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I'm 15, gay, and probably not going to be active on this website by the time you read this

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Have you ever dated a person of the same sex yea or no 2 days ago 66 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Yesterday was my birthday. I am 15 happy birthday or happy birthday 2 weeks ago 56 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do you think Alexw has an alt? hell nah or yeah 2 months ago 54 votes 21 comments 0 likes
What is the worst to die *comments* or * Comments* 2 months ago 42 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Someone threatens to hurt your lover/ friends and blackmails you to into selling drugs for them. Becuase it was only for one time and you think you can be careful, you agree. With one of your closest friends you go out to sell the drugs, and you succseed but the Police catches your friend. Your friend had ran when the Police caught him selling the drugs and he/she was aressted and setenced to four years in prison. What do you do? Say it was you and spend four years in prison or Dont say anything but support your friend as best as you can 2 months ago 48 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Comment a true scary story/ ghost story that has happened to you, and I will rate it 1-10 sure or now way mother f*ckers! 2 months ago 42 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Comment an embarrassing story that happened to you, and I will rate it 1-10 sure or no way mother f*ckers 2 months ago 43 votes 36 comments 0 likes
Imagine that you had a very close brother or sister that was born a few days after you, and you both looked very alike. The two of you grew together until you reached the age of 13, where you were sepperated cruely into diffrent familys. fifteen years later you meet your brother/sister agian, how do you react after so long? *Comment* or *comment* 3 months ago 38 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have your closest friend force you to commit a serious crime, get caught and spend three years in prision or force your closed friend to commit a serious crime, get caught, and spend three years in prision 3 months ago 42 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch the sunrise with your lover/loved ones or watch the sunset with your lover/loved ones 3 months ago 69 votes 12 comments 0 likes
If you could choose one zodiac sign that would fit you best what would it be? *reads description and comments* or *reads description and dosent comment* 3 months ago 48 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to bring back two people from the dead ( the age inwhich he/she would be brought back to life would be picked at random, but he/she will be able to live at least 10 years) or Be able to earse two living people from excitence ( those who knew the person would forget all remembrace of him/her) 3 months ago 59 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Who is better? Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders 3 months ago 62 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Have you considered becoming a teacher NO or YES 3 months ago 86 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch your closest friend die or watch a not very close family member die 3 months ago 69 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather forget all your most meaningful and best memories with the ones you love forever or suddenly know the most traumatizing and hurtful things that will happen to you in the future but not be able to do anything about it 3 months ago 36 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you think Zodiac signs are accurate? YASS or NO 3 months ago 76 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a good devil or be an evil angel 3 months ago 73 votes 4 comments 0 likes
On a scale from 1-20 who much do you like anime 1-10 or 11-20 3 months ago 87 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a wolf that controls water or have a wolf that controls fire 3 months ago 73 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Do you believe in God YESS or NO 3 months ago 82 votes 61 comments 0 likes
