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I would be able to change the things I don't like. 6 years ago  
How would I know if anyone went to my funeral? I would already be dead. 6 years ago  
There's an evil monkey in my closet. 6 years ago  
No, I'd rather use a mirror. 6 years ago  
I have a tattoo and I regret it every time I look at it. Piercing can heal and close up if you regret ever getting it. 6 years ago  
Small dogs like to stalk you everywhere you go. 6 years ago  
If the money isn't yours don't use otherwise you'll be owing more than what you borrowed. 6 years ago  
You can die any given day so a 10% chance of dying isn't that bad once you think about it. 6 years ago  
What of the hottest person I know is a celebrity? 6 years ago  
Luckily I live alone 6 years ago  
Damn I didn't read the question 6 years ago  
Friends are a waste of money and time 6 years ago  
But I'm actually planning to open both one day 6 years ago  
I just hate the smell and the taste of the smoke. I hate people who smoke in public and go around exposing those around them to 2nd hand smoke. 6 years ago  
No STDs... By the way I love the pictures 6 years ago  
Different looks will contribute to different personality. You would act and behave the way people treat you. You might be attractive one day and get all the attention and so your confidence gets boosted and you think highly of yourself but what happens if the next day that all changes? 6 years ago  
I'll bring back Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Leonardo da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln and my grandfather 6 years ago  
Do know how stressful that sounds? You have to hide yourself at all times and you lose the ability to feel comfortable in your own space. 6 years ago  
People say that now but if they were trapped in a room where their lives were at risk and their only way out was to kill each other their true color will be revealed 6 years ago  
As long as it's an intimate scene with Anne Hathaway 6 years ago  
Eagle vision 6 years ago  
Just because I want to do Natalie 6 years ago  
If I would watch a long film of all the best moments in my life, I would be staring at a blank screen 6 years ago  
Lol I usually don't get anything anyways 6 years ago  
There's other things than looking for someone that will only accept you for your looks. 6 years ago  
I like dumb old door better 6 years ago  
They're both Dumbledore 6 years ago  
Then again how would that work? Eventually you will end up using the money and it will end up in someone's pocket... Lol this why I hate spending. 6 years ago  
I'm a guy so this would help a lot since I'm always missing the signs that girls love to use 6 years ago  
A perfect memory would mean reading an entire text book and remembering it all. Unfortunately my memory isn't that enhance. 6 years ago  
I'm very selfish 6 years ago  
Did it once and it's been a very long time since. Lol I'm still alive. 6 years ago  
All you can do is kiss. Anything else would be considered sexual 6 years ago  
I once lost $200 and I made it back when I found $200 on my way home, months after it happen. Somehow I'll make it back. 6 years ago  
Screw it either way it'll better my situation 6 years ago  
It would be cool be the king of earth and the whole entire galaxy and have complete power 6 years ago  
I do it all the time and I don't see how it makes you a loner. Lol Actually thinking that it does just makes you seem desperate and overly attached to ones around you. 6 years ago  
Oh yeah baby, Yoda's voice turns the ladies on. Lol Imagine trying to pick up a girl talking like that. 6 years ago  
I wouldn't care but I just know that the second I find out, we won't be friends anymore. It would be weird staying friends with someone of the same sex knowing that they secretly like you. 6 years ago  
Eh I'm too lazy anyways 6 years ago  
I'm luckily able to control my dreams but I still wouldn't want to sleep less 6 years ago  
I enjoy watching other people fail and making a fool out of them self 6 years ago  
Lol Sorry but no man is touching my pee pee other than me. I just hate it when they send me an ugly female doctor. 6 years ago  
The life of one innocent to protect the lives of innocent kids and women. When do I start the trial? 6 years ago  
I live in the US I don't see why it matters 6 years ago  
Eminem is a freaking genius! 6 years ago  
Girls 6 years ago  
