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okay what to say... I am 14 yrs old. And like to write short story's and I like anime. Gotta problem with that

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Would you rather be a good devil or be an evil angel 16 hours ago 45 votes 4 comments 0 likes
On a scale from 1-20 who much do you like anime 1-10 or 11-20 1 day ago 62 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a wolf that controls water or have a wolf that controls fire 1 day ago 60 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Do you believe in God YESS or NO 1 day ago 70 votes 55 comments 0 likes
Someone had done something really terrible to you and your really really angry. you: yell and scream at the person or *comments* 2 days ago 58 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a dumb idiot that thinks he/she's a genius or be a genius who thinks he/she is dumb idiot 4 days ago 77 votes 9 comments 0 likes
The glass is half full or half empty 4 days ago 76 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which U.S. president can you agree most with Trump or Obama 4 days ago 128 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Which is more important to you friends or family 4 days ago 76 votes 13 comments 0 likes
If you had to choose one over the other would you choose your family or your lover 5 days ago 67 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a average house in the worst neighborhood or have the worst house in an average neighborhood 5 days ago 56 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always have the hiccups whenever you speak or always have your foot asleep whenever you walk 1 week ago 62 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never comment again on rrather or never make any questions again on rrather 1 week ago 68 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Have you ever been in a car accident? yeah or nope 1 week ago 75 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the newest laptop or phone 1 week ago 63 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather full on yell and scream at every happy person you see for a day or laugh full on hysterically at any sad or unhappy person for a day 1 week ago 59 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather change two major problems within your life in the past or in the future 1 week ago 69 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which Zodiac can you relate most two Capricorn or Cancer 1 week ago 47 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which Zodiac can you relate most two Cancer *check description or Libra *check description 1 week ago 42 votes 9 comments 0 likes
You are wandering through the forest, looking for some sort of adventure. Abruptly the forest grounds end, leaving you at a barren crossroad. To the left you only see a jagged bend, You do not know were it is leading, only that beyond the rift is mystery. To the right there is a grassy plain. It is endless and your not sure if you will ever be able to make your way out. Which crossroad do you choose? the right or the left 1 week ago 41 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into you future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself. 1 week ago 62 votes 11 comments 0 likes
What is your Zodiac? *Comments* or *Comments* 1 week ago 41 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather look like a 12 year old but have the mind of a 90 year old or look like a 90 year old but have the mind of a 12 year old 1 week ago 64 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a tiger with a kittens personality or have a wolf with the personality of a puppy 2 weeks ago 94 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather reverse one of yours or someone else's decision every other day make every day or stop time for ten seconds every day 2 weeks ago 77 votes 14 comments 0 likes