Someone had done something really terrible to you and your really really angry. you: yell and scream at the person or *comments* 3 months ago 66 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a dumb idiot that thinks he/she's a genius or be a genius who thinks he/she is dumb idiot 3 months ago 85 votes 9 comments 0 likes
The glass is half full or half empty 3 months ago 81 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which U.S. president can you agree most with Trump or Obama 3 months ago 135 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Which is more important to you friends or family 3 months ago 82 votes 13 comments 0 likes
If you had to choose one over the other would you choose your family or your lover 3 months ago 72 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a average house in the worst neighborhood or have the worst house in an average neighborhood 3 months ago 63 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather always have the hiccups whenever you speak or always have your foot asleep whenever you walk 3 months ago 66 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never comment again on rrather or never make any questions again on rrather 3 months ago 73 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Have you ever been in a car accident? yeah or nope 3 months ago 86 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the newest laptop or phone 3 months ago 74 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather full on yell and scream at every happy person you see for a day or laugh full on hysterically at any sad or unhappy person for a day 3 months ago 67 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather change two major problems within your life in the past or in the future 3 months ago 76 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which Zodiac can you relate most two Capricorn or Cancer 3 months ago 55 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which Zodiac can you relate most two Cancer *check description or Libra *check description 3 months ago 51 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into you future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself. 3 months ago 68 votes 11 comments 0 likes
What is your Zodiac? *Comments* or *Comments* 3 months ago 48 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather look like a 12 year old but have the mind of a 90 year old or look like a 90 year old but have the mind of a 12 year old 3 months ago 72 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a tiger with a kittens personality or have a wolf with the personality of a puppy 4 months ago 99 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather reverse one of yours or someone else's decision every other day make every day or stop time for ten seconds every day 4 months ago 80 votes 14 comments 0 likes
You are walking down a long dark and littered alley because it is the quickest way to get home. You suddenly feel a cold breath on your shoulders and freezing hands abruptly grab your neck. The persons fingernails dig into your skin and you scream as loud as you can, nobody comes to you aid. What do you do.? *Comments* or *Comments* 4 months ago 61 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the ability to control electricity or time travel 4 months ago 93 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Whens the latest you have stayed up *comments* or *comments* 4 months ago 61 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Which annoying show would you rather watch for the rest of your life American Dad or Family Guy 4 months ago 95 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather spend you summer here or here 4 months ago 102 votes 12 comments 0 likes

RebelUnicorn has posted the following comments:

A is ugly 16 hours ago +1
I have a thing for brunetts 16 hours ago +1
hell no 17 hours ago  
no offense 17 hours ago  
neither 17 hours ago  
nup 2 days ago  
both the same but A is cuter 2 days ago  
even tho B is totally me... 2 days ago  
A is so much worse 2 days ago  
maybe then I'll finally have a motive to get my lazyass out of bed 2 days ago  
oof 2 days ago  
I haven't done either of them since fifth grade but knitting is easier ( I misclicked) 2 days ago  
ditto 2 days ago  
don't comment if you don't care 3 days ago  
yasss 2 weeks ago  
tbh 2 weeks ago  
dead ones. I would have squashed the crap out of them within the first minute 1 month ago +2
no way you're getting me in either of those dresses 1 month ago  
