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Hi, idk why I made an account but whatever.

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    Yo 45% of people are hardcore af  
    I'm part cuban so whatever xP  
    Yo, this comment screwed me over xD  
    Idec, i just don't wanna marry a stranger  
    neither but whatever  
    ...these still don't work out. I don't wanna be that douche but these are the reasons we aren't as over populated as we would be...  
    People already hate me so screw it  
    Hispanic but I'm light skin sooo I might be able to pass? idk yall  
    What is love? Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more  
    Who needs bras anyway  
    Uh, does nudity even matter? I could care less being naked in front of my siblings  
    What, guinea pigs are a delicacy in many places..why not a hamster? Plus, I heard dog meat it too tender so I'm gonna stick with Sr. Hamster  
    Ok good job  
    When a baby is just born they aren't pretty either way so I mean :/  
    I've seen both of these killed and the cooked. Pig is the way to go.  
    no, but it's worse  
    This was extremely hard..  
    I want to have visual dreams....soooo yea  
    there's cake at funerals too  
    5 words: I hate white shirts anyway  
    At night at a pool, perfect  
    Sex before marriage isn't wrong I just don't want sex x'D  
    I'm already blind af so screw it  
    65% of people never had childhood dreams: "I wanna be a king when I grow up!" Sound familiar? Didn't think so.  
    I mean, I already live here so why tf not  
    Broccoli, and some potatoes? OH and add steamed cauliflower! done deal  
    Why, you don't have to be loved to love others. Isn't that enough?  
    Are you really asking this question to the user whose pic is a cosplaying one  
    No it's not x'D  
    Harry gets people killed on the daily man, ain't nobody THAT crazy  
    I'm 5'7 at the moment, 4'9 is too short for me +1
    Yo, what type of question is this...I can be 98 y/o and I'll still wanna go trick or treating  
    I'm American but hispanic soooo Euro football for the win  
    I got family there anyway :/  
    There's so much more to see than to hear in my opinion  
    I live in FL, wtf is snowboarding gonna do for me here?  
    What the hell? South Park is amazing.South Park makes fun of current things, family guy is the worse version of terrance and phillip, without the fart jokes.  
    Is this even a question? Triwizard: Possible death. Cause? Wand Hunger Games: 99% death. Cause? Killer bees, acidic water, poisonous gas, knife, etc etc  
    Yo, people bringing religion into this. Do you want an easier life throughout history or nah?  
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