You are walking down a long dark and littered alley because it is the quickest way to get home. You suddenly feel a cold breath on your shoulders and freezing hands abruptly grab your neck. The persons fingernails dig into your skin and you scream as loud as you can, nobody comes to you aid. What do you do.? *Comments* or *Comments* 2 weeks ago 58 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability to control electricity or time travel 2 weeks ago 88 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Whens the latest you have stayed up *comments* or *comments* 2 weeks ago 57 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Which annoying show would you rather watch for the rest of your life American Dad or Family Guy 2 weeks ago 91 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather spend you summer here or here 2 weeks ago 88 votes 12 comments 0 likes

RebelUnicorn has posted the following comments:

lol 16 hours ago  
hard-core 16 hours ago  
No 16 hours ago  
sheesh 17 hours ago  
oh Sh*t! 17 hours ago  
I live in the same town as a local University so i am going nowhere 17 hours ago  
hey daddy 18 hours ago +3
the last one he sent me was about his profile picture. Help. 19 hours ago  
he kept PMing me 22 hours ago  
hate both but A is slightly better 22 hours ago +1
OK 22 hours ago +2
alot 1 day ago  
onnly if I liked them back 1 day ago +1
*middle finger* 1 day ago +1
sure 1 day ago  
die 1 day ago +1
I kinda realized that a little to late : ) 1 day ago +1
yeah this question is unoriginal 1 day ago +1
4.6 1 day ago +1
nope 1 day ago  
Run. As. Hell. 1 day ago +2
Lol 1 day ago  
are you kidding? 1 day ago +1
uh didn't see it but sure 1 day ago +1
definitely 1 day ago +1
nice 1 day ago  
I'd punish them but not beat them because it would only make it worse 1 day ago +2
not B 1 day ago  
sorry man 1 day ago +1
lol i live in northern California! 1 day ago  
Russian disinformation? There the ones who cheated Trump into Presidency 1 day ago +1
one word: NO! 1 day ago  
I the video with out the volume :P 1 day ago +1
same 1 day ago  
misclick, didn't see C 1 day ago  
FBI OPEN UP 1 day ago  
I wouldn't even need A if I had B. Besides on A you mess with the past, you mess with your future 1 day ago +1
There's ton and tons of rain in Northern California and I've realized that 1st hand but California wild fires have made my decision. 1 day ago +1
its to bad you don't get any then 1 day ago +5
I still don't get how you think that but fine 1 day ago +2
haven't seen B 1 day ago +1
how would you know, you just joined yesterday 1 day ago +1
dead 1 day ago +1
there human beings of course but boy do they need to get a life 1 day ago  
B already happened 1 day ago +2
good four u 2 days ago +1
falcon 2 days ago +1
looks like I am gonna have a baaaad sunburn! 2 days ago +1
water can defeat fire anyway 2 days ago  
my life story 2 days ago  
would be worth it 2 days ago +1
welp 2 days ago  
yeah i did to. Bad idea 2 days ago  
100% 2 days ago +1
nope 2 days ago  
of course 2 days ago  
much better sleep 2 days ago +1
on top of everything not very much 2 days ago  
lol 2 days ago  
all the way 2 days ago  
damn 2 days ago +1
lol 2 days ago  
reverse harem 2 days ago  
I liked it alot 2 days ago +1
cool 2 days ago  
idc tbh 2 days ago +1
sure 2 days ago  
this will be funny 2 days ago +1
so many more Countries apart from the US 2 days ago  
if you new have many sibling I have 2 days ago  
of course 2 days ago  
not A 2 days ago  
I have family and friends 2 days ago +1
??? 2 days ago  
dawg 2 days ago +1
goodd 2 days ago +1
why the f*ck would I have a crush on an ugly b*tch anyway 2 days ago  
