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Hello, My name is Reigh. I'm from London and am just here for work. I am married and have been for 3 years.. They've been the best 3 years of my life. I have a pet Puma, Alligator, Venus Fly Trap, Polar bear, and two cats.. So, I kinda have a thing for odd pets

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    I'll do what it takes to save someones life  
    My husband has done this..... Altimate trust test  
    I own skull candy... Best brand ive had yet  
    Me & my husband met at work face to face  
    I love photography  
    My dream is already true  
    My husband sit ouside the bathroom after I get out of the shower, and listens to me sing  
    My husband sits outside the bathroom after I get out of the shower so he can hear me sing  
    I have no 'ex'  
    Sky diving  
    We share money, if hes broke, im broke, but we love each other, and that makes us rich hearted  
    Maybe I pushed him out of the way so he wont be hit  
    It doesnt matter  
    It really doesnt matter, Im married and we're both from London, England  
    Being loved is like having riches of the heart  
    I will help him... We're married, we share money  
    U can help him get through it  
    Already married  
    Already married to the perfect guy  
    Having people love you is like having all the money in the world inside your heart  
    My husband is liked by everyone, sooooo  
    If you love your work, its not work  
    No "one" night stands.. Im with my husband all the time  
    I havent had sex, but im married.. Nothing wrong with it  
    Finding true love is like getting money.. It makes you rich in the heart  
    Uhm... My parents are dead  
    Ive heard one song... Its perfectly fine with me  
    Ive already done both... But I liked sky diving more  
    Come on, this should be a no brainor  
    Im not gay  
    48/2(9+3) = 48/2(12) = 48/24 = 2  
    It didn't say deadly, or on the neck +1
    It didnt say what kind +1
    Plastic baby  
    Say that I saved someone dying  
    I like snakes... Didn't say it attacked in a painful way either  
    It can be a doll.... And it didnt say how hard  
    Neither... I dont like gay  
    My husband is my best friend  
    Again.... Im married  
    Ive been married for 3 years... Still havent done it  
    Im not... And Im married  
    .....or. ,,  
    If im rich, I can save people  
    Everytime I go on a trip with anyone but my family... I get practically tortured >~  
    All my friends like to tickle me... But at least theyre my friends  
    Everybody I hate knows my weakness.. But I wont be alone  
    Space! It's so beatiful!  
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