"start your religion" that's exactly what it is, a man made creation. I rather start a business and get a profit 6 years ago  
I get sea sick very fast and I'm scared of heights... Yeah I rather just go with the one closest to the earth. 6 years ago  
If it was the hundred dollar bill then we would be talking 6 years ago  
Heck these famous people are just that PEOPLE. If it's the best dream vacation then it must beat Disney World 6 years ago  
Allll by myself just want to be allll by my self! 6 years ago +2
A master thief breaking into museums and banks 6 years ago  
Lol a happy moron, living life worries free 6 years ago  
I don't usually lie and that's why I usually get away with it when I do so I rather go with A 6 years ago  
I'll give him the money but the little bastard better know what to do with it 6 years ago  
As long as I'm able to jailbreak my mind 6 years ago  
I can take a test, fail it, get the answers then rewind and know exactly what to write 6 years ago  
An hour is less painful than 10 hours of hell 6 years ago  
Lol I look good naked and I've gone skinny dipping at pool parties and isn't that bad 6 years ago  
How do I know that it isn't a scam? I rather stay here and watch the world evolve. 6 years ago  
Making a million every five years? You'll end up with more, especially if you know how to invest. 6 years ago  
I loved watching that movie as a kid. I'm so glad to be a 90's baby. 6 years ago  
Ehh 10% doesn't seem like a big deal. We never know when our time might come, might as well enjoy it. 6 years ago  
If you're able to fit into any group that means more people will get to know you which means you'll be the most popular kid in school 6 years ago  
Just imagine possibilities 6 years ago  
Lol All of my siblings hate me but It's my job to annoy the heck out of them 6 years ago  
Don't we already have the second one? 7 years ago +3
What if a zombie apocalypse takes place 7 years ago +1
Saw Grease as a kid and it changed my life 7 years ago  
Fat ass Americans... trust me I should know :D 7 years ago  
A zombie has no clue as to what's going on. 7 years ago +1
I'm a troll so I should know :D 7 years ago  
This... is... going to be EPIC! 7 years ago  
The heck with everybody else 7 years ago +3
Big red button goes BOOM! 7 years ago  
I hate cocky people 7 years ago  
I'm a guy... it's my job. 7 years ago  
I only wear American Eagle and Calvin Klein 7 years ago  
The heck with Facebook 7 years ago  
Do you mean Stanford or Stratford University? 7 years ago  
no it's 1 x 0 and 14 - 1 = 13! 7 years ago  
Don't forget the PEMDAS rule. Multiply first, Add second, Subtract third... 7 years ago  
I'll find myself a blond broad and relive Titanic for heck of it. 7 years ago  
NYC sucks, trust me I should know. 7 years ago  
That monkey is a boss but if it tries to eat my face I'm shooting it with my automatic shotgun. Like a BOSS! 7 years ago  
What's the difference? 7 years ago  
You never know what kind of scams these politicians are planning behind our backs 7 years ago  
Blowing zombie brains off with my automatic shotgun. 7 years ago  
Why isn't there a vagina option? 7 years ago  
I don't believe in marriage 7 years ago  
Jessica Parker lost brother. 7 years ago  
I bathe my dog and always get wet. I don't see what the the big deal is. 7 years ago  
Still a better love story than Twilight 7 years ago  
lol What makes you think nerds are incapable of having great sex? 7 years ago  
The day I find $10,000,000 I found true love. 7 years ago  
I'm a slut and I'm a guy :P 7 years ago  
Actually I do but I couldn't bare with the insanity of killing my own family. I rather hang myself. 7 years ago  
Hiding was always boring for me... 7 years ago  
I hate those websites 7 years ago  
I'll let it find me, 7 years ago +2
Dumb old door 7 years ago  
Kids have it easier. 7 years ago  
You wouldn't be considered a kid. You would be considered a teenager. 7 years ago  
I like it my way 7 years ago  
But if I'm jumping from it doesn't it mean that I climbed it as well? 7 years ago  
Actually I'm good with just traveling to the tropical every once in a while. 7 years ago  
Actually if I could read your mind I could tell where you are. 7 years ago  
Flying seems fun and reading minds even better. 7 years ago  
But there's real life titties and butts on the beach :D 7 years ago +9
When it's all said and done everyone knows it's going to be between Obama and Romney. This country is doomed. 7 years ago  
An Important leader. Someone that would actually make positive changes in this country rather than just promises. 7 years ago  
