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Do you prefer Japanese version of Bad Apple, link below or English version of Bad Apple, link below 3 years ago 56 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Why do people really hate FNAF? The Fanbase Sucks or The Game Sucks 3 years ago 2,086 votes 45 comments 0 likes

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We have a military for a reason 3 years ago +1
Then u could just take other peoples money if they don't deserve it 3 years ago  
I'm not an adult yet already got no money 3 years ago  
Maths is easy for me 3 years ago  
Won't kill me 3 years ago +1
A is too much work for someone like me cuz I'm lazy 3 years ago +1
Then I would instantly be popular 3 years ago  
I don't smile 3 years ago  
I don't want to be fat or a man 3 years ago +18
Cut off the hair 3 years ago  
Duck would kill ya 3 years ago  
Only because I don't know any celebrities at all 3 years ago  
I sleep way longer than I poop 3 years ago  
Internet internet internet is the best thing ever 3 years ago  
It doesn't normally snow here 3 years ago  
I hate the tight spaces in elevators 3 years ago  
Periods hurt, but if I can't have babies I can adopt 3 years ago +1
I'm bi anyway 3 years ago  
I'm a tomboy I give no craps about boys and their 'preferences' 3 years ago  
She has a dog dogs are cool 3 years ago +1
If I was a beautiful male my life would not be nearly as hard but I want to stay as I am now and not risk having a partner who dosen't love me for me personality 3 years ago  
I love my male pets and bacon isn't worth that much 3 years ago  
No more racism, if we're lucky, but I guess racist people will find a way around this 3 years ago +1
Invincible dragon with almost all superpowers that is loyal to me and only me 3 years ago +1
I'm too young to get a job and too lazy anyway 3 years ago +3
What talent? 3 years ago +3
I don't even know any celebrities 3 years ago  
I mostly watch tv shows anyway 3 years ago  
In Minecraft 3 years ago  
Gary is not a villain he is just Ash's rival 3 years ago +1
I'm bi and I don't even know the difference between by 3 years ago  
I'm already bisexual 3 years ago  
As a girl it's likely I'd already get away with the second option 3 years ago  
You can't just force people to give up religion, that's wrong 3 years ago  
If no one would notice I want these breasts gone 3 years ago +4
I'm a girl and I don't expect anything of anyone but me really 3 years ago +2
I would prefer men and women to stay as they are, and this will stop racism 3 years ago  
What will you do if you can change race, unless you live in a bad place where you are treated differently by your race 3 years ago  
I don't care what I look like, I'm not an arse to people because of what they look like 3 years ago  
I am a girl, 2 is way better and I think I would rather cut my arm off than deal with the first option. I also want a kid 3 years ago +2
That's just masturbating to a picture of yourself 3 years ago +1
Can still play video games 3 years ago  
What if my dog is my friend? 3 years ago  
Just a dog 3 years ago  
I don't know you, so no. Just, no 3 years ago  
My sisters are cats, they'd rip my face off 3 years ago  
Too lazy to go to the ocean too see one, besides, It'd probably be beached because I ain't going out to sea 3 years ago  
Who has more money? I don't know who Taylor Lautner is. If Taylor's a nice person I wouldn't date them for money 3 years ago  
No Donald Trump in EU 3 years ago  
For people who are questioning what mutton is, it is the meat of an adult sheep 3 years ago +1
Misclick. Awesome books are hard to find for me, and I prefer tv shows and don't really watch movies 3 years ago  
I prefer inside, it's warmer 3 years ago  
I don't like comedy 3 years ago  
Less painful 3 years ago  
Just waking up? Ok 3 years ago +4
Wear a diaper, I lie down more anyways 3 years ago  
I would ignore them, and go back to my own room. 3 years ago +1
I don't want anything covering my eye 3 years ago +1
How do the anime eyes work? 3 years ago +1
The bees would take over the land, but the sharks would probably be all eaten soon anyway 3 years ago  
2 means they won't love you so no, I don't care about my dad but I know my mum would die for us. She would prefer this 3 years ago +1
You have to eat it raw 3 years ago  
I probably wouldn't get a ticket since we barely see any cops around here 3 years ago +2
The awesome movie just dosen't look awesome to me 3 years ago +1
Means he won't kill you and he might kill people for you 3 years ago +4
And then he will proceed to kill you and everyone else 3 years ago +1
I honestly don't care what happens as long as I don't die or no one I care about dies 3 years ago  
If it's just an anglerfish then I guess it's not that bad I guess... 3 years ago  
Yeah those aliens are so bad they just parked illegally I mean who would do that?! They could knock over the telephone line! 3 years ago +1

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