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Would you rather Beable to go outdoors but be stalked by slenderman,sometimes appearing right behind you or stay indoors your whole life 5 years ago 195 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Do you Celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas 6 years ago 977 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a marine biologist or a geologist 6 years ago 193 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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since when did this site have to get political... 2 years ago  
I don't care much about either,I only care about the doctor who special on november 23. 5 years ago +1
I love the ocean. 5 years ago  
true. 5 years ago +5
I live in america but the only thing I want to do is live anywhere but this place. 5 years ago  
Suicide illegal?what if they die from it,what the f*** do you do?And even if they don't,would you REALLY arrest them? 5 years ago +5
Just the family I love. 5 years ago +6
If you mix them you become a time lord. 5 years ago +2
I love israel,I go there almost every winter since I have family members. 5 years ago  
just got on. 5 years ago  
Almost like the doctor,yet no limit of regenerations. 5 years ago  
That second picture what the f*** 5 years ago +7
what? 5 years ago  
july 1,so pretty much the first day of the july-december period. 5 years ago +1
same here. 5 years ago  
change major historical events and the world will change,ALOT. 5 years ago +1
so so SO hard. 5 years ago +1
Aids won't always kill you. 5 years ago  
Hard choice. 5 years ago +1
Could it be jb or 1d,so when i meet them i can bring a gun and know what i'd do. 5 years ago  
WHAT. 5 years ago  
I think i'd rather do neither. 5 years ago  
I think earth's still a good place without humans.And honestly I still have the company of animals. 5 years ago  
I love the 70's and 60's more than any other generations of music.But I also love the 90's(the 2000's and 2010's sucked)so it was just a slightly hard choice. 5 years ago +2
what does option a makes no sense. 5 years ago +6
You can watch shows and movies on the computer. 5 years ago  
Well....Obama won,deal with it. 5 years ago  
Dude,i can get a fricking apc and destroy every cop car,cop hummer,cop truck,etc. 5 years ago  
Wrong pictures.... 5 years ago  
the elder wand. 6 years ago  
YES,the first one. 6 years ago +1
i already have panic attacks,ALOT. 6 years ago +3
i don't care about money,and dude i dont wanna miss 6 months of news and sh*t! 6 years ago  
another person's life is as precious as mine. 6 years ago  
both make me laugh like hell 6 years ago +6
never said you couldnt shove the unbroken side of the bottle up... 6 years ago  
wrong one,RAVENCLAW!!!! 6 years ago  
a palmist sounds boring,but i LOVE astrology! 6 years ago  
suprised. 6 years ago  
oh god,kinda is,just the tournament isabunch of deadly traps than aserial killer. 6 years ago  
lamps have some uses... 6 years ago  
they taste the same. 6 years ago  
once i went and saw nomads before,then i wanted to be one. 6 years ago  
many,many moreways of communication:) 6 years ago  
2 snakes,5 dogs 6 years ago  
history would be changed WAY too much! 6 years ago  
i don't care about how i look,AND I DON'TWANT PERIODS,OR BIRTH! 6 years ago  
forgot. 6 years ago  
never said you couldnt get adblock.... 6 years ago +3
hard choice.... 6 years ago  
I LOVE LOBSTER 6 years ago +1
neither.... 6 years ago +2
dafuq is both? 6 years ago +1
use them as bait. 6 years ago +2
in soviet russia,accent choose you. 6 years ago +7
i love the outdoors,so i don't give a crap. 6 years ago +2
i a? 6 years ago  
never worried about money,never cared about money. 6 years ago  
people can swallow swords and not get hurt,they can probably swallow axes too... 6 years ago  
Mountain dew makes me sick. 6 years ago  
you never know who it might be..... 6 years ago  
left. 6 years ago  
time to scare little kids who have a fear of clowns......MWHAHAHAHAHA 6 years ago +3
when will people ever understand the romans killed jesus....if he was even real..... 6 years ago +1
i call them eye boogers. 6 years ago +2
didn't think of that... 6 years ago +1
Love home made smoothies 6 years ago  
neither. 6 years ago +1
both suck. 6 years ago  
harry taught us life might not turn out the way you expect,but as long as you never lose sight of the future that you want,anything can happen.Hermione taught us its not bad to have thirst for knowledge.Ron taught us the even if you are as emotional as a baby and have a nasty temper,you will always be needed.Neville taught us that sometimes you must face your fears and stand up for what you believe in.And what did that twilight vampire dude teach you?To sparkle?You're kidding me. 6 years ago  
