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You can expect random posts from me. My YouTube Channel altho I don't upload: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGJbzbwwyDVgSAlheJor6g

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    100% attempt? 1 day ago  
    Idrc 2 days ago +2
    Why buy when you can just download 2 days ago  
    The actual driving test isn't that bad. 4 days ago +1
    Both bad, but I think some people are confusing "murder" with kill, kill means to cause the death of anything living, which can be justified under certain circumstances, while murder means to kill someone WITH the sole intent of ending their life WITHOUT justification of doing so. 5 days ago +1
    Alexw might not suck after all 5 days ago  
    I mainly use it to be douchy 6 days ago +2
    Abs are muscles, but you'd be a lot stronger with 'B' and that includes Abs 6 days ago +1
    Don't really care about sports 6 days ago +1
    what were you banned for? 6 days ago  
    what got you banned? 1 week ago  
    is this asthomasa? 1 week ago  
    ChocoS makes a solid point 1 week ago +1
    I'm guessing you mean the Sam Rami trilogy? 1 week ago +1
    87 1 week ago  
    https://youtu.be/Gru4IfbKlfU https://youtu.be/F4tpoHHrMs0 https://youtu.be/oLmxKSdjiZQ https://youtu.be/vBQew-RqQr0 1 week ago +1
    Misclick 2 weeks ago  
    Sounds stupid without the 'X' 2 weeks ago +1
    Don't see how 'A' can ever be useful to me 2 weeks ago +1
    Why Not Both? 2 weeks ago +1
    Idc 3 weeks ago  
    Whatever 3 weeks ago +1
    It's been a while 3 weeks ago  
    Hate Him 3 weeks ago +1
    Most of here are just average joes 4 weeks ago  
    Hard to say, but probably not 4 weeks ago  
    It has always been that way, at least since I joined. 4 weeks ago  
    One of my Favorite Birds 4 weeks ago  
    Press on the 'question' link highlighted in green on your profile, I can see my 1st question. 4 weeks ago  
    Manga 4 weeks ago +1
    what RandyRandom said, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHomETco0MI Beautiful Anthem 1 month ago  
    100% at 29 votes 1 month ago +2
    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh?hl=en-US Altho only downside is it's on desktop only apparently, Sorta wish Alexw would bring back the rrrather app for a dark mode =/ 1 month ago  
    Pretty redundant when you can just download a chrome extension that can put a 'Dark Mode' on any site. Looks good enough since I'm using it right now 1 month ago  
    I don't think you should care that much, since most of the info is outdated and rarely does anyone check out the site in general let alone ur page. Plus this site is more dead than ever, and no one will even know about the wiki when it finally hits rock bottom. 1 month ago +1
    Just Use different browsers 1 month ago +1
    Just for the pics 1 month ago  
    Damn Nostalgia, haven't watched this since I was 4 1 month ago  
    Makes more money 1 month ago +1
    Jedi is still here under a new account since he got banned. The rest probably stopped coming on ever since the site crashed. 1 month ago  
    Cool 1 month ago  
    Nearly everyone on here does 1 month ago +1
    R.I.P this site has really gone downhill unfortunately 1 month ago +1
    Since I don't eat them that often 1 month ago  
    I don't hate it, just don't use it 1 month ago  
    18 1 month ago  
    Maybe for Corona, but for other past pandemics no 1 month ago  
    Reference? 2 months ago +1
    lol, I don't go back until the 27th of April, since there are over 1000 cases now 2 months ago +1
    17 2 months ago  
    I don't like how things are going in my state, altho the people that are infected are mostly old people 2 months ago  
    Well there have been 11 deaths in my state and the number of infected is now over 70. 2 months ago  
    2016 2 months ago  
    Idc either way 2 months ago  
    Makes your life easier 2 months ago  
    https://youtu.be/H8P7EGpzzDU 2 months ago  
    I'd actually want to read it, good topic 2 months ago +1
    A: his lust B: homosexual 3 months ago +1
    Not possible for some as they'll create paradoxes 3 months ago +1
