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My name is Rebecca. I'm 12 years old and I love tigers. I may live in Wisconsin, But I'm German, Irish, And American, But mostly German.

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    Puppies, shmuppies. people are more important.  
    WHAT?!?!?!! 3500 BABIES ARE ABORTED EVERY DAY!!!!!!  
    Abortion does the same. How cruel and heartless.  
    How do you feed someone a lightsaber WITHOUT KILLING THEM?  
    One day where everyone pays attention to you.  
    It would be nice to not hear my dumb kid siblings talk.  
    Noooooooooo! Ok, Byyyye.  
    Wrong click. I am the youngest of 5 and my sibs act like they hate me.  
    Screw friends, I want love.  
    He can live with me.  
    You can make it better.  
    Many more people died in the holocaust.  
    No one would expect a big blob of feces in a pair of underwear, Right?  
    I hate clowns  
    This 'otta be funny  
    I am 12. I look 18. +1
    Look at "911 images" on google. Do explosions make things pretty??? +1
    Who's Lydia?  
    Oh, my gosh!!! Really?  
    8. Is that you in the picture? +1
    Wow, that's hard. +1
    I saw a "hot chick" taking a crap right in the middle of a grocery store on a video. Sorry +1
    I'm guessing a hobo who hasn't had a bath of shower in 4 years. +1
    What? Do girls butts taste better? I saw a lady taking a crap on a seat on a video. +1
    Done this before. Stupid restraunt didn't wash the lettuce in the salad.  
    Obama should have never been president. He stinks. +24
    I don't like taking risks. And I want to help people in need, So I don't want to blow it.  
    What's wrong with brunettes? +1
    Vampires are eternal. But why does the vampire look like Denathor from the lord of the rings? +1
    Have you no respect for other peoples parents?!?!? I am as mad as a hornet right now!!!  
    McDonalds burgers taste like car tires. Subway is heaven on earth.  
    Something men give to women through sex. Maybe look it up on wikipedia and you'll know more about it.  
    Break up and get someone better.  
    I wouldn't do it around the minions though...  
    The boy is so cute!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! +2
    A boy.  
    I can always call the police. If you think that's stupid my neighbor called the police because a dog went in his yard.  
    Hot dogs.  
    McDonalds tastes like fecal matter. +1
    IDK why.  
    at&t sucks.  
    I love mayo. I eat it straight up. XD just kidding. +1
    We can't live forever. And he lets it happen because....I don't know...but don't question god.  
    I'd rather marry Hitler. +1
    The big bang is fairy tale crap. Go to purgatory.  
    I'd probably die of grief.  
    I could improve my life and make up for my mistakes.  
    And heaven is a place where there are no problems! :)  
    Ok, Mr. selfish.  
    What's mind reading when you can fly?  
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