I'm so badass I play with one hand :P 7 years ago  
I love the Lion Kings, grew up watching it. 7 years ago  
A Keyboard?.... Really? 7 years ago +102
I'll find something else to do. 7 years ago  
lol I forgot I was just a toddler 20 years ago. 7 years ago  
As the dictator of the world I will also be considered a dead man by the whole entire world. 7 years ago  
My laptop is my only friend... lol Unfortunately. 7 years ago  
I could deal with reading books and watching TV. 7 years ago  
I like the winter and the whole idea of a winter Olympics makes Christmas 10x better. I don't know I just like the whole feeling that comes with it. 7 years ago  
It's only worth watching when you're there. I don't really care who wins because I'm not them and they're not me. lol What do I get from it? 7 years ago  
Natalie looks like a woman and Emma still looks like a little girl. 7 years ago  
If I become immortal I'll be the richest person in the world. Account balance $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.... You get the point. xD 7 years ago  
The street life is for animals. Plays off well if you plan to be a hobo. 7 years ago  
Once you lose the fear of death you're life becomes easier and you're able to do things you were to scared to do before. Trust me I'm not scared of death. 7 years ago  
Death hurts and losing your love ones is even worse but I rather go with immortality. 7 years ago +1
Not only will it make the day special, it also makes it surprising... and I like surprises! 7 years ago  
If I'm capable of ruling everything there is to rule I'll be everything there is to know. 7 years ago  
By the time you hit 50 you're considered old... Some elderly people become weak, blind deaf and they probably even suffer from short term memory. Imagine living through that for another decade... Thanks but no thanks I rather take the money. 7 years ago  
lol I'm so greedy with my money that I don't even spend it. The heck with the economy. 7 years ago  
You get the upper hand when you know other people are lying... Imagine playing poker! 7 years ago +2
lol this question is invalid in my case... 7 years ago  
Hitler still dies 7 years ago  
This is pretty dumb 7 years ago  
and I'm pretty sure things will still be the same by the time he has completed his term... 7 years ago  
Only if it's the toes of a Victoria secret model 7 years ago +2
lol You know what I'll offer her a special treatment and suck on it for free 7 years ago +1
lol I'll cheat on the cheater that cheated on me 7 years ago  
And yet with all my hard work I'm still forced to make someone else rich 7 years ago  
Without racism there'll be more women to screw... I guess sexism does exist.. 7 years ago +11
You must know who is. You said his name.... 7 years ago +6
My friend once had me take the blame for him. What happen after that you say? He talked behind my back and back stabbed me... So screw him! 7 years ago +1
The heck I know about love... 7 years ago +1
They're just fans, it's not like your getting stuck in the elevator with Lady Gaga or Justin Beaver... Now that would be a nightmare 7 years ago  
Bingo 7 years ago +1
True love don't exist. It's just something made in fairy tales... 7 years ago  
By the age of 54 you'll know more about life and you'll have a career that'll help you provide your kids with everything they'll ever need. By that age you had already fully lived your life (I chose the wrong I know) 7 years ago  
I don't know true love. Never had it so I wouldn't know =p 7 years ago  
So some people would actually prefer to swim in a pile of trash? 7 years ago +3
There are some things money can't buy 7 years ago +3
lol Well screw you too Indiana jones 7 years ago  
lol I used to eat pudding until I learned from what it's actually made of 7 years ago  
lol This question sucks =( 7 years ago +2
If the only reason they're voting for the candidate is because they favor one skin color over the other than that is racist. Whether your black, white, orange or pink it's still considered racist 7 years ago  
Well that's not necessarily true. There are some individuals (like myself) who are completely against racism and the idea of race. I personally believe that every individual was created equally and that not one person deserve more attention than the other. We all deserve equal rights and opportunities. The color of our skin or our background shouldn't make a difference in how we treat each other. Racism is just another excuse for being ignorant and selfish. 7 years ago  
