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    Lol worng one  
    Oh my  
    Heck no!  
    At least it's better then twilight the whole movie is just about the two weirdos staring at each other it also includes pedophilia I mean the guys 100 she 16 creepy  
    Ugh God does exist  
    What's that suppose to mean? That God doesent exist in the 21st century?. the Big Bang theory was first thought of by a man who lived 1894-1966. Idiot. +1
    Yep. You basically got it.  
    But what if God created science *Cue X file music*  
    Thank you  
    You comparing Santa to God..... Ouch  
    How do you know, show me the proof?  
    do some research check your spelling before trying to school me, by the way the Big Bang is a theory so it haven't been proven. It's just as true as God. You do some research cause right now you look like a idiot  
    Oh god  
    Praise to the lord my brother  
    But he's not from the 1800's... Or is he?... *Que. the Xfile music*  
    Omg Hilary  
    They haven't proven it's real.... It's still a theory.  
    He's not a "man." Where does it say he's a man. He's a god. Not a man.  
    Someone's in a bad mood  
    Europe both would be cool but I wanna travel and do stuff  
    I bet that 15 percent is made out 13 year old girls  
    And gasping for breath in the burning  
    I have a couple words for you miss I would love to say them but my reigion says not to be mean and forgive so I don't think calling a stupid a*s b***h who will bring this country down to the pit of hell would be very nice so I'll let the emoji talk  
    I don't like the term marriage not just for gay people if they believe in them sharing there realtionship with God let them love is love, but I don't like it when people who don't believe in God "marry" they should change the name for those relationships it's honestly annoying like how people celebrate Christmas and they don't believe in Christ it's same with hunaka I'm sorry I don't know how to spell it but same you shouldn't celebrate something like Hanukka if you don't even believe in what it means, this holiday belongs to the people who believe if you aren't Jewish don't celebrate hunaka and if your not Christian don't celebrate Christmas! Its for a religious purpose and for the people who make fun of it I look down open you I every where you go there's people you are against racism which is sterotyping a race right? That effective  
    More like a 100,000 people  
    reality?! For all you know your in a virtual paradox where there is no reality and God isn't a fairy tale I just hope you realize that before you rot in hell, you would wish you could rot in the ground.  
    Can you show me the proof that shows he doesent?  
    You do realize the Big Bang is a theorie so it could be called a myth so you need to get a grip of reality, you have no proof that God does not exist neither do you have proof that the Big Bang was real science right now is not that amazing we have only reached the tip of it for all we know that there is no end or were in a virtual reality so shut up this "fairy tale crap" is as believable as the Big Bang crack a book you idiot. The bible is not a fairy tale by the way. The more you know ;)  
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