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I am from Texas, United States of America.

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    being in a horror movie, especially friday the 13th would be awesome, hehe  
    one relationship  
    he will grow up  
    you are 4 years old???  
    what are they?  
    that car in option a is AWESOME! i look lovely +2
    i dont have a daughter, besides, when you were a baby, you would more likely have slept with your mom  
    everyone has a double chin when they tuck their head in  
    i am already very sport-talented +2
    I think it is hard to believe that in such a huge universe we are the only ones, but if they were real, they would not come to our world or anything like in movies.  
    Same, they are the best way to get around  
    i am an only child  
    loose weight  
    neither, but rihanna looks more normal  
    she more likely is one  
    Same here  
    Americans like me  
    i am asthmatic, and stuff like that don't affect you much  
    From Holes  
    one second  
    loose weight  
    i hate the though of the steriotype future, but 1700 sucks too  
    you will more likely survive a shark bite then a lighting strike  
    put on a bit of weight to make yourself muscular and curvy  
    on vhs you can fast forward all the commercials  
    they might not murder again  
    anyone seen 'frozen'?  
    who would you rather be???  
    wrong one  
    i dont like to think for space, it is too big  
    i am a girl  
    i have prefect body and face already  
    i tiny umbrella, microscopic  
    i dont sleep much 'cause of my insomnia i dont go to sleep till quite late  
    if your loved people will give you money  
    doesn't mean you dont have a boy friend, it just says know one at home  
    it is a silly question, so i dont care about my answer  
    i dont want to be dead  
    I go on millions of roadtrips....and ugly is an option  
    i sleep better when it is cold, but if it hot, i would just do other stuff. +1
    yeah, it would be cool to change your name, i know you can....but still  
    the best are still good old computers. how can it be a computer if it has no buttons?! hehe  
    your significant other, and your friends...go on a roadtrip! (but not to a lake house where horror movies are set)  
    i am a film actor, and it is great  
    i live in usa  
    i am a girl, so i would not marry a girl  
    young adult  
    doesn't mean you wont be loved  
    wrong one  
    i am a tom boy  
    i am a girl  
    yeah, smoke ONE cigarette  
    depends how nude, and in what genre of movie  
    how old kid, and how old adult? if it is an adult of 18, then awesome!  
    i choose wrong  
    the internship...hehe  
    I already have cats, so it would be nice to have a dog as well.  
    swap classes  
    i dont have siblings  
    paris hilton is not much of a dumb blonde type  
    if they care, they will give you money and a place to stay  
    i dont have siblings  
    you can take baths!  
    i don't really care what men who like the same sex do.  
    be sick...for like one minute  
    some 80's clothes are timeless, like jeans and denims  
    just dump them  
    i wouldn't care  
    i dont like either really  
    loose weight  
    nether, i dont really like asia  
    I don't even sleep for 5 hours, that is the minimum for me.  
    steal once  
    what is said in peoples minds, should say in there own minds  
    old classic rock, and metal!  
    you could stay you, but with more money and stuff  
    the world word might be small, not damaging  
    true love with someone who has $10,000,000  
    fame with your love ones  
    It would be so cool just play music during boring lectures and stuff.  
    Go San Antonio!!! My home city!  
    whats yolo  
    cant you turn, then eject? Damn, wrong option, the crowed could be just a crowd of serial killers what wont be missed if dead, or a tiny crowd of 3.  
    couldn't you turn off and then eject?  
    it doesn't say you cant be hot and smart  
    I already have a piercings, but it would be cool to have a tattoo  
    you can kill yourself when you get tired, but it is natural.  
    I would share with my family and friend, and keep some  
    You could have a good relation ship and live for 100 years  
    Depends on how unwanted  
    What the hell?  
    'Less intelligent'....then the worlds most smartest person. So average intelligence.  
    they give me the creeps, neither  
    I very very were make up anyway 'cause I am pretty enough without it  
    You can love them as a friend  
    I had both of these happen to me!  
    a remote area, near a town or city  
    lick of the butter  
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