lmao smh 7 years ago  
I'm not voting on election day. I rather keep my mouth shut and not have a guilty conscious when the devil steps inside the white house. People died for our right to vote but what good does it make it when every candidate nowadays is a freaking liar? I have no choice but to step back and watch how this whole thing unfolds... 7 years ago  
lol If that was true you would know how to spell... 7 years ago  
You'll probably get drunk and hook up with a dude instead :D 7 years ago +108
I don't see how that's even possible. We recovered from it trust me when the terrorist attack occured we ended up heading the same direction again.... 7 years ago  
lol "you don't die for sure" so there's still a possibility of you dying right? 7 years ago  
Yeah that's what I meant. There's no way both of those things will ever cease to exist but we can only make it better 7 years ago  
People keep saying they can have both but in this question your only left with one or the other. I was curious to see what people valued more knowledge or money.... 7 years ago  
lol At least you're sober and don't have to worry about waking up next a random person in bed 7 years ago +1
lol Is it even possible to feel lonely after your dead? 7 years ago  
It's rare to find someone with who you can start a decent relationship with without it having to turn bad along the road 7 years ago  
I would rather travel around and see what else is out there 7 years ago +2
If only women had the right a lot of ex boyfriends would be dead by now 7 years ago  
Click Clack Pow that chick is hot! 7 years ago +2
Sex with the little mermaid 7 years ago +2
Most of us will become zombies while others will die trying to survive 7 years ago  
lol yeah but they'll still eat you so I guess we're like broccoli to them 7 years ago  
lol I'll walk in the jungle with a hungry lion. It doesn't say I'll get eaten by a lion while walking in the jungle.... therefor it's a tamed lion... lol and shark 7 years ago  
with wishes you don't need a job 7 years ago  
didn't say i can't wish for 100 billion wishes 7 years ago +1
Popular people never get remembered after graduation 7 years ago +2
lol mine is a month before 7 years ago  
you don't get any presents on your b-day?.... poor baby =( 7 years ago  
Reading minds can make you rich and open so many opportunities 7 years ago  
people that wouldn't want to get close to you 7 years ago  
yeah but if you have ever read a bible it also says that people should not meddle in other peoples business. You should try looking for those verses the next time you read it 7 years ago  
lol Alright maybe not better than biggie but definitely better than 2pac... but hey it's just my opinion 7 years ago  
well take a look at this chain reaction 9/11 = The War in Iraq = Bad Economy = Less Jobs = Financial Problems... see how it still affects everyone in one way or another? Plus it's something we're still trying to recover from 7 years ago  
Yeah but with the US economy that's still not enough 7 years ago  
some people get married for the wrong reasons 7 years ago +2
lol I once saw two people doing in it in public and nothing happened to them... 7 years ago +1
No war = no taxes = more money = no hunger 7 years ago +2
lol In the future there'll be a less lonely people 7 years ago  
F'd up bro 7 years ago  
I wouldn't want to starve to death 7 years ago  
That's completely true and if somebody doesn't like the way their girl looks then why be with them at all 7 years ago +14
Would the real slim shady please stand up 7 years ago +1
Typo you mean you want STDs 7 years ago +4
na Na na Na na Na na Na BATMAN!!! 7 years ago +1
It's better having someone attrcted to you rather than having nobody attracted to you at all 7 years ago  
I love bacon 7 years ago +1
lol I perfer both, big boobies because they feel like soft pillows when I lean in close to her and a perfect round butt beacause I like having something to grab while I kiss her 7 years ago  
You know there's a skip option on the upper right corner, right? 7 years ago  
lol lucky bastard 7 years ago  
Obama is a fag 7 years ago +7
If I know I'll never get caught and it's for sure that I won't then consider those $1000 mine 7 years ago  
lol If someone was left alone in a room with that kind of money I don't know who wouldn't be tempted to steal a stash or two if not even more 7 years ago  
you know there's an option to skip, right? 7 years ago +1