A is pretty damn ridiculas 2 days ago +1
bleh 2 days ago  
maybe 2 days ago  
NOO misclick 2 days ago  
er... havent heard of either 2 days ago +3
well I guess 2 days ago +1
his questions were uh.... 2 days ago  
nothing breaks like a heart 2 days ago  
damn 2 days ago +1
I have. my dad watches it when he can find them on TV and sometimes I join him 4 days ago  
wouldn't need A if I had B 4 days ago +1
not B 4 days ago  
That must suck, in California there is next to no Mexicans at all 4 days ago  
expect the worst and you wont be dissapionted 4 days ago  
nope 4 days ago  
both but ima leaning toward the one with alot of money 4 days ago +1
personally, I don't really like it but alot of people apparently do so good for them 4 days ago +1
i am stubborn ^_^ 4 days ago  
idk him 4 days ago +1
why I refuse to be a teacher 4 days ago  
true but were still over populated 4 days ago +1
I dont want to be socially awkward 4 days ago  
is this from Matilda? 4 days ago  
if i had it 4 days ago  
were overpopulated anyway 4 days ago +1
yes 4 days ago  
damn 4 days ago +1
*shiver* 4 days ago  
great 4 days ago +1
I accomplish SOMETHING at least 4 days ago +1
one.. two... three... five? 4 days ago +2
dat guy had pointy ears 4 days ago  
anxiety mostly leads to depression anyway 4 days ago  
I would end up killing myself if I did B 4 days ago  
falcon, horse, wolf, dolphin, cat, and tiger! 4 days ago +1
depends i guess 4 days ago  
lol 4 days ago  
I still have my friends at least 4 days ago  
No 4 days ago  
damn 4 days ago +1
one punch man will die 4 days ago +1
No 4 days ago  
lol 4 days ago  
I kinda hope they tie 4 days ago +2
" They are cowards, every damn one of them. Whatever. I'll just consume them. As they become my flesh and blood, they will see beyond. I... I am king!" I think I'd rather not be his foe thank you very much 4 days ago  
defiantly 4 days ago +1
good question 4 days ago +1
hgfjkdjfhgfjdkjfghfjdkjfghfjkd 4 days ago +2
definitely 4 days ago  
lol 4 days ago  
from what ive seen he has really good questions 4 days ago +2
neither look that innocent tbh 4 days ago  
damn 4 days ago  
better for me in the long run 5 days ago  
I love to write 5 days ago  
sure 5 days ago  
? 5 days ago +1
what is with all this questions 5 days ago +2
go incognito 5 days ago +1
no 5 days ago +2
stay up and sleep in 5 days ago  
have already had both 5 days ago  
definitaly 5 days ago  
dont have any anyway 1 week ago  
gnaejhgjkafghalhgfhalkjfhgdakhglhalhgfhlahgajflh 1 week ago +1
dont like either 1 week ago +1
lol 1 week ago +1
just keep telling yourself that 1 week ago +1
if you have good timing you could make more money then B 1 week ago +1
eh 1 week ago +1
oh sorry then 1 week ago  
not b 1 week ago  
yeah no 1 week ago +1
creep 1 week ago +2
50, I love it 1 week ago  
you never said how much you had to eat 1 week ago +1
meh 1 week ago  
2019 now 1 week ago  
no 1 week ago  
couldn't you just wish to be really really pretty 1 week ago +1
brunette 1 week ago  
there both the same 1 week ago  
A looks obnoxious 1 week ago  
misclick 1 week ago  
and then you'll you to prison for life and I will be laughing 1 week ago  
not B 1 week ago +1
lol 1 week ago  
damn 1 week ago  
lol 1 week ago  
all the time 1 week ago  
I had my doubts when I first when I saw this movie on Netflix but it was atually kinda good 1 week ago +1
suree 1 week ago  
been way to cold lately 1 week ago  
you bring up abyss alot 1 week ago  
it depends atually 1 week ago  
amputation time! 1 week ago  
I like cats 1 week ago  
adorable 1 week ago +1
sure 1 week ago  
idk 1 week ago  
Rain. Cold. Wet. No way! 1 week ago  
sure 1 week ago  
what 1 week ago +2
kittycat 1 week ago +2
true 1 week ago +1
yep yep yep 1 week ago +1
ok 1 week ago +2
mental and psychological powers are more effective 1 week ago +1
