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Shut up 2 years ago  
Love peggle 2 years ago  
Yaaaaasssss 2 years ago  
So saaaaaaaaddd 2 years ago  
I would like rather not 2 years ago  
Not answering that question 2 years ago  
Only for the Zelda reference 2 years ago  
Fudge you 2 years ago  
Never had one 2 years ago  
Already have this happenning 2 years ago +12
Adopt 2 years ago  
My friend already took my crush away (my revenge will come) ;) 2 years ago +12
Never had a boyfriend and don't have one now 2 years ago  
My crush already asked out my best friend. It was... Let's just say I now have depression 2 years ago +1
Neither 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
Never had either one 2 years ago  
Your kidding right 2 years ago  
Exactly 2 years ago  
Neither. Have a Facebook it sucks 2 years ago  
Facebook because can take down posts for no reason 2 years ago  
Whatever.....England 2 years ago  
Both 2 years ago  
Never had an ex... Or a boyfriend 2 years ago  
Clowns scare the hell out of me 2 years ago  
My dad lets me get away with lots of stuff 2 years ago  
One word.....Candles 2 years ago  
I'd ask if I could join em 2 years ago  
I would give them my crappy old clothes and buy new stuff 2 years ago  
Never had wine 2 years ago  
Already got it 2 years ago +3
London 2 years ago +1
Good house ugly car 2 years ago  
I don't have a significant other 2 years ago  
Never dated and probably won't ever date because I am one ugly son of a b*tch 2 years ago  
Low self esteem because I can them feel better about themself 2 years ago  
If you pick light saber you are a heartless monster 2 years ago  

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