You're the retarded one. 6 years ago  
the first mainer i found on here....finally...... 6 years ago  
yes,but not door hinge you idiots... 6 years ago +1
i saw somebody only eat 1 ghost chillie,it was crazy. 6 years ago  
italy,spain,france,india 6 years ago  
deidara would kill them all in 2 seconds. 6 years ago +3
hunt down deer as your food,money problem solved. 6 years ago +2
Thumbs up for that! 6 years ago +1
wrong one,oh yea,you see sharks are everywhere in this comment! 6 years ago  
ERB 6 years ago  
1st one just looks messed up 6 years ago  
suprised by how the 80's won,faith in humanity is NOT restored! 6 years ago  
only know jack vale,also magic of rahat is awesome. 6 years ago  
i already am,i dont give a crap. 6 years ago  
Option A would be epic! 6 years ago  
atleast i don't have to be so sad about losing my taste. 6 years ago  
now he's already re-elected,but i knew he would be. 6 years ago +2
I dont like either,but country is better. 6 years ago  
too bad,i'm not answering this,hehehehehe... 6 years ago  
Troll and te-bag them!! 6 years ago +1
I love Minecraft,nuff said. 6 years ago  
c'mon... 6 years ago +2
i love picasso!I even went to spain and saw a famous painting he made! 6 years ago  
i already have a king snake. 6 years ago  
read the authors comment. 6 years ago  
Are you like 9? 6 years ago +1
already did enough exploring in forests. 6 years ago  
hard... 6 years ago  
as long as theres no venom. 6 years ago +1
neither. 6 years ago +1
random photos.... 6 years ago +3
oops,wrong one. 6 years ago  
history would be changed ALOT if we killed him. 6 years ago  
oops,wrong one,i do NOT want fame. 6 years ago  
oops,wrong one! 6 years ago  
i hate 3 musketeers. 6 years ago +1
RAVEN CLAW! 6 years ago +1
i never,and never will care about money.didnt give a single sh*t about it. 6 years ago  
when i'm like 90 years old-GANDALF!(or dumbledore,if i turn gayXD) 6 years ago  
always wanted 2 different ones. 6 years ago +4
neither. 6 years ago  
it will be quick and painless,unlike crucifiction. 6 years ago +1
neither. 6 years ago  
and i don't celebrate christmas. 6 years ago  
so....slenderman or drowning? 6 years ago  
Wig Or Hat! 6 years ago +3
they aren't true friends. 6 years ago  
so why'd you pick know the truth? 6 years ago  
perv. 6 years ago  
kyoto!come on man,post actual posts!don't just wonder if this will be on the homepage!but still,keep up the good work! 6 years ago +3
SLENDERMAN 6 years ago +1
dafuq is jack in the box? 6 years ago +8
LOL 6 years ago  
never too cold for me,I LOVE COLD WATER,SO REFRESHING! 6 years ago +5
books are way better. 6 years ago  
books are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. 6 years ago +6
HOW COULD YOU 6 years ago  
yea. 6 years ago  
not either one. 6 years ago  
YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! 6 years ago +1
both is same. 6 years ago +1
says the man that voted for jintao 6 years ago +6
hello,i'm sirius!!!! 6 years ago  
i'm not being on an island with jeff the killer,slenderman and the rake. 6 years ago +3
never saw it,but planning to. 6 years ago  
dude,look at my picture.I LOVE SHARKS,and i'm not scared of a clown. 6 years ago +1
i dont have any TRUE friends:( 6 years ago  
you got the pics mixed up. 6 years ago +1
wha????? 6 years ago  
lol funny,also theres spruce trees everywhere at where i live! 6 years ago  
you could be bruce lee in a parallel universe,or chuck norris! 6 years ago +1
well then,i'll need to be careful when on the internet. 6 years ago  
just kill me. 6 years ago  
i only now SCP-173 so....yea....... 6 years ago  
i already stepped on ice bare foot before. 6 years ago  
both suck. 6 years ago  
i love both. 6 years ago  
we'd probably easily get killed by the crazy weather there. 6 years ago  
why? 6 years ago  
umm...............BABIES MASS PRODUCED?DAFUQ 6 years ago +1
not either one. 6 years ago  
i only know the RomanAtWood so i had to choose him. 6 years ago  
oops,pressed wrong one,you could....still have friends r-right? 6 years ago  
the only one i saw was glory so i had to pick it. 6 years ago  
cheese nips taste exactly like cheezits in my opinion. 6 years ago +4
tails doll,IS EVIL 6 years ago the same time i sleep with emma watson? 6 years ago +4
i'd be dead then. 6 years ago  
paintball is for pussies. 6 years ago  