lol I b*tchslap my dog all the time 7 years ago +2
lol I'll find a hot chick, fall in love, have sex and then die 7 years ago  
That clown scares the living crap out of me 7 years ago +1
I'll move into Germany and hangout with drunks at a bar 7 years ago  
exactly 7 years ago  
I'll move into a nudist community or become a pornstar 7 years ago  
Haha this question reminds me of Ross from Friends 7 years ago +4
It's always hot over here 7 years ago +1
I'm a guy, still voted... 7 years ago +4
If I was rich I would but since I'm not you can go and tell the rich people to do it... 7 years ago +1
But your vote goes to Ron Paul? 7 years ago +1
I guess there'll be more babies found dead in the dumpster... 7 years ago +1
Lol Dude your the one surrounded by guys and your calling me gay?... 7 years ago +1
I only have girl friends... lol so i still win! 7 years ago +1
Masturbating in public would be funny 7 years ago +2
you mean 10 years old...? 7 years ago  
animals still hunt and kill each other. Humans are animals also 7 years ago  
valid point and you beat me to it 7 years ago  
The goverment kills people and so does the military so who gives a f*ck as long as it isn't innocent people you're killing 7 years ago  
moon walk 7 years ago +3
I got raped my health ed teacher... I enjoyed it 7 years ago +2
lol Who are the suckers who would actually do either one?... sick freaks!!.. 7 years ago +1
lol Who are the suckers who would actually do either one?... freaks!!.. 7 years ago  
interesting... 7 years ago  
There's more chicks in the mall 7 years ago +1
One honey badger?.... pass me my gun.....*clacks back the gun*....BOOM!... No more honey badger! 7 years ago +5
old b*tches though 7 years ago +1
It doesn't say you'll get raped by the pedo, you'll just be stuck in a cell 7 years ago +4
i'll shoot my self on a toe 7 years ago  
No need to be conceited 7 years ago +4
what if you were an orphan with nothing to eat? 7 years ago  
I don't see the difference. both won't really do anything to help the government 7 years ago +3
I'm not telling you to do either but those who don't abuse either and and only do it once in a blue moon are still healthy. 7 years ago +2
Especially drinking with girls 7 years ago  
2 Billion dollars would help you take over a country if you know how to use it 7 years ago  
yeah but what if you can't? 7 years ago  
if they were really smart, they would had already invaded this planet 7 years ago  
I need to start working out... 7 years ago  
Im an ass man 7 years ago  
Yeah but I don't live in Germany and WW2 already happened 7 years ago  
No idea... 7 years ago  
no because a 360 can still get the ring of death and the PS3 had an update making it impossible to get hacked 7 years ago  
they wont because torter is not a word 7 years ago  
That's a waste of money... water is free 7 years ago  
it says "have your house blown up by terrorists" not that your going to blow sh*t up moron 7 years ago  
It doesn't matter if she's a good girl or a jerk. Bad or good, I'll love her just the way she is 7 years ago +1
Travel around the galaxy... duhhh! 7 years ago  
I like it that way 7 years ago  
yeah but I can't 7 years ago  
He spelled future wrong 7 years ago  
how do you know 7 years ago  
Pull her panties down and do her from behind 7 years ago +2
Some people don't deserve my love and no matter how hard I try sometimes my heart never listens to my mind... 7 years ago  
yes it is 7 years ago  
I already had my first french kiss 7 years ago  
Money can always cheer you up 7 years ago  
Nemo?.....Neeeemooo!!! 7 years ago  
Miley Cyrus sucks 7 years ago  
Yeah but after they get it in, most of them want to get out.... it's kind of like a mouse trap 7 years ago  
It means that you have to wait for marriage but once you are married you get to sleep with her 7 years ago +1
This is the greatest question on rrrather.com. One that probably will never recieve an accurate response because both are theories and only assumptions that we make. We can't prove how this world was made, all we can do is guess. - Agnostic 7 years ago +3
neither of them can be proven 7 years ago  
You sir, are a genius. 7 years ago  
but then you would have to serve the "devil" 7 years ago +2
only women or gays wont... lol are you a women or gay? 7 years ago  
Albert Einstein and so many philosophers tried to teach us so many things but nobody ever considers them their god 7 years ago +1
You seriously believe everything the government says?... LMFAO 7 years ago  
