Bananasssssssss 3 years ago  
I chose money cuz I'm 11 3 years ago  
How well it rides, the horsepower all that 3 years ago  
Srsly... 3 years ago  
The fourth movie sucked booty whereas the book was awesome sauce 3 years ago  
I can eat all da chocolates!!! Mwahahahaaaaah 3 years ago  
We can't find what he vet had soooo... 3 years ago  
I like being a woman its fun 3 years ago  
Again YOLO 3 years ago  
YOLO 3 years ago  
I can't do my hair for crap so I actually need one 3 years ago  
No golden coral is nasty 3 years ago  
I like cool stuff 3 years ago  
Star Wars rulesssss!!!! 3 years ago  
Ma phone has all ma info on it 3 years ago  
TITANIC!!!! 3 years ago  
Gangnam style is so annoying!!!!!! 3 years ago  
I already live in the USA SOOOOOOO...yeah. 3 years ago  
Then we would all be hungry and that would suck!!!!! 3 years ago  
FRIENNNNNNNDDDDDSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  

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