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    How have you never heard of Tetris!?  
    Gawd, Charizard is overrated. Most people probably picked Red just because of that stupid dragon.  
    Who is Ms. Sirois?  
    Granny Smiths are amazing!  
    The GameCube was one of my first real experiences playing video games. I think I actually played Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii first, but not without my dad's constant help. I played Animal Crossing on the GameCube all by myself :)  
    I can watch Netflix on the computer  
    a GameCube controller  
    And Apples are named after a tart fruit  
    I feel like I would manage to destroy less stuff if I had an Eevee instead of a lightsaber. Favorite Pok√©mon is actually Rapidash, but I would rather have a real Eevee :P  
    It says in the description that wizards can't change into Ninjas  
    So many more innocent people died in the Holocaust.  
    CRAZY and Brittany-S-pierce. That's all I can think of right now  
    It is a Harry Potter question  
    Luna should've married Neville instead of Rolf, although Rolf sounds like another perfect guy for Luna...  
    That almost got me, too XD  
    Harry Potter is my life  
    I dislike both, but 1D is the lesser of two evils  
    I think it's one of the smartest comments from anyone on here  
    That was almost the easiest question on here. Besides, of course, all the "Harry Potter or Twilight" questions  
    Harry Potter all the way! Although I do like Star Wars plenty...  
    39% of you sadden me  
    Jesus, I hate both, but I don't want to drink, so...  
    Iron Man  
    Don't forget Toad  
    Anyone but Justin Bieber  
    POKEMON! Plus, Pokemon's first theme song sounded cooler than Digimon's first theme song +1
    That's the one I will most likely go to, anyways. Magic Kingdom is much more conveniant for my family  
    Pokemon is the only reason I'll ever watch CN  
    Ever heard of Avada Kedavra? JK, words can actually hurt very much. I should know after several years of people calling me mutation, or saying 'ew' every time I was close by. There are many others, but those impacted me the most. +1
    it's called Granny Smith and (possibly) Red Delicious  
    You can use mouthwash  
    I'm a banana! I'm a banana! Everybody scream!  
    I believe them both to be weirdos  
    I don't know why people who are making fun of religion or whatever use images like that. Not too many religions believe that God is a god who is your supreme ruler and if you don't do something exactly right, he will strike you down and kill you instantly. He's not Zeus, people. Now, I'm not saying adamw is making fun of religious people, but that's what I think firsthand when I see an image portraying God that way.  
    I hate mint. It just tastes terrible to me. Good thing is, I get to have my own toothpaste because my mom hates Cinnamon :D  
    GO SPIDEY! Down with the Dark Knight!  
    I like Hershey's Dark Chocolate. Plus, I never really got to eat Reeses's as a kid because my mom would always steal it out of my halloween bag or valentines box or whatever other time I got Reese's  
    I'm already a girl and happy to be one  
    Harry gets moody, and considering I love reading, Hermione and I should already be best friends  
    I get airsick, but not seasick  
    I only watch Netflix and DVDs, so yeah  
    According to my mom, I already am  
    You can always get a new job  
    I dance terribly  
    Starbucks opens 2-3 new stores DAILY  
    Greek Mythology has always interested me  
    I win. Give me my money, Pero  
    The Queen doesn't have country-ruling pressure breathing down her neck  
    this is causing psychological pain  
    Pop is nasty! But I could eat 20 PLATES of Pizza Ranch mashed potatoes and gravy easy  
    Owls can send letters to wizards :D +1
    I prefer the far left on the console picture  
    In the Triwizard Tournament, you are more likely to live as long as you're playing the modern version that they started again in book 4. Don't be Cedric, and you'll be fine.  
    I'm the kind of person that would steal a straw from McDonalds, but put it pack an hour later out of guilt  
    I'm happy being a girl  
    Trot out the toddler  
    Sex doesn't matter in this considering if you were a kid, you hopefully won't know about it  
    I would not like to see some of the things that go on in the bath- and back-rooms of nightclubs  
    to ronnyy: Pizza is not from Italy, it is from New York  
    to guest from Georgia: Italy has spaghetti, ravioli, and the like.  
    To the guest that made the comment about Salmonella: Brownies are also made with eggs, and cookie dough can be made without eggs.  
    The movies missed some of the details like, I don't know, PEEVES?!?!?! And WINKY!? Harry was also just altogether crabby in the movies, too. It's sad to see that movies have taken the most of the votes, though.  
    That kid is adorable!  
    As long as the nutella comes with. Plain toast is gross  
    I like camping, but I'd rather have the hotel room, please  
    These are both ridiculous  
    As long as it's a Nintendo controller  
    Clever, clever, clever, Boster930. I clicked the wrong one...  
    I'm a girl  
    Hasn't Earth already been discovered? Or is this AmericanNation from a different planat?  
    I get airsick, but not very seasick  
    I've read all seven Harry Potter books in two weeks. I've also read them all at least 12 times  
    I never use my phone anyways  
    You won't be a bum for long if everyone cares about you. They'll just give you money!  
    Even if it is the best teacher in the world, if they're mean, kids will spend the entire class period hating them and thinking "f*** this, I hate school"  
    Neither! I want a spouse who I love, and loves me back!  
    I like choosing what I think my many siblings would love and getting them gifts just to see their grins  
    Be nice to nerds. Someday you'll work for one.  
    I already do, according to Mom  
    "Love your enemy"  
    First one that I voted for alone... But seriously, I'd rather we all live separately if it was my fault we all suffer in a horribly polluted city.  
    I want to be a Google Doodler...  
    They're both stranger than hell, but I guess Gangnam Style is the more tolerable of the two  
    I get cold VERY easy, so I'll take the island, thank you very much  
    That was easy  
    That is the hardest by far  
    I'm a girl who plays Nintendo. As long as I get Nintendo in those Unlimited Games, I'm happy as can be. Unless I don't get to have the game platform...  
    Cats only 27%!!!!!! WHAT! +1
    snow sucks. I hate being cold and snee- pik-ACHOO!- excuse me. I hate being cold and sneezy  
    can I bring the laptop outside>  
    Family is Forever. Plus, I have like 9 siblings...  
    don't even know who the Rebecca chick is  
    pop is nasty  
    Emma plays Hermione  
    tofu is good  
    I like both, but since I'm using a school Chromebook... yeah  
    I would listen to classic gaming music LOL  
    that's not a question for me  
    I can wish for stuff that I want to buy plus stuff that I can't buy  
    stupid extra comment!  
    monkey's are adorable!  
    Wizards: can blast fire, water, ice, etc. from their wands/hands and can turn things into other things.  
    we all should've already had the first one  
    that was easy  
    9-11 was very bad, but the Holocaust was beyond terrible, let alone bad... +1
    YODA ROCKS!! Ur... Rock does Yoda be....  
    monkeys are adorable but so are penguins! Where's the both choice...  
    i lie a lot... but never get away with it...  
    I don't like coffee or listening to music, but Starbucks also has cakepops and other deserts  
    where's the neither answer when you need it...  
    Ewwww! Guts... Don't want to see em  
    At least the piercing can be taken out and the hole can close up. Tattoos are permanent unless you can afford to get it removed.  
    why choose that pic...  
    Fame would be too tough. Let me be the Ron to the Harry, if you may  
    they're both creepy as hell  
    Having one person rule would cause many more problems then we already have...  
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