me cause I don't look like a fake doll and all that sh*t 1 month ago  
UwU 1 month ago +1
I have too much experience with B 1 month ago +1
yum 1 month ago +1
i call tabs on spaces 1 month ago  
yup 2 months ago  
Gold metal cuase Im american 2 months ago  
misclick. Isn't B average anyway 2 months ago +4
they both connect 2 months ago  
does that mean I can look like a wolf cause if so im in 2 months ago  
A is to old for me 2 months ago +1
I'd rather not get chopped up thankyou very much 2 months ago  
go big or go home 2 months ago +1
damn 2 months ago  
spin the bottle 2 months ago  
me tho 2 months ago  
hell ya 2 months ago +2
I hate T-series 2 months ago +1
love both 2 months ago +1
so many damn questions about this 2 months ago +2
what MustaKrakish said 2 months ago +1
F 2 months ago +1
and yet thats totally me 2 months ago  
woah you must really not like your roomate 2 months ago +2
haha yass 2 months ago  
yass 2 months ago +1
lol 2 months ago +1
duh 2 months ago +1
9.5 2 months ago  
5, did anyone notice? 2 months ago  
green tea 2 months ago +1
I hate T- series 2 months ago  
no doubt 2 months ago +1
tbh 2 months ago +1
ima little late but if you need support im here for you 2 months ago +2
lol 2 months ago  
when I feel unsecrure around those I dont know tbh 2 months ago  
more reliable 2 months ago  
misclick 2 months ago +1
hes diong drugs for a reason and I would want to find out 2 months ago +1
i would just say i have to use the bathroom and leave tbh 2 months ago  
no doubt 2 months ago +1
ok 2 months ago  
more relaxing and jesus thats a long ass explaintion 2 months ago +1
did you draw these pictures 2 months ago  
what brakans said 2 months ago  
wow thats good 2 months ago +1
ask someone who commented/voted before you then 2 months ago  
... that description had been there longer then you saw this question and you know it 2 months ago  
obviously 2 months ago +2
d o m e a f a v o r a n d s h u t t h e f u c k u p 2 months ago +3
im not straight for and I'd proably just sell the starbuck s stuff cuase im broke and hell 2 months ago +2
then beat the f$ck out of that person tie them up, and offer a ransom 2 months ago +1
hiss 2 months ago +2
thats legit the description leaving out the 'you cannot' 2 months ago +1
so obvious 2 months ago  
both my hands would be pretty damn useless without my thumbs 2 months ago +1
misclicked misread A as 2M not 200M 2 months ago  
not a whore 2 months ago +1
I fine with being a girl so win-win 2 months ago +1
Die 2 months ago  
I have a common name 2 months ago  
is it seriously that f3cking hard to make an account? 2 months ago +3
if i have everything needed to survive 2 months ago  
America has to many coach potateos 2 months ago +1
yeet 2 months ago +1
duh 2 months ago +2
not in a store 2 months ago +1
already have an ok laptop 2 months ago  
first A then B 2 months ago +1
who would want A 2 months ago +1
definetily 2 months ago +1
definetily 2 months ago  
ouch, 9.5 2 months ago +2
9 2 months ago +1
oh... 2 months ago  
both suck 2 months ago  
*says five year old vampire and shows picture of a 18 year old girl* 2 months ago +2
edgy 6.5 2 months ago +1
ouch, 6 2 months ago +1
6 2 months ago +1
Lol 10 2 months ago +1
9, holy sh*t 2 months ago +1
yum 2 months ago  
tbh A is more useful in my lifetime 2 months ago +1
misclick. I dont want to be immortal 2 months ago  
we need taxes 2 months ago +1
I have alot to fix 2 months ago  
I was a few weeks ago 2 months ago  
no 2 months ago  
nothing changes 2 months ago +1
tbh 2 months ago +2
more gore 2 months ago +1
good question 2 months ago +1
ok plot 2 months ago  
already have b so win-win 2 months ago +1
blackmail 2 months ago  
once 2 months ago  
i hate B 2 months ago +1
yes 2 months ago  
duh 3 months ago  
um.. duh? 3 months ago +1
ye 3 months ago  
why? 3 months ago  
um obviously? 3 months ago  
i dont want to be immortal 3 months ago  
nope 3 months ago  
I was rushing on this question 3 months ago +1
if its only one 3 months ago  
love writing 3 months ago  
speed>strenth 3 months ago  
actually i have been roller bladeing for a really long time and am pretty badass at it now, mostly because we live three minutes away from the roller rink tho 3 months ago +1
same 3 months ago  
3 months ago  
eh 3 months ago +1
fun 3 months ago +1
even if i counldn't find love at least i could find trust and friendship 3 months ago +1