Exactly 7 years ago  
lol Just because we have different taste it doesn't make us dumbassess if anything you're the dumbass 7 years ago  
I don't think that's what the question is trying to say. The question says stop the end of the world OR start the world all over (better) 7 years ago  
Unless you're like 30, you wouldn't pick the right.... pedophiles.... 7 years ago  
lol you gave your age away 7 years ago +2
The economy wouldn't be so bad 7 years ago  
I live in the worse country ever... I prefer england 7 years ago +7
I think you still have to live without music 7 years ago +9
lol I'll have the 65% of people who voted living with me 7 years ago +2
The xbox 360 controller is better and that's about it 7 years ago +3
I've already driven my teacher crazy 7 years ago  
A wider space to run 7 years ago +3
lol who doesn't? 7 years ago  
lol I'll eat paper 7 years ago +2
I worked hard for my body 7 years ago  
I dont want to have hillbilly teeth 7 years ago +1
How about.... no? 7 years ago +1
dude like....no way 7 years ago +3
lol i would 7 years ago +2
im a guy 7 years ago  
lol that receiver of what? Cookies 7 years ago +1
If you live in a castle it means that you're a king/queen and if your a king/queen you can buy all the stuff that Bill Gates have 7 years ago  
I'll date Sarah but I'll still bang both 7 years ago  
Who cares?...more money 7 years ago  
Never knew that... 7 years ago  
I don't have a 7 year old sister 7 years ago  
The reason why a lot of people are alone 7 years ago +3
You still get made fun of 7 years ago +2
Depends on the girl 7 years ago +5
Two for me, none for you 7 years ago  
you only have a day 7 years ago  
Nobody mentioned any consequences if you don't drink it 7 years ago +1
I'll let my step mother give me oral... I'm not even that close to her 7 years ago  
F*ck my sister 7 years ago +2
Either way I'll still be loosing my dignity 7 years ago +5
That's one hot picture 7 years ago +3
You know he meant... 7 years ago  
This is brutal... 7 years ago +6
Damn I chose the wrong oneeeee 7 years ago +3
Painters still earn more 7 years ago  
lol Chris Brown would beat the living cr*p out of you 7 years ago +2
Eminem is better than both 7 years ago +3
I could sell it and buy 100 diamond clad rolexs 7 years ago +5
Who care they both still sell ice cream 7 years ago  
summer = beach = girls in bikini = giggity giggity 7 years ago +4
i love watching christmas specials, and not getting up from bed 7 years ago  
lol you guys do know there's female condoms right? you can always lick the other side your d*ck didn't touch 7 years ago  
lol i get to be a creep and walk inside the girls locker room without getting noticed 7 years ago +1
they're both dirty but i guess ill vote anyways 7 years ago +1
lol that would be funny 7 years ago +7
I love lions but come on who wouldn't want a fire breathing dragon? 7 years ago +7
It's a very sad and tragic thing to happen but if your newborn die than there's always a second chance of having another 7 years ago +2
I don't bowl 7 years ago  
Saw is fun 7 years ago  
If the building I'm in starts burning down I'll dance my way out 7 years ago  
Turn lesbian 7 years ago  
An excuse to not do homework 7 years ago +3
Even in the winter? 7 years ago  
People won't ask they'll just think you love listening to music 7 years ago +5
No what is it about? 7 years ago  
As long as it's a tiny rhino. The big ones look old and grumpy 7 years ago  
Hold on is the second one still gay p*rn?... 7 years ago +1
You may never know 7 years ago  
I love Jessie J 7 years ago +4
I only listen to Hip-Hop because I listen to Eminem. Lil Wayne and the rest of them suck big donkey nuts 7 years ago +4
Do you get to choose when? 7 years ago  
Sorry but I want my weed 7 years ago +1
lol I would 7 years ago  
What do you mean by stress wise? 7 years ago +2
I'm pretty sure I'm getting cavity either way 7 years ago +1
lol People would ask me if that's my natural color eyes and won't be able to believe it 7 years ago  
I don't have a life so recording and watching my who day would be boring 7 years ago  
They both sucked for me... I rather relive my early childhood 7 years ago +1
lol I get to see panties 7 years ago +8
one arm paralyzed 7 years ago  
I've swallowed my own vomit when I threw up a little in my mouth 7 years ago  
Idk why but getting stabbed in the heart sounds like a cool way to die 7 years ago +4
Can't live without milk 7 years ago  
I'm not completely religious or anything but how is burning in flames better than going to heaven? 7 years ago +7
