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    I'm a guy.  
    I wouldn't give them it.  
    You can also gain weight. Oh my god all these stupid Americans are killing my brain cells.  
    You can eat...  
    Being stabbed would hurt a lot more.  
    Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Li'l Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake, Justin Bieber. I could go on for hours but I'm sure you get the point.  
    Wait...I did have my first french kiss when I was 10...  
    And there's these things called "sweaters" and "heaters" so your argument is completely invalid.  
    Guys, when dogs fart, they're destroying the Earth. It's totally not all the sh*t we pump into our oceans and into our atmosphere, let's blame it on dogs. +1
    Chuck Norris is an old guy, Mike Tyson could rip my head off.  
    It's not necessarily quicker. Hypothermia can kill you in under 10 seconds, and unless "burning to death" is in lava, it'll take a minute or two and it'll be excruciatingly painful.  
    Says the American who blindly accepts anything the media says...  
    "Fictional" yes, because you know that god isn't real. Stupid atheists are always so sure that they're right even thought they have no proof.  
    They do completely different things...'d die?  
    You'll die either way, but at least Purell tastes like vodka.  
    I'd sell it.  
    I'd rather eat milk "chocolater"  
    Cover the windows...shut the blinds.  
    There aren't any Nazi zombies in MW3...  
    I'd work out.  
    Oh. You're right. I'd like to revoke my vote then. :D  
    Get a workout while being transported. Awesome. And you can be a professional dancer.  
    That Russian billionaire doesn't know anything. Immortality is, and will always be, impossible. Which is good. Immortality is the worst hell I can possibly imagine.  
    It depends where you live...  
    Illegal because it's really easy to get and not get caught with.  
    What if the 5 people are Bush, Obama, the queen, Romney, and Kim-Jong-Un? I'd gladly let them die.  
    Umm...I'm a guy...  
    You can better control your body temperature in a cold room.  
    It depends what you're being blamed or having your friend be blamed for.  
    I never watch TV anyway.  
    If you're 2nd in the lottery, you still win a sh*tton. And every lottery you enter...  
    I'm going to be a rockstar.  
    Yet you voted for siblings..............................................................  
    < = less than. Genius. You just said that b*tches are better than Tesla.  
    I am the younger sibling and I was brutally beaten by my older brother...I would take being stronger any day.  
    I live in a snowy city that's like 500kms away from the ocean, and the ocean is freezing cold...  
    Potatoes aren't poison. Coke is.  
    Someone I hate because then I can beat the sh*t out of them.  
    Says the person who believes in the "Big Bang" which is a ludicrous and impossible theory.  
    I'm already in a loving relationship. So...YAY! Free money!  
    Neither. America is a prison, and Australia has giant poisonous spider and snakes.  
    Seeing as I work in a fast-food chain, of course I'd steal. They get money for poisoning people, and I'd use the money to better the world.  
    Masseuse = female, masseur = male.  
    In my utopia, there's no need for dictators or rulers, just people (and other plants and animals) living in harmony.  
    I'm already the smartest person in the world.  
    So "Would you rather have sever testicle pain and unable to have children?" OR "Would you rather burn to death?"  
    You're a stupid cunt.  
    I'm already the smartest person at my school. XD  
    I never use my cellphone anyway.  
    People would hate me because I'd shape up the world.  
    Irrelevant- I don't do "one night stands"  
    It doesn't matter to me, I don't need a doctor.  
    I've always worn casual pants and T-shirts. XD  
    "Arch enemy"? I'm not a superhero...  
    My sibling is a sociopathical narcissist.  
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