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Listenning to Epic Dubstep While Playing Games provided by GabeN

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    dubstep lyrics xD  
    but im not american xD  
    if you give your heart to the lord, you can be another osama and still go to heaven. but you willl be a tree there or somethin  
    im going to heaven anyway so i'd like to do more here  
    i will feel so sorry for you when you are in hell  
    if you mean an eraser then yes  
    i would beat the sh*t out of the bully cuz no puny fat F*ck is stronger than me  
    im am an so, that was easy  
    ffs God is real ppl  
    you have mobility and you can just eat more to become normal :P  
    beef, i dont like chicken, meet me and you will think i fell in extremely sticky mud when i was born, no one believes im black because of my personality and lifestyle xD  
    none, neither, NADA!  
    im a man so :P  
    btw, they are the same person, but hannah was not a whore.  
    crap, wrong choice!  
    Rest in Piss, i Piss on your corpse, there , i paid my respects  
    use a parachute :P  
    No, we're not. Note everyone is gonna bang a prostitute. you bastard.  
    gliding my way around  
    neither. im not gay  
    drive where you cant crash.  
    im a man so, in 2 years im pretty sure i wont be pregnant, last time i checked i cant :P  
    My president is F*cking corrupt  
    none, screw apple  
    oh crap, i meant no xD!  
    your family is part of society :  
    but you voted starbucks too xD!  
    not gay so Neither :P  
    did you know that there is a neurotoxin from a certain plant that gives you the worst physical pain in the world and it's not temporary, and it spreads. people usually commit suicide, psychological, can be cured with a therapist  
    screw apple. they have nothing that microsoft doesnt, other than over pricing, this year, apple has a virus,Microsoft viruses arent a ptoblem and who would use apple for Gaming, just a waste.  
    Give up the babies for Adoption, you're the sick pig here, killing a baby? it's not the babies fault for getting her pregnant so she can give tha baby for adoption and then her horrible past is removed too  
    im not lying. I Earn, not Steal, plus. you guys wont get caught but you will be found out  
    Console, you have limits, you cant overclock, and you dont have GabeN. face it console, you have now been beaten  
    for me i would rather do this then have my son banned from church.  
    I stood up when answering this xD  
    actually, rugby is better, football has no technique,, thats why we beat America's ass so hard in rugby  
    neither, im not gay :P  
    neither, im not Gay :P  
    biggest spider in the world you say? Bring in the Nuke.  
    war causes hunger  
    sharks dont go for people, unless you look like a turtle :P  
    bionic arm  
    dont cry, if i let you be fat then you will die, if you die, we will all be sad  
    camping has more tarantulas  
    i have an antivirus :P  
    5 mins of pure pain, but they arent busted :P  
    evryone is W31rD  
    pollution is mass animal abuse  
    public humiliation of random people xD  
    i dont want to see the sh*t people search  
    i would rather not have a one night stand :P +1
    flying, arguement complete.  
    effing pedo!  
    dogs arent pussies but they are b*tches  
    just buy another one :P  
    the first one says HIM and im not homo so NO  
    i will send him to rehab :P  
    to be able to control all laws. get anyone who has actually murdered immediately executed after found guilty. and remove stupid laws :P  
    ATTENTION ALL IDIOTS WHO THINK THAT CONTROLLED DREAMS ARE FORGOTTEN!, i have lucid dreams and i remember them, watching your dreams is just watching them on tv, meanwhile you sleep and then you can fly. would you rather Watch Vids as usual, just with an extra or would you be able to create things EVERY night, lucid dreams are f*cking rare.  
    in prison, you can change your ways, when you are homeless, way harder to get back up, i dont truest humanity that much  
    go outside during day, play MC at night  
    firefox is sh*tty for me, i barely use it anymore, but i dont shame firefox, it has better compatability but downloads are crap :/  
    people with poor self esteem, shame....  
    some things cause panic. sh*t's going down already, think if you hear about what's happening, you will freak out and riots will be everywhere, it's going to be a worldwide purge.  
    i like cheese, no tits on my mouth please  
    Dubstep 4 days, idc what the classics think, but can you dance like a boss?  
    no tarantula filled pit every night for me!  
    i just ranomly answered xD  
    The Force. any oppositions are invalid.  
    rather die being special then live with nothing to live about  
    hello, bonjour , Goie more , the third one i can already speak fluently  
    PC MASTER RACE!!!!!  
    There are Parralell universes and there arent, you are alive and dead , you are looking up and you are decapitated, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING, but not in this dimension. if you know everything, you'd commit suicide.everything is happening but nothing is happening.  
    if you know everything, then you know you know too much, think of this and you will be awake  
    i believe i can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  
    no wizard can kill a ninja >:P , but the other way around. no wizard cant be assasinated  
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