thats what I was thinking 7 years ago +1
My body doesn't have any toes only my feets 7 years ago +4
you very smart man. me like you 7 years ago +5
My wish will be that every time I reach into my pockets I'll have the same exact of money that I need to buy what ever it is I want to buy that way I will never run out of money 7 years ago  
Usually people with that small amount of money don't get to make $900,000 unless they're lucky so fake love will do 7 years ago +1
I know my family isn't always going to be there and I don't want any kids 7 years ago +2
I'm flexible 7 years ago  
A toy Buddha statue that weights less than a pound 7 years ago +2
lol Smh You're truely obsessed with death 7 years ago  
My mom hates me and my father left me when I was two so I really dont have the first option 7 years ago +7
exactly 7 years ago  
I usually ask for a female doctor 7 years ago +2
lol Damn liamm3 you must really hate people 7 years ago +5
You get to leave earth 7 years ago +5
Need for speed? 7 years ago  
it might make me a virgin but i'll still like woman and get to make out with them 7 years ago  
lol That monkey looks like a grandpa 7 years ago +7
lol If she moved to the other side of the plane wont we still be riding the same plane? how can I not see her? 7 years ago +4
What American trusts the government nowadays 7 years ago +7
I'll play the dirty truth or dare... with some whip cream 7 years ago  
Yeah but Mario can grow twice the size of a missile 7 years ago  
Her eyes and boobs drawed me in 7 years ago +3
But I'm a ginger....? 7 years ago +2
What the heck is Minecraft? 7 years ago +3
I wonder what the bible says about people trying to control and manipulate others. 7 years ago +2
I already have Netflix and Gamefly 7 years ago +1
I love to eat, eat, eat Apples and Banana! 7 years ago +4
At least you know it's a dream and you aren't going crazy 7 years ago +3
The world is an ugly place 7 years ago  
I don't get it. How does someone with no freedom able to live an easy life? 7 years ago +3
Not that I actually use the stuff but the reason why some crack heads become addicted to the stuff is because they smoke too much and do it all the time 7 years ago  
At least I'll have a job money which equals no hunger! 7 years ago +4
I want to be a porn star 7 years ago  
I sell each one for 100 bucks 7 years ago +1
What's the point of politics nowadays? 7 years ago  
But you can laugh at embarrassing moment, they're the funny ones, the awkward moments are just... awkward? 7 years ago +1
lol yeah iphone automatic spelling sucks 7 years ago  
Nice to know that there's someone there who actually understands you 7 years ago +1
wash that ass and then we'll talk 7 years ago  
lol 7 years ago  
LOL you're funny... Comedian much? 7 years ago  
Lol ever seen the movie Bruce Almighty? 7 years ago  
isnt the big bang a theory? 7 years ago +2
I think it really has something to with both 7 years ago +1
what if im wet myself then it wouldnt matter 7 years ago  
darn it i thought this was a trick question 7 years ago +9
who wouldn't 7 years ago +2
I'll make her hit the Gym with me 7 years ago +3
I think funny people are stupid so it can go either way 7 years ago  
but its the funny things that we dk that makes us so funny 7 years ago  
let it grow and never have a haircut 7 years ago  
Mother in Law FTW 7 years ago  
Animals still abuse each other and this world is going to end sooner or later 7 years ago  
Girl's can still get head just not in the same way 7 years ago  
That's not mason that's Ll Cool J and thats not Jerry that's your mom 7 years ago +2
High Six! 7 years ago +3
I hope he enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed his mom 7 years ago +6
Lol you and your "whats" are always getting thumbs up 7 years ago  
The middle eastern girl looks more appealing 7 years ago +2
I love lions 7 years ago +1
Subway is the healthiest and I hate McDonalds anyways 7 years ago  
i barely smile 7 years ago  
Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live. 7 years ago +4
Britney looks better now 7 years ago  
I like big tiddies but not that big those are plain nasty 7 years ago +1
Did I miss something? When was Ray even considered funny? 7 years ago +3
From far away it looks like an actual dog 7 years ago +10
So do you blame God for all the evil that exist? 7 years ago +2
I perfer broccoli over Spinach but I guess one Chicken Nugget wouldn't hurt 7 years ago  