needs. to. be. solved 3 months ago  
a lot of yelling would be involed 3 months ago  
....... 3 months ago +1
yum 3 months ago  
pretty close tie tho 3 months ago +1
it depends on who i would fight in B and if i could call the cops on them if i got serously ingured 3 months ago  
go fall in a pile of dogsh*t 3 months ago  
option A then 3 months ago  
*misclick* jion ISIS and then burst out a rifile at then when their backs are turned 3 months ago +1
A would destroy our econemy and B wouldn't prevent other terist atacks 3 months ago  
i am adopted, the family i live with today isnt my real family anway 3 months ago  
eh we were bound to come and go anyway at somepiont 3 months ago  
B is dogcrap to me 3 months ago  
then im screwed 3 months ago +1
eh 3 months ago  
yum 3 months ago +1
I love and hate my x but mostly hate 3 months ago  
okk 3 months ago +1
i guess 3 months ago  
ok then A 3 months ago +1
I hate math but love histoy 3 months ago +1
edgy 3 months ago  
night owl 3 months ago +1
if i had everlasting food, water, and oxegon. 3 months ago +3
yeah no 3 months ago +1
definitely 3 months ago  
at least it will help me get sleep 3 months ago +1
welp 3 months ago +1
oh sh*t 3 months ago +1
dont do A 3 months ago  
winter were i live is hell on earth. Theres no snow, just slushy cold icy rain for weeks and weeks. 3 months ago +2
Emo for life 3 months ago  
never have any danger of being broke 3 months ago  
eh sure 3 months ago  
ikr! 3 months ago +1
ugh 3 months ago  
*slaps you* 3 months ago +1
not these questions agian 3 months ago  
definetily 3 months ago +2
no fvcking way 3 months ago +1
even if i had the chance i would turn her down 3 months ago +1
would you age in A at the time inwhich you stopped time? 3 months ago +1
I kinda like A 3 months ago +1
i dont want to be immortal and all that sh*t 3 months ago +1
of course 3 months ago +1
"I ordered pizza!" 3 months ago +1
both bad 3 months ago  
niether 3 months ago +2
yum 3 months ago  
of course 3 months ago +1
miscick misclick 3 months ago +1
it depends on own how much shes stealing and why tbh 3 months ago +1
option no 3 months ago  
The best way to scare off little children on halloween 3 months ago +1
me but with my cat 3 months ago  
Five words: I. Wish. Monday. Never. Exsited. 3 months ago  
N00 3 months ago  
can't relate 3 months ago  
dont like A 3 months ago  
Trump staring a christmas speacial 3 months ago  
option nope 3 months ago  
am i in this? 3 months ago  
uncomforteble? nah, downright painful 3 months ago +2
all the way 3 months ago  
my teachers say i am gifted at writing and i want to be a author 3 months ago +1
ikr! 3 months ago +1
just write down you having the power of B 3 months ago +4
i guess 3 months ago  
he would have live 528 years ongiong 3 months ago  
what the fvck 3 months ago +2
no 3 months ago  
eh 3 months ago  
yeah 3 months ago  
most likely 3 months ago +1
that looks painful 3 months ago  
uh 3 months ago 3 months ago +1
go big or go home 3 months ago  
less painful 3 months ago  
go comit die 3 months ago +2
no 3 months ago  
they both look like men to me 3 months ago  
niether 3 months ago +1
I'm eh with A but all in for B 3 months ago  
damn 3 months ago +1
definitely 3 months ago  
like run 3 months ago  
They have great tacos 3 months ago  
how is this a question 3 months ago  
when I was younger I found a voodoo doll on the street when i was walking to school and thought is was cute. A few minutes after i slipped in my pocket, I kept on tripping over my shoe laces and feet over and over again, I got a good size bruise on my hip. After school I took the doll and threw it in my neighbors yard down the street ( He and my mom were in a dispute at the time) 3 months ago +2
more exciting 3 months ago  
ok 3 months ago +1
eh 3 months ago  
yum 3 months ago  
yuck 3 months ago  
i mean hes in my house for God knows how long, I would probably call the cops tbh 3 months ago  
please stop :( 3 months ago  
eat a child < have free food 3 months ago  
its free but you don't have to eat it 3 months ago  
nope! 3 months ago  
damn 3 months ago +1
there the same?!? 3 months ago  
Yasss 3 months ago +2
2/11 3 months ago +1
those faces tho 3 months ago  
no 3 months ago +1
way better 3 months ago +1
1/4 but i don't really know you anyway 3 months ago +1
are you kidding? 3 months ago  
ugh 3 months ago  
