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    a life without burgers, omlets, and ramen....NO WAY!!! +2
    fruits are overrated... +1
    that picture makes my mouth hurt... +1 a seven year old or a twenty seven year old...  
    it's easier to say "your awesomer than you think" over "your a lot lamer than you think" +3
    who am i caught by?  
    does a jet-pack count as a vehicle of choice? +5
    that would give my classmates quite the shock  
    teletubies are just human enough to scare the #@  
    as a retard i wouldn't know anything was wrong +1
    i have weak legs  
    i was going to live a normal-length life anyway  
    i'm a girl and i plan on being shorter than my future hubbie  
    celebrities have queer lifes...i don't want to appear in some gossip magazine just for talking to "someone equally famous"  
    I can always shave +1
    wheee! flying toast! +2
    earth is temporary, eternity is forever +1
    ninja's are less likely to drown  
    depends, is anyone else in the elevator?  
    what's the point of being rich if you're miserable?  
    mmm...cozy...*falls asleep*  
    i've been camping before, i've never been in a luxury hotel! +2
    cassetes are crapy, records are classic +5
    Voldemort: hello! Me: AVADA KEDAVA! Voldemort:.... Me: imma hero! +6
    Voldemort: Hello!  
    mmm...butter... +1
    only teenage girls care about vampires...superheros are loved by everyone! +5
    red apples are squishy! i like my apples crisp and juicy +7
    love the bacon!  
    your family has certain "humiliation" rights...your friends don't +1
    to verify my point, I saw a "Bella" barbie at walmart and it had more personality than the actor... +4
    of course the only person people dislike more than obama is bush...  
    your b-day lasts one day, christmas lasts from the day after thanksgiving to january second! +1
    since it's 2012, does that mean i'm no longer middle class?  
    piranhas won't always attack, but I won't put so much confidence in a croc (i've seen it on tv) +1
    i could'nt live just on beef! no milk! no potatoes! no carrots! no bread! no way!!!  
    i'm already mormon so i guess my mind's already made up for me ;) +1
    ha. i chose the bald eagle and I saw one fly overhead the next day. i've never found a four leaf clover in my life...  
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