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Would you rather Live in New York City or Live in the Hills of West Virginia 6 years ago 213 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Play Halo for 12 hours or Play Call of Duty for 12 hours 6 years ago 181 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a C-Section with one baby or Give birth to twins naturally 6 years ago 184 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather delete your twitter account or your facebook account 6 years ago 218 votes 13 comments 0 likes
If you were forced out of the USA, would you rather live in Mexico or live in Canada 6 years ago 303 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have 3 kids to 3 different guys or Have triplets with the same guy 6 years ago 175 votes 5 comments 0 likes

RandiNicole1990 has posted the following comments:

that was a hard one.. 6 years ago  
chicks before dicks :) 6 years ago  
love can wait.. 6 years ago  
Thank you! I felt very strong when it was all said and done.. my dad was like "yeah thats my girl, having TWINS with NO pain meds, hell yeah" haha. Good luck to you :) 6 years ago +1
It was painful, i must say. I had the girls 8 weeks early, so im not sure if labor is "easier" or anything when their early.. but yes it was painful. I dialated so fast that their really wasnt time for anything, it was crazy. But i would do it again. :) 6 years ago +1
Gold is stupid! 6 years ago  
Soccer :) 6 years ago  
not surfing with all these weird shark attacks.. 6 years ago  
been to texas already. 6 years ago  
both sound completely horrifying.. 6 years ago +1
wal mart SUCKS Raymond hahaha 6 years ago +1
Manila! 6 years ago +1
umm.. def dont want to be known for being a diddler.. 6 years ago  
Yuck.. neither 6 years ago  
bieber fever!!!! 6 years ago  
Bring it steve! 6 years ago  
uhhhh.. 6 years ago +1
netiher.. i dont break the law. 6 years ago +1
i guess i would rather be ridiculed and called the "n" word than have acid thrown in my face.. 6 years ago  
omg.. both sound horrible. 6 years ago  
really? 6 years ago  
video games/ 6 years ago  
neither.. damn nerds 6 years ago  
umm? 6 years ago  
i hate flying.. 6 years ago  
im a girl 6 years ago  
umm neither. 6 years ago +2
2 wet dogs! 6 years ago  
Neither.. 6 years ago +1
Italians... Mmmm! They better have blowouts and a body like Pauly D :) 6 years ago  
i dont know what either of those are.. 6 years ago  
Halo 6 years ago  
Granny Smith! 6 years ago  
i could eat cauliflower every day for the rest of my life.. 6 years ago  
ughh.. neither 6 years ago +1
whale! 6 years ago  
neither.. but drowning would really suck. 6 years ago  
im a girl 6 years ago  
'Merica 6 years ago  
40 year old virgin was HILARIOUS! 6 years ago  
Vodka.. 6 years ago  
Bring on the rum! 6 years ago  
Pepsi Cola! :) 6 years ago  
The jesus freaks can stay.. 6 years ago +2
hotel! i hate camping... bears! 6 years ago  
big boobs get in the way.. so i have been told from a one night stand. 6 years ago  
again, im a girl.. 6 years ago +1
im a girl.. 6 years ago  
Neither.. 6 years ago +3
Neither.. i dont cheat. 6 years ago  
he can be taught.. 6 years ago +3
Umm.. neither? 6 years ago  
high cliff.. you wouldnt feel anything.. lol 6 years ago  
im a girl.. and i had twin girls with my boyfriend of 3 months.. and our kids are 2 and were still together.. only a piece of crap walks out on their family.. 6 years ago +68
Ryan Gosling can come into my bed any day.... 6 years ago +5
SWAGGG 6 years ago  
Cocky men is the BIGGEST turn off for me. 6 years ago  
Biebs! cus im a girl and im not gay. and she seems mean.. 6 years ago  
your best friend.. maybe you would still be able to sleep with him. 6 years ago  
Tropical island! Def!!! GTL! 6 years ago  
omg... that already happened. it was called Hiroshima. 6 years ago  
The next person you see could be William Shatner.. 6 years ago  
Really? 6 years ago  
THis is tricky.. i choose be in the friendzone. 6 years ago  
