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    If big bang create earth, then one day something will bang the earth to nothing ._. 2 years ago  
    just see the pic 2 years ago  
    Who says 5 hours in elevator is warm? IT IS ****ING HOT 2 years ago  
    And no one said the hot one is poor 3 years ago  
    who says that the teacher only teach things in school? I need mean one but great at teaching for me to live 3 years ago  
    Travel the world with my true love is my dream.. so.... why I have to stay???!!! 3 years ago  
    LOL 3 years ago  
    So you love your computer more than yourself huh?? well.. your choice 3 years ago  
    Ah hey, being fit into any group? just go to every group then you'll be popular 3 years ago  
    -100 better than -100,000 3 years ago  
    Company has better way to persuade others 3 years ago  
    No difference 3 years ago  
    at least you don't embarrassed in your awkward momoents 3 years ago  
    facebook? damn.. never compare it to google... it's too far.... 3 years ago  
    FOoodd!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
    Make the dream is real than you don't need to control the dream. Cause you already control it by making it real 3 years ago  
    Hey gangnam style in one day will never be boring. Do the dance~ Oppa Gangnam Style~~ 3 years ago  
    where is the fun to just watch? why don't we play and watch the scene haha 3 years ago  
    as long as she with the good guy 3 years ago  
    who says that you will be happy with those money? lol... choose the happy one. You won't regret it 3 years ago  
    well they say, fri(end)? I guess Soul(mate) better than them 3 years ago  
    2 big and slower one is easier than 70 small and faster one 3 years ago  
    At least there is someone that you can talk to 3 years ago  
    it's movie, move man not sound -_- 3 years ago  
    Make holes and spray some high pressure water LOL 3 years ago  
    My own law, "I could get rid any law that I don't like without any exception" 3 years ago  
    Hey you have it already lol.. cheese? never heard one 3 years ago  
    You just say space? not explore it? not discover it? just space . . . 3 years ago  
    Foods! I love foods!! 3 years ago  
    I am agree 3 years ago  
    what games do you play?? 3 years ago  
    At least you could see something and breath air 3 years ago  
    Hm.. if heaven is a better place.. why not? 3 years ago +3
    Hey, there is still me... alone . . . here . . . and alone . . . . 3 years ago  
    A ninja that live in the sea!!! yeaa!! I'm a nin-pirate 3 years ago  
    RevolutioNathan says AKA Would you rather only be able to recieve ideas from others, or only be able to communicate ideas to others? .............................................................................To be able to communicate ideas to others, you have to be able to receive ideas from others too.. or you can't communicate 3 years ago  
    what is this question? what is this 50%?? how you learn to speak? you listen and understand it first. How to be able o write? you have to read and understand those words first! 3 years ago  
    begging is a sin. 3 years ago  
    being average? your life will be . . . nothing. . . 3 years ago  
    no waiting in line? no waiting bad drivers :) 3 years ago  
    It will be SUPER HOT!! 3 years ago  
    well my bestfriend is the opposite of my gender ._. no problem 3 years ago  
    look what you will get with your struggle is more motivating than look to what you can get if you try what you cannot yet do 3 years ago  
    You could explore more with a PC than a Mac. Do you agree with me? 3 years ago  
    Hey, I have the infinite knowledge. So I know how to have infinite power HAHAHAHAHA 3 years ago  
    Just seeing it 16?? no %?? come on!! 16 votes? lol 3 years ago  
    Oh hey, I wish I could just get it whatever I want whenever and wherever it is. Do I still need money? no :) 3 years ago  
    I could learn how to lie and 99% get away with lying 3 years ago  
    hmm no, what if my brain gets error? and just play some music that I hate?? NO 3 years ago  
    hmm No 3 years ago  
    Ah hey, still you're prisoners and committed to crime 3 years ago  
    Why I need to fly when I can teleport instantly? And why I need to read minds when I could be at their conversations invisibly 3 years ago  
    Vader breath how? 3 years ago  
    Oh hey, alien invasion could unite us. But, our tech can't win against them who able travel through the planets 3 years ago  
    come on, it will kill you.. walking to the zoo.. hear some monkeys screaming "LET ME OUT LET ME OUT" hear some birds singing "I think~ I think~ I am trapped~" hear lions "Hey buddy I'm hungry, wanna come in?" 3 years ago  
    iTunes music? well how about one of my friend choose it and I give him a free starbucks? 3 years ago  
    I could earn it without having my life in line 3 years ago  
    one bullet only in one gun, randomly placed in the slot, so you wouldn't know when will it shoot the bullet when you pull the trigger. Maybe the first time, maybe the second time, or maybe the third one. You and your opponent take turns to pull it to YOUR OWN OR HIS OWN HEAD. 3 years ago  
    hmm.. I think world war III will be apocalypse and the end ._. 3 years ago  
    AHA!! 3 years ago  
    wait, it's **% and **%?? 3 years ago  
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