both the same 1 week ago +1
duh 1 week ago  
No 1 week ago  
haven't and don't plan on seeing either 1 week ago  
closer to my age group 1 week ago  
what is with you? 1 week ago  
sure 1 week ago  
more perspective 1 week ago +1
cringe cringe cringe cringe 1 week ago  
A would get me in so so much trobule 1 week ago  
welp Iv'e been here for nine 1 week ago +2
Death is painful in reality so even a chance is better then none 1 week ago +1
sure? 1 week ago +1
and Alexw had his reasons 1 week ago  
sure 1 week ago +1
well that was hell to read 1 week ago +2
if I killed myself on regret I probably deserved it 1 week ago +1
OK 1 week ago +1
same ^.^ 1 week ago  
nah : ) 1 week ago +1
yep 1 week ago +1
true : ) 1 week ago  
misclick 1 week ago +1
how can I hate and like this song at the same time! 1 week ago +4
Not A 1 week ago +1
it depends but otherwise in my opinion.... 1 week ago  
I don't want to meet the 24% that said no 1 week ago +3
K... 1 week ago  
sureeeeee 1 week ago  
lol that face 1 week ago +1
OK 1 week ago +2
have A. Almost. 1 week ago +2
how is this a question? 1 week ago +2
both really annoying but sure 1 week ago  
I could steal three times B in two weeks 1 week ago +1
if I die wouldn't they all be the best then? 1 week ago +1
since Columbine 1999, 220,000 kids have experienced gun violence!!! 1 week ago +2
meep 1 week ago +2
Time itself 1 week ago +2
true but when you mess with the past you mess with your future and that might not be a good thing 1 week ago +1
ikr! 1 week ago  
lol 1 week ago +1
I dunno 1 week ago +2
on my knees begging on the streets kinda rich 1 week ago  
sure 1 week ago +1
um 1 week ago +1
no 1 week ago +1
funny that when I first looked at your username it said bullcrap lol 1 week ago +2
good question 1 week ago +1
both would be cool tho 1 week ago  
just get this over with 1 week ago  
lol 1 week ago +1
from what ive seen your questions are good 1 week ago +1
Lol 1 week ago +1
sure 1 week ago  
take my food or I'll butcher your head 1 week ago +1
lol this is my eighth 1 week ago  
oh sh*t 1 week ago +1
rumors hurt alot 1 week ago +1
i cn liv wth ths 1 week ago  
no 1 week ago  
ikr! 1 week ago +1
cool question 1 week ago +1
* slaps you* 1 week ago +1
we get it okay? 1 week ago +2
Totally 1 week ago +1
I'll be that one kid cowering on the sidelines 1 week ago  
A human or a flee 1 week ago  
sure 2 weeks ago  
The stunt double is most likely tougher I guess 2 weeks ago +1
lol 2 weeks ago  
yeet 2 weeks ago  
No. just no 2 weeks ago  
you could get real sick from B 2 weeks ago  
somewhere in that area 2 weeks ago  
misclick 2 weeks ago  
just no 2 weeks ago +1
welp 2 weeks ago +1
A seems kinda nice I guees 2 weeks ago +1
lol 2 weeks ago  
welp 2 weeks ago  
with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago  
wolf, Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish 2 weeks ago  
be more specific 2 weeks ago  
I would do it for the greater good but probably go on suicide afterwards. I'd be no better of then him 2 weeks ago  
didn't saw you? 2 weeks ago  
congrats but still get a job idiot 2 weeks ago +1
I am destined to not believe in destiny 2 weeks ago +3
sure 2 weeks ago  
desprete 2 weeks ago +2
... 2 weeks ago +1
found out first hand 2 weeks ago  
broke up with my girlfriend 2 weeks ago  
*shoves a breath mint down their throat* 2 weeks ago  
As far as I am concerned nobody here likes me or cares 2 weeks ago  
although it depends who would be king/ queen 2 weeks ago  
I am having proablomes with depression so B could help 2 weeks ago +1
yeet 2 weeks ago +1
there both cool I guess 2 weeks ago +1
honestly 2 weeks ago  
honestly 2 weeks ago  
don't know either so.... 2 weeks ago +2
oof 2 weeks ago +1
ugh neither 2 weeks ago +1
ummm 2 weeks ago +1