thats what condoms are for.. 6 years ago +2
Neither.. im a girl and im NOT gay. 6 years ago  
Again, Really??? 6 years ago  
umm.. really? this is a question? the person that made this up is really stupid.. 6 years ago  
He would still be my son.. gay or not. 6 years ago +4
Guidos all the way!! As long as its DJ Pauly D with his blowout and hott body!!! 6 years ago +1
money can help with the lonliness.. 6 years ago  
Chicks before dicks... lmao 6 years ago  
ewww.. mike tyson is so gross. but world war 1 sucked so... idk 6 years ago  
all about the $$$ 6 years ago  
Neither.. they both look like fags. 6 years ago +1
I picked Justin Bieber so i could say that i slept with a canadian.. and he has TONS of moeny. 6 years ago  
I dont want to hurt anyone.. so i would take one for the team and be hurt.. 6 years ago  
I picked Zayn just because i dont want taylor swift seconds 6 years ago  
im a girl and i picked Mila.. because she likes video games. and no im not gay. 6 years ago +1
Lucas looks like one of the backstreet boys.. 6 years ago  
get it done, and get em out. 6 years ago  
By text so i could cry alone.. 6 years ago  
love can wait.. 6 years ago  
mashed potatoes :) 6 years ago  
16 inch would probably puncture your internal organs.. 6 years ago  
heaven is eternity.. so i pick hell on earth then have paradise for eternity.. 6 years ago +1
i would never want to die burning.. 6 years ago  
both are extremely awkward.. 6 years ago  
Chocolate! 6 years ago +4
you would suffer if you drown.. falling off the building you wouldnt.. atleast you would be able to fly! 6 years ago  
i want to make LOTS of money $$$$$$ 6 years ago  
im always late.. 6 years ago  
oh god.. i dont even wanna think about either.. 6 years ago  
singers get more drugs.. 6 years ago  
my angry grandpa is hilarious.. 6 years ago +2
you cant live without water.. its self explanatory.. 6 years ago  
it would suck to never be able to hear music.. but i choose deaf.. 6 years ago  
biting your tongue SUCKS. 6 years ago +2
definetely friends.. less drama 6 years ago  
fly.. i dont care what other ppl are thinking about.. 6 years ago  
I am low class.. so yeah i wish to be middle class! 6 years ago  
Rain Rain Rain. F Snow! 6 years ago  
atleast i have see where i am.. and know that terroriest arent in the building.. 6 years ago  
im pretty sure you would die or be deathly ill if you ate an entire raw chicken.. 6 years ago  
you can fix ugly.. 6 years ago  
both will hurt very much so.. 6 years ago  
Neither.. Joaquin PHoenix! 6 years ago +1
Im a girl.. and i picked Mila 6 years ago +3
Neither.. Rob McElhenney! 6 years ago  
I pretty much do have a terrible relationship with incredible sex.. 6 years ago  
text.. so i can cry to myself all night. 6 years ago  
The Fourth Kind is a scary ass movie.. makes me wonder. 6 years ago  
Neither! 6 years ago  
I have ADD.. its difficult for me to do either.. 6 years ago +14
im a female.. 6 years ago  
you can always undess in the dessert.. you can get more clothes in the tundra.. 6 years ago  
CANADA!!!!! I live in USA tho.. but i would like to move to Canada. 6 years ago  
its basically the same.. either way sucks. 6 years ago  
barney is richer.. 6 years ago  
Sun glasses :) 6 years ago  
i would just beat her.. 6 years ago +1
buffets are discusting... 6 years ago +3
In order for the egg, their had to be a chicken.. 6 years ago  
Definetely work. 6 years ago  
i would still work if i was rich.. i would go nuts if i didnt work. 6 years ago  
I want to learn russian! 6 years ago +2
def a 13 year old.. just wouldnt sleep with him. cus thats ILLEGAL. 6 years ago  
I do not want to make love to my pet.. 6 years ago  
religion. God created all man. 6 years ago  
Real but my kids would eat it.. 6 years ago  
justin bieber so he can buy me stuff.. 6 years ago  
a thief is easier and less time consuming, just sayin! 6 years ago  
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