all the way bro 3 months ago  
nope 3 months ago  
okayy 3 months ago +1
well that explains your questions 3 months ago  
yummy 3 months ago  
depends 3 months ago  
ick 3 months ago  
okk 3 months ago  
lol i dont know why but B really gets on my nerves 3 months ago  
not B 3 months ago  
yass 3 months ago +1
edgy 3 months ago +1
yee 3 months ago +1
yasss 3 months ago  
no 3 months ago  
yass 3 months ago +1
i have now idea who you are but whatevs 3 months ago  
welp 3 months ago  
go big or go home 3 months ago  
erm 3 months ago  
was actually okay 3 months ago  
erm 3 months ago  
lets hope i brought a lot of water 3 months ago +2
misclick misread B 3 months ago +1
neither 3 months ago  
ok 3 months ago  
i guess 3 months ago  
the odds are the celebrity cares nothing about me and is a smug little b*tch 3 months ago  
idk 3 months ago  
kill myself and everyone else is fine 3 months ago  
i could deal 3 months ago  
yass 3 months ago  
whenever i go out side 3 months ago  
YASS 3 months ago  
one look at B's picture and i pressed the opposite 3 months ago  
as long as were actually friends 3 months ago  
welp 3 months ago +1
damn 3 months ago +1
ikr! 3 months ago  
ok 3 months ago  
actually it depends on whether the people around me get hurt with B 3 months ago +1
damn 3 months ago +1
no 3 months ago  
only if they really want to and it's there chioce 3 months ago  
its terrible and overrated but its kinda catchy 3 months ago  
i'd like them to know i am happy 3 months ago  
yea 3 months ago  
"Hello? Yes, this is an attendant from AXD Florence prisons. Oh yes i would love to book you up to a prison cell!" 3 months ago +2
duh! 3 months ago +1
yass 3 months ago  
nup 3 months ago  
if i was actually smart then i would have found away to get out of my misery 3 months ago  
it depends but i am leaning toward B 3 months ago  
yas 3 months ago +1
if i own it 3 months ago  
reeeeee 3 months ago  
more useful i guess 3 months ago +1
would be less pain, i would die quicker 3 months ago  
idc 3 months ago +1
ikr! 3 months ago  
i actually haven't seen B 3 months ago  
obviously! 3 months ago  
sure i guess 3 months ago  
sorry Ellen but NO 3 months ago  
yas 3 months ago  
well sometimes 3 months ago  
hypocritical animal abusers 3 months ago +1
i don't know why people do 3 months ago  
no 3 months ago  
has A XD 3 months ago +1
loved it! 3 months ago +1
: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 3 months ago +3
ish 3 months ago +1
no 3 months ago  
loved B 3 months ago +1
yea 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago  
here we go agian 3 months ago  
yeet 3 months ago  
what the f*cking hell 3 months ago  
what the hell 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago  
fifty-fifty 3 months ago +1
eeeeeeeee 3 months ago +1
yum 3 months ago +1
damn 3 months ago +1
ok 3 months ago +1
yea 3 months ago +1
welp 3 months ago +1
definitely 3 months ago +1
lol 3 months ago  
hard-core 3 months ago  
No 3 months ago  
sheesh 3 months ago  
oh Sh*t! 3 months ago +1
I live in the same town as a local University so i am going nowhere 3 months ago  
hey daddy 3 months ago +3
the last one he sent me was about his profile picture. Help. 3 months ago  
he kept PMing me 3 months ago  
hate both but A is slightly better 3 months ago +1
OK 3 months ago +2
alot 3 months ago  
onnly if I liked them back 3 months ago +1
*middle finger* 3 months ago +1
sure 3 months ago  
die 3 months ago +1
I kinda realized that a little to late 3 months ago +1
yeah this question is unoriginal 3 months ago +1
4.6 3 months ago +1
nope 3 months ago  
Run. As. Hell. 3 months ago +2
Lol 3 months ago  
are you kidding? 3 months ago +1
uh didn't see it but sure 3 months ago +1
definitely 3 months ago +1
nice 3 months ago  
I'd punish them but not beat them because it would only make it worse 3 months ago +2
not B 3 months ago  
sorry man 3 months ago +1
lol i live in northern California! 3 months ago  
Russian disinformation? There the ones who cheated Trump into Presidency 3 months ago +1
one word: NO! 3 months ago  
I the video with out the volume :P 3 months ago +1
same 3 months ago  
misclick, didn't see C 3 months ago  
FBI OPEN UP 3 months ago  
I wouldn't even need A if I had B. Besides on A you mess with the past, you mess with your future 3 months ago +1
There's ton and tons of rain in Northern California and I've realized that 1st hand but California wild fires have made my decision. 3 months ago +1
