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    Even though I'm choosing option number 2, I still think there's a force of good in the world. You could call that good force "God" if you want. +1
    I've been to both. Spain is a nicer vacation spot.  
    Water bottles. Or fill up gallons of water from your neighbor's house. :D  
    Let's be real here.  
    Nuts. Bluh.  
    Chocolate vs. chewy. Chocolate wins.  
    It really does depend. +1
    sorry, what?  
    i find windows easier to use for every day purposes.  
    Seriously, I can't believe fruit is good for you, because it TASTES so darn good. Usually you can't have both. :p  
    you can't survive eating just meat. but there are other ways to get protein without meat.  
    I could never, NEVER kill an animal myself. I like to think meat just comes from a package.  
    Maybe I could start a revolution.  
    The date would be too haunting.  
    If you're in a nice location, you can go out an explore around. In an ordinary place.. +1
    Exactly "Don't be a hypocrite."  
    Maybe it's just because my parents are always having me listen to old stuff and it gets tiring.  
    I think it'd be easier to piece together the movie watching it without audio,  
    Didn't even need to think there.  
    I'm very used to wet dog.  
    Who's Gandalf?  
    I'd love to see the progression (or not progression) the earth makes. Also, I'm no atheist, but heaven might not be an exact LITERAL place.  
    50/50 wow. But the right picture is kinda disturbing..  
    What? How did MONKEYS win? :D  
    That's sorta an odd question.  
    Let's keep it in the family, shall we?  
    Although flying sounds tempting, reading minds would be more useful.  
    Maybe kids can, but not adults that are married. It's fine for COUPLES to be friends with other couples, though.  
    J.K. Rowling is a genius. Stephanie Meyer is a slightly above average thinker.  
    Harry Potter is a MUCH better story, as well as movie series.  
    Maybe I can ask my dog why he decides to empty my trashcan. :D  
    Unicorns for life!  
    Let's get it over with, shall we?  
    The Holocaust was deadlier and more widespread.  
    The zombie apocalypse would just spread until every last person is a zombie. World War III might be easier to take care of. Although neither sound tempting.  
    On second thought, that would be very boring. But ruling the world would also not be fun.  
    Hellooo, you'd need to knowledge to rule. But I guess there'd be nothing new to learn... Both pretty much suck. :p  
    Yoda is likeable. But I haven't yet met a person who said they loved the sound of Darth Vader's breathing.  
    It depends how big your chance of getting cancer in the first place is. If it's higher than other diseases, option A it is.  
    Read minds mainly. Because people might be a bit freaked out if they looked up and saw a person flying.  
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