Remember something that happened already or know exactly how your life ends up 7 years ago  
That means you'll start your own nation 7 years ago +1
plus 10 7 years ago  
come on people where is the creativity? wasn't this question asked already 7 years ago +1
Do you rather watch a funny show or a show that'll leave you all dumb and tan? 7 years ago  
My dream is to have Arnold as my personal trainer 7 years ago +3
GIANTS! 7 years ago +1
Even if your a non believer all you have to do is walk in and then back out 7 years ago +2
This is a repeat 7 years ago  
it's not about which is scarier but which is fun 7 years ago  
I never knew dogs could fly 7 years ago +2
As long as it's there who cares? I'll use it when I can, give it to charity, or sell it 7 years ago +1
I guess one day we'll know the truth ~ Agnostic 7 years ago +2
I'm sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service please hang up and dial again 7 years ago +1
Alicia Sacramone is hot 7 years ago +7
So is it time to start having nightmares about Jigsaw? 7 years ago +2
I perfer a nice warm shower in the morning but I do both. In the night for going to sleep all clean and smooth and in the morning to stay refreshed and awake 7 years ago  
I can imagine how many people would probably die every given second. Lol *bleep*.... (dies in the most horrifying and unexplainable way!) 7 years ago +1
lol We all must be U-ga-ly! 7 years ago  
I'll just turn the volume really really.... really low 7 years ago +2
chocolate Pokemon pizza with some syrup on top? 7 years ago +3
Ok now where's the poison? 7 years ago  
War can suck on my middle toe 7 years ago  
Screw you dad that's what you get for being an ass hole 7 years ago  
Gay unicorns exist already 7 years ago +1
Would you like some cheese to go with your WHINEEEEEEEEEEE? 7 years ago +5
I imagined their lifestyle which helped me decide 7 years ago +3
My girl likes it rough 7 years ago +9
I'm not Mexican 7 years ago +1
So if I buy an iPad 3g I can have both?... awsome 7 years ago +3
Lol Pass me my M16 and AK47 it's time to put the call of duty skill to a real test 7 years ago  
Cake 7 years ago +1
As long as discrimination still exist I don't think that would be possible for most individuals 7 years ago +2
they say you should always keep your friends close and your enemies even closer 7 years ago  
she's 19 7 years ago +1
And may I ask the 39% why? 7 years ago +3
but aren't they all? 7 years ago  
You know there's times when you fantazise about that one hot cousin of yours that you wish was never related 7 years ago +715
on second thought 7 years ago  
puke 7 years ago  
it's still chocolate pudding 7 years ago +5
my own belly 7 years ago +1
wash it clean 7 years ago  
It's called toothpaste 7 years ago  
Step mom 7 years ago  
I think. im going to.....*pukes* 7 years ago  
I've heard pregnant woman eating soap so I'm guessing it's not that bad as long as it's new 7 years ago  
If she's still the hottest woman I know even though she's dead than why not? 7 years ago  
Pissing glass through my penis would be an icredible painful experience 7 years ago  
Twinkies are good 7 years ago  
It's still diarrhea 7 years ago +21
That would be fun 7 years ago  
You can choose how you die 7 years ago +1
My own sweat 7 years ago  
Food Coloring... enough said 7 years ago +1
I've heard of people actually eating cat food so I'm guessing it's not that bad 7 years ago  
So I get 5 years in prison for not sucking off Roethlisberger? 7 years ago +4
Fatality..finish him! 7 years ago  
As long as it's my own spit 7 years ago  
I wont have anything stuffed inside me just thinking about it gives me diarrhea 7 years ago +4
Worm taste like chicken. I learned that during kindergarten recess 7 years ago +3
I like being sucked but I also like eating the cake 7 years ago +3
I'd Lick on that tampon like it was a lollipop. you know It doesn't seem so gross if you're a guy 7 years ago +175
SAW could be fun 7 years ago +1
I'll clean more than 10 times before I lick it 7 years ago +1
Some people can't live without sex 7 years ago +1
lol My dad has a nice collection of porn hidden from my mom so he wouldn't mind 7 years ago  
Both are disgusting but if it's a girls bum than at least it'll make it a bit less disturbing but still either way it's still gross 7 years ago +3
Sorry had to skip this one 7 years ago +4
I'm a guy and I often wonder if being constipated is anything like giving birth 7 years ago +2
that's one huge poop 7 years ago +2
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