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    I don't watch tv  
    Buy a new computer or virus protection  
    Katniss is sexy tho  
    Don't have $$$$$$$  
    On my birthday I get what I want not a surprise  
    I'd kill the people and eat them  
    Emma Watson is young and cute  
    I'd make a law that only i can kill anyone I want  
    Retirement homes are sh*tylands 2.0  
    Nah I'd speeeeeedddd in my lambo  
    Space is a black hole of BOOOORRRRRIIIINNNGGGG stiff  
    Firefox sucks  
    Bad drivers cause accidents and lines dont  
    PC gammmmmiiiing  
    WWIII would be computer hacking war not man-war  
    I'd wish I'd have a lot of things  
    I need footbbbaaaallll  
    Awwww but I like sexx  
    9-11 started worldwide terrorism sooo  
    I lie all the time xDDDDD  
    Sex is better bruh  
    I wouldn't wanna know what ranald macdanalnd did to me....  
    Dumb question. Of course rewind!!  
    Lawyers are hard and u get money if u win the case but doctors help people and make money  
    You can remove tattoos  
    I'm already shooooooorrrt  
    With money you can live your life not be immortal because being immortal gets sad and boring +1
    Nobody likes me soo  
    Time flies +1
    Haven't surfed before  
    Imagine you'd have sex for five straight days xDDDD  
    True love never has a price  
    Of course bruh a celebrity would already have a relationship and I would totally date my crush  
    No probs pliz  
    I'd die so I wouldn't know a durr  
    I need computers!!!!!! Without it is impossibru!!!!  
    Europe is terrorist land  
    Europe is terrorist land  
    I picked wedding because I'll be single  
    I need computers!!! Without is impossibru!!!  
    Europe is terrorist land  
    Europe is terrorist land  
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