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Would you rather Look like Jar Jar Binks or Speak like Jar Jar Binks 5 years ago 5,882 votes 36 comments 0 likes

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you are a thick cunt 5 years ago  
never said chicken egg, eggs where around in the pre-chicken era 5 years ago  
Oh the irony 5 years ago  
It's crap 5 years ago  
I look good roasted sooo 5 years ago  
You are actually such an idiot 5 years ago  
Oh but wait he doesn't exist soooo 5 years ago  
Depends if they where classic slow as fcuk zombies that'd be fine but if they where the zombies in 28 days later 5 years ago  
Keep Left 5 years ago  
Seems to be quite a few Jesus freaks on this 5 years ago +1
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