haven't seen either and I don't plan on it either 2 weeks ago  
B is just racist 2 weeks ago +1
misclick 2 weeks ago  
ikr! 2 weeks ago  
capslock dramatic huh 2 weeks ago +1
that picture tho 2 weeks ago +2
leaning toward A I guess :"3 2 weeks ago  
A might be more helpful but B has more freedom 2 weeks ago  
I hate Chinese food 2 weeks ago  
I am practically a guest anyway 2 weeks ago  
damn 2 weeks ago +2
When my best friends first found out I was lesbian it was well very awkward 2 weeks ago +1
I am not in college yet... 2 weeks ago  
omg same! 2 weeks ago  
No 2 weeks ago  
nu-uh 2 weeks ago +1
Find there mental weakness 2 weeks ago +1
My Dad wont have to drive my to school 2 weeks ago +1
A billionaire would be a nice job 2 weeks ago +1
OK? 2 weeks ago  
infinite money 2 weeks ago +1
lol 2 weeks ago +1
sure 2 weeks ago +1
weeeeee 2 weeks ago +1
not doctor who 2 weeks ago +1
both so stupid 2 weeks ago +2
its been dead for a while 2 weeks ago  
oh sh*t 2 weeks ago  
I dont want to die 2 weeks ago  
sure???? 2 weeks ago  
I like you profile picture 2 weeks ago  
whellchair 2 weeks ago  
If my partner suddenly despised me for no reason I'd want her to die 2 weeks ago  
B would be more efficient but would have zero privacy which I would hate 2 weeks ago  
A would hurt me and my other parent more 2 weeks ago +1
K? 2 weeks ago +1
NOT B 2 weeks ago  
fifty fifty 2 weeks ago  
am B all ready 2 weeks ago  
A would lead to B anyway 2 weeks ago  
racist 2 weeks ago +1
Definitely 2 weeks ago  
How many f*cking questions about this are there 2 weeks ago +1
better the A 2 weeks ago  
Better 2 weeks ago  
okay WTF 2 weeks ago  
am adopted so don't have much to lose 2 weeks ago  
I prefer brunettes but otherwise there both annoying 2 weeks ago  
okay how many accounts do u have 2 weeks ago  
both obnoxious 2 weeks ago  
happy B-day 2 weeks ago +1
meh 2 weeks ago  
duh 2 weeks ago +1
I guess I meant to say you can reverse yours or someone else's decision 2 weeks ago  
yeet 2 weeks ago +1
there are four types of animals; mammals, invertebrates, exovertebrates, and anfibians. WE are mammals. 2 weeks ago  
its like saying don't think of a purple elephant. Of course you would think of a purple elephant : ) 2 weeks ago +3
kinda catchy 2 weeks ago +1
not A 2 weeks ago  
Misclick. I am adopted so I can relate. 2 weeks ago  
nioce 2 weeks ago  
meh B looks less creepy then A anyway 2 weeks ago  
I don't date creeps for one and for two if I knew about the shooting I'd just call the police before it would happen 2 weeks ago  
catch there attention 2 weeks ago +1
Yeet 2 weeks ago  
depends 2 weeks ago  
Yay more ones 2 weeks ago  
we get the point 2 weeks ago  
definatly 2 weeks ago +1
ya 2 weeks ago  
feel my pain! 2 weeks ago +1
ow. But trust me belly- flopping from a high rock onto a river is not that fun either : ) 2 weeks ago  
waters stronger tho 2 weeks ago  
I would probably go on suicide with A 2 weeks ago  
I've had my moments 2 weeks ago  
As long as I don't get caught A would be fine. B would be hell on earth for me 2 weeks ago +1
water melts ice so... 2 weeks ago +1
you could make a cure for death 2 weeks ago  
Nicer 2 weeks ago  
lol 2 weeks ago  
The Northern US is racist aswell but doesn't go about telling the whole world 2 weeks ago  
Northern west coast California's weather sucks 2 weeks ago +1
I am lesbian so sending a homosexual guy away would be pretty damn hypercritical 2 weeks ago  
o.o 2 weeks ago +1
meh 2 weeks ago  
MISCLICK!!! Your definitely worth something, those other people are just being low-life idiots 2 weeks ago  
I don't need a damn escort but B cause there cooler 2 weeks ago  
so it's basically everyone dies but you or everyone dies 2 weeks ago +1
at best I'd a one 2 weeks ago +2
hi... 2 weeks ago +1
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