its to bad you don't get any then 3 months ago +5
I still don't get how you think that but fine 3 months ago +2
haven't seen B 3 months ago +1
how would you know, you just joined yesterday 3 months ago +1
dead 3 months ago +1
there human beings of course but boy do they need to get a life 3 months ago  
B already happened 3 months ago +2
falcon 3 months ago +1
looks like I am gonna have a baaaad sunburn! 3 months ago +1
water can defeat fire anyway 3 months ago  
my life story 3 months ago  
would be worth it 3 months ago +1
welp 3 months ago  
yeah i did to. Bad idea 3 months ago  
100% 3 months ago +1
nope 3 months ago  
of course 3 months ago  
much better sleep 3 months ago +1
on top of everything not very much 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago  
all the way 3 months ago  
damn 3 months ago +1
lol 3 months ago  
reverse harem 3 months ago  
I liked it alot 3 months ago +1
cool 3 months ago  
idc tbh 3 months ago +1
sure 3 months ago  
this will be funny 3 months ago +1
so many more Countries apart from the US 3 months ago  
if you new have many sibling I have 3 months ago  
of course 3 months ago  
I have family and friends 3 months ago +1
??? 3 months ago +1
dawg 3 months ago +1
goodd 3 months ago +1
why the f*ck would I have a crush on an ugly b*tch anyway 3 months ago  
A is pretty damn ridiculas 3 months ago +1
bleh 3 months ago  
maybe 3 months ago  
NOO misclick 3 months ago  
er... havent heard of either 3 months ago +3
well I guess 3 months ago +1
his questions were uh.... 3 months ago  
nothing breaks like a heart 3 months ago +1
damn 3 months ago +1
I have. my dad watches it when he can find them on TV and sometimes I join him 3 months ago  
wouldn't need A if I had B 3 months ago +1
not B 3 months ago  
That must suck, in California there is next to no Mexicans at all 3 months ago  
expect the worst and you wont be dissapionted 3 months ago  
nope 3 months ago  
both but ima leaning toward the one with alot of money 3 months ago +1
personally, I don't really like it but alot of people apparently do so good for them 3 months ago +1
i am stubborn ^_^ 3 months ago  
idk him 3 months ago +1
why I refuse to be a teacher 3 months ago  
true but were still over populated 3 months ago +1
I dont want to be socially awkward 3 months ago  
is this from Matilda? 3 months ago  
if i had it 3 months ago  
were overpopulated anyway 3 months ago +1
yes 3 months ago  
damn 3 months ago +1
*shiver* 3 months ago  
great 3 months ago +1
I accomplish SOMETHING at least 3 months ago +1
one.. two... three... five? 3 months ago +2
dat guy had pointy ears 3 months ago  
anxiety mostly leads to depression anyway 3 months ago +1
I would end up killing myself if I did B 3 months ago  
falcon, horse, wolf, dolphin, cat, and tiger! 3 months ago +1
depends i guess 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago  
I still have my friends at least 3 months ago  
No 3 months ago  
damn 3 months ago +1
one punch man will die 3 months ago +1
No 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago  
I kinda hope they tie 3 months ago +2
" They are cowards, every damn one of them. Whatever. I'll just consume them. As they become my flesh and blood, they will see beyond. I... I am king!" I think I'd rather not be his foe thank you very much 3 months ago  
defiantly 3 months ago +1
good question 3 months ago +1
hgfjkdjfhgfjdkjfghfjdkjfghfjkd 3 months ago +2
definitely 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago  
from what ive seen he has really good questions 3 months ago +2
neither look that innocent tbh 3 months ago  
damn 3 months ago  
better for me in the long run 3 months ago  
I love to write 3 months ago  
sure 3 months ago  
? 3 months ago +1
what is with all this questions 3 months ago +2
go incognito 3 months ago +1
no 3 months ago +2
stay up and sleep in 3 months ago  
have already had both 3 months ago  
definitaly 3 months ago  
dont have any anyway 3 months ago  
gnaejhgjkafghalhgfhalkjfhgdakhglhalhgfhlahgajflh 3 months ago +1
dont like either 3 months ago +1
lol 3 months ago +1
just keep telling yourself that 3 months ago +1
if you have good timing you could make more money then B 3 months ago +1
eh 3 months ago +1
oh sorry then 3 months ago  
not b 4 months ago  
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