    Start his own religion, Anklehood creed 3 months ago +1
    What onex said 3 months ago  
    Idc whether you're emo or not 3 months ago  
    idc 3 months ago  
    Pokemon Generations 1 & 2, Dying Light, & Metal Gear Phantom Pain 3 months ago  
    Why not American_Sith? Since AJ is no more 3 months ago  
    ? 3 months ago  
    idc bout 'A' 3 months ago  
    I really wonder who'd pick 'A' over B 3 months ago  
    Considering that most of the population lives in European Russia 3 months ago  
    The Birds 3 months ago  
    2002, 18 in a few weeks 3 months ago  
    Playstation? more like Gaystation 3 months ago +2
    Ranch sucks 3 months ago +1
    It would be more challenging for me to do 'A' 3 months ago  
    Damn imagine if you're edgy and emo, lmao 3 months ago  
    I'm skinny, so no need for 'B' 3 months ago  
    I do B already, I guess if its "illegal" 3 months ago  
    Dont love it, its decent 3 months ago  
    Your posts are stupid too, along with hudsong 3 months ago  
    Hudsong is stupid 4 months ago  
    Misclick 4 months ago  
    I got high metabolism already 4 months ago  
    Since he's more active 4 months ago  
    Since you got 1 shot, don't waste it 4 months ago  
    What anime is B 4 months ago  
    1. lights on inside when theres daylight outside 2. When Youtubers ask to subscribe and click notifications on their channel 3. People wearing airpods, they look stupid imo, plus the sound quality is sh!t compared to other wireless buds half price 4 months ago +1
    Well there is also maintaining wild animal population, that's gonna be rather real difficult without killing lol 4 months ago  
    If there aren't any predators to hunt down herbivores, eventually they'll explode in numbers, and eat the plants faster than they can grow. 4 months ago +4
    No, but shouldn't the options be Yes Or No rather than 'comment' or 'Don't comment' 4 months ago  
    Dead meme 4 months ago  
    Asthomasa was originally asking what was "Wii Cycling", both are correct 4 months ago  
    It's both https://youtu.be/o7vxsNJ2Uk8 4 months ago  
    × 4 months ago  
    It's part of Wii Sports Resort, not an actual game in itself 4 months ago  
    Music, movies, shows etc. what everyone else said basically 4 months ago  
    Back when I used to eat them, too greasy for me now 4 months ago  
    https://www.rrrather.com/view/89149 4 months ago +1
    I believe this was asked already 4 months ago +1
    Nothing can harm me anymore 4 months ago +1
    Maybe since you haven't been preaching veganism a lot like you used to, even then I dont think you were ever one of the "most hated" users ever 4 months ago +1
    lol yeah found it on Reddit 4 months ago  
    Hard 4 months ago  
    You mean the 2020's? 4 months ago  
    https://www.rrrather.com/view/255379#comment4699256 4 months ago  
    After 24 hours(1 Day) and 32 votes, Adummy has won By 59% Favor! DarkSith66 has officially lost this round 4 months ago +2
    You don't need to post questions for people to notice you, just comment regularly, that should do the trick. 4 months ago  
    Be more active 4 months ago  
    Adummy is chill 4 months ago +1
    bruh look again its a tie now EDIT: lol you had to cast 2 more 4 months ago  
    4 months ago  
    Lmao looks like you got upset that you were losing, look at those unknown votes, plus the # of total votes compared to the rest of posts on this page..ok den 4 months ago +4
    Bruh this is rigged for him to win and you voted for him lmao 4 months ago  
    Just beat him to it, his sucks 4 months ago +2
    Hope you get better 4 months ago +2
    Yes, he can definitely beat you 4 months ago  
    Wtf, y'all that low? Damn 5 months ago  
    Should have received a warning at least, what Adummy said, we have seen users(i wont name any) post something of something similar in the past and at worst, the post just got deleted, a ban is going a bit too far 5 months ago +6
    2018? old news bruh lol 5 months ago  
    Christchurch shootings? 5 months ago +2
    Were you there when Jesus was Born? 1 year ago  
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