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WOULD YOU RRRATHER: Be able to speak and write in every language? or Be able to read and listen (understand speech) in every language? 882,525 votes 2,753 comments 31 likes

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lol cheers  
Congratulation cantthinkofawaittyone! +1
Helens, Queen of the homepage! +23
Nice job on getting to the front helens :) +1
Doesn't matter, had sex  
Why does everyone criticize this question? Okay, so this one's stupid and wrong and doesn't make sense, yet questions about magic and unicorns are totally acceptable and logical. You've only come here to "point out my mistake" to try and be clever. Why does no one read my author's comment before saying that it's stupid. People don't realize that, believe it or not, my feelings are hurt when everyone says that this question is awful and stupid. +8
Fair enough, I certainly see what you mean ^^  
What? Idk. I'm just saying I'd prefer to kill a stranger then my dog who is a close friend  
It's overrated though  
Music is so important  
AIDS is more of a thing that people cause themselves  
Yeah, right? :(  
Oh well, anything but bieber +1
The pictures x)  
Well if it's a mean/rude guy like in the picture...  
They shouldnt care  
Pain is eeviill +1
hot tubs are cool  
I dont think that this is about sex ;)  
I would rather be have the perfect relationship  
Blogger is cool c:  
Am i the only one who thought that this was bout stationary?  
he's cooler +2
So much easiar  
She's crazy nowadays  
I'm a guy :)  
as if this question exists  
I hate them both  
This questions is crazy  
I dont know what funnyjunk is +83
This would be awesome  
It'd be awesome +2
Greed is horrible and so s the picture :(  
so much better  
I'd hate to never express my opinion  
Inventors are more valuable in my opinion  
Much better  
Ignorant people are the worst  
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