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Would you rather Be the loser of the whole world or Sound like a nerd but be Famous. 39,925 votes 171 comments 2 likes

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Yep my brother has it sometimes, just got to sleep late. Its bad though, it's like a nightmare but worse.  
I like to sleep that long and to control my dreams. Plus you can, sleep 10 hours pretty much you can fall asleep again. You control your dreams by thinking about what you want in your dream them when you fall asleep your dream will show up.  
Hope it is not a 3-D movie.  
What type of laptop is that?  
The picture is creepy but i guess thats were I'm going to go if my future self chooses to.  
Hope it is a awful movie  
Atleast no one would see it, im, i dont want it thats why  
Option b happens to me.  
Plus im using the chrome app right now.  
Chrome has better quality and does not look like the windows xp,vista,7,and,8 basics.  
Todays music does not just have to be awesome remixes and stuff like that  
I will dry them.  
All my good dreams right?  
I did do that once plaing mincraft  
Ive fallen, and i cant get up, thats why it is funny  
Twilight cannot beat Harry Potter, Harry Potter has been around for years  
I want flying rainbow unicorns, hope you have those types, i would call you rainbow dash, or nyan cat :3  
I would stop 9 11 because it is sad that my dogs birthday is on that day and mines is the day before it.  
Both options are creepy  
Option A happens to me a little  
I can still play mincraft offline.  
Fine, i will at least use a ipad +2
I don't want to give up Rrrather and i don't really watch TV.  
Better with houses than cars because houses are more in portent my being secure and safe. Cars just take you to places so now think.  
Keep it a secrete or make your friends make fun of you, now solve  
Their is a difference so choose carefully  
Pudding is chocolate but not the real one like the original product but jello can be any brand so this has time to think about on this question.  
Option A if the ORIGINAL song so if i were you i will choose A.  
USA, USA, USA. Thumbs Up For USA! +1
Sound Effects +1
:/ +1
same, but IOS has more +1
I'm a boy, boys don't were makeup +1
Just say excuse me and say lets continue. +1
Just one, so its fine, ill never do it again :3 +2
I have not played fruit ninja in a long time but i'm sure ill come back to it. Right now i think i like angry birds better than fruit ninja, sorry fans but i chose that, even if i did come back to it i would still choose angry birds because it was fun but not exactly. I really haven't played both in a while but i still choose angry birds because that game is the best, plus i played that game first. Anyways angry birds is old, it does not mean it started to get boring. It is my opinion now don't respond back. THANK YOU FOR READING THE LONGEST COMMENT EVER! :3 +1
No its not, windows 7 and windows 8 has a 50% chance of winning, all the other windows are SLOW  
Windows XP Sucks +1
family guy really, not my fation as that picture. +1
Option B Has a great t-shirt, i wish i had that in real life +1
No power happens, everybody should be used to this  
i don't really go in a hot tub in pool places. Pools are better  
I have to many friends already, i need to be more successful at school +1
This always happens to me so i'm fine +1
I really want a ipad. I already have a laptop. +1
Not my style on Option A +1
New family guy dog, Check it. +1
More gifts on christmas plus Jewish +1
i have no choise  
Hard, but i need time. Not that fast  
YOLO, so vote carefully  
Forget this, I VOTED WRONG!  
This is easier, B can cause trouble  
I did that before  
India, lice.  
i need to get used to it.  
i choose both but firefox does not work for some reason  
i never knew about this but i looked at the picture i just said what is better as a girl.  
a;ways do scratch offs and get money. Wishes can give me a better life.  
you get banned in games for begging but its talking about reall life so thats fine, the other one, you will be in jail.  
Da F  
i don't like the smell of fat people. The picture is awful  
i tuched a wet dog once so its fine  
better music in the present  
i tryed it once it was fine  
it can be good if you do that right?  
like a boss, but i like both. :(  
easy as pie :3  
its scary.I don't even wan't to see dead bodys on the floor. UGH!  
yes. And comment things about this rrrather. Don't talk about that. You can always private message me. I make as much rrrather's as i can. +3
This can be good?  
Tricky, but my body is fine, you guys don't have to see.  
hmmm. I like to stay. i mean it is nice to go there but, i will miss anything that i really much  
weee. HEHEHE!! LOLOLOLO! :3  
I need my dog to understand what i'm saying. I can learn some languages.  
Some good stuff. Like a boss  
Don't want to die on Option A. I can just run away from the war as quick as i can. :3  
I saw gangnam style for 10 hours before so i'm fine. But i got really angry for doing it. That why i choose option A  
Its not all my lifes atleast.  
ugh shut up +1
I like to see funny stuff in 2016.  
What ever it is, I don't care. You can always buy it for just like 10 bucks. but itunes cost more. Id choose that if i were you  
One thing, i don't even know what he is. But i do like the money part.  
is this going to be creepy? Thumbs up if you think it is what i voted +1
Who was behind all this stuff on the Bing bang. I know i am some type of fan of it but really, who was behind all this. God was the true story, he created the world. And that's final +1
Like a boss  
i want both +1
..... +1
yep im rich  
if not, i skip  
if there was a both  
i skip  
it my be good at night but, you might not know were you are going and might drown  
like a boss, I WILL WIN LOTS OF MONEY  
im dead  
ssssssssssss, a creeper:(  
sounds like blargggg  
i panic  
idk, they all sound the same  
tic tok? what the it is life  
awww so cute  
what the hell did i just read?!?!?!  
at least i got the best  
i skip, there both a no for me  
small dogs are easier to take care of  
yep free itunes :)  
why not A?\  
no choise * i skipped it*  
what the ...... I CAN'T HAVE HAIR ON ME  
i will love to get or find $10,000,000 and keep it ill be soooooo RICH  
that is just cool when its just you on the road with no one around you cant move eat laptop play whud you rather use a pone that is really cool  
getting candy on trick or treating is better  
it was really hard to choose but i do not want to listen to gangnam style for 10 freaking hours!  
Colosseum is better  
i like this it has TV +1
you always get away with lying  
no" i cant get the rather back noooooooooooooooooooooooo  
who will go back in time  
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