well,a cat i once had was the oppisite of lazy,it always wondered in the woods hunting squirrels and chimpmunks,thats the cat i want to be.but it did just be lazy and lie in the bed sometimes,but not much. 6 years ago  
i went into new york with a boston red sox shirt in new york,hehe.... 6 years ago +2
no youre not. 6 years ago  
only if i'm in front 6 years ago  
dafuq is the clique? 6 years ago +4
i never wanted fame,and never will. 6 years ago  
in soviet russia,russia picks you. 6 years ago  
i could just meditate in peace,without anybody annoying me:) 6 years ago  
i already have minecraft. 6 years ago  
who dafuq is ms.sirois 6 years ago  
PICKAMEOW!!!! 6 years ago +179
where i live theres litterally NO lights and its pitch black at night. 6 years ago  
israel all the way! 6 years ago +1
books are so much better 6 years ago  
dafuq 6 years ago  
you like wolves?nice. 6 years ago +2
i hate them both 6 years ago +3
i'm american,i still think soccer should be called football. 6 years ago +5
*looks up to see if right*damnit... 6 years ago +5
oh wait,i forgot,im a boy and i don't have any sisters,DAMNIT I DON'T WANT TO BE GAY 6 years ago  
why is minecraft as option B? 6 years ago +2
i got this poster advising a dance party. 6 years ago  
i saw thatXD 6 years ago  
well,as you probably thought it was the character russman from cod zombies. 6 years ago  
oops,wrong one,shouldve said no,im a troll on some sites and games but not rrrather. 6 years ago  
i may not be a brony,but i dont give a crap about them,but when it comes to 1D......F U 1D 6 years ago  
then i need to fight you with a chainsaw! 6 years ago  
i cant believe you picked option B 6 years ago +3
i love its a wonderful world,and louis armstrong! 6 years ago +1
if i was in the front yes,i dont want to eat somebodys sh*t.... 6 years ago +4
i can fly and get whatever i want,and can break stuff instantly! 6 years ago  
i could play russian roulette and not worry about dying! 6 years ago +4
I LOVE READING. 6 years ago +8
i dont know who ellen is so.... 6 years ago  
i'll listen to the beatles all decade baby! 6 years ago  
TOBUSCUS 6 years ago +1
i read that book as a child. 6 years ago  
how could the first answer be over voted:o,what are with people... 6 years ago  
kyoto. 6 years ago  
so close..... 6 years ago +1
you just got trolled. 6 years ago  
so...everything black and white?EPIC 6 years ago  
youve just been trolled. 6 years ago  
what if youre below 10 or over 50??? 6 years ago  
i stepped on a sea urchin before,felt like 1,000 burning knifes stabbed you,lego is only tiny pieces poking you abit. 6 years ago  
yup. 6 years ago  
this is the like the 5th time i saw this question.... 6 years ago +3
and dont want somebodies dirty ass wiped on me. 6 years ago +2
whats with that nose? 6 years ago +2
i wouldnt suffer a painful death getting shot,i would get a quick painless death 6 years ago  
i feel sorry for you:( 6 years ago +1
MARIO KART! 6 years ago  
why do i always see this question-.- 6 years ago +4
its already 2013.... 6 years ago  
HANUKAH BITCHES 6 years ago +2
where do people get these pictures? 6 years ago +1
dont really need toes,you would probably need fingers. 6 years ago +1
easiest question ever. 6 years ago +4
less jews in the world than i thought.... 6 years ago +3
your holiday lasts 1 day?MINE LASTS 8 BIATCH 6 years ago +2
BUDDER 6 years ago  
stupid question.... 6 years ago +1
stupid question 6 years ago +2
STUPID QUESTION 6 years ago +2
ok..... 6 years ago  
mr.bean.... 6 years ago +50
people actually eat crickets. 6 years ago +12
firefox 6 years ago +3
oops i picked the wrong one,well lets say i picked inny belly button! 6 years ago  
you need school,you dont need movie theaters 6 years ago +1
NO DIABETES FOR ME 6 years ago  
yep 6 years ago  
its already 2013,and before dec 21 2012 i still didnt beleive it would end 6 years ago +2
you got the pictures mixed up... 6 years ago +1
for me this was a hard question as i love both 6 years ago  
if its like terminator then thats gonna be some pretty hard robots do destroy... 6 years ago +2
maine has great tap water. 6 years ago +2
in my opinion,i would be a marine biologist. 6 years ago  
Olliver,Jane,Liza,Donn 6 years ago  
when i was like 6 i thought the chrysler building was the empire state building 6 years ago +3
amagine all the stuff you could do with invisibility. 6 years ago +4
i wear yo grand dads clothes,i look incredible from the thrift shop down the road 6 years ago  
im not gay,but i never saw anything wrong with being gay. 6 years ago +3
polos questions make me hungry.... 6 years ago +7
yea 6 years ago  
i agree. 6 years ago  
firefox totally 6 years ago  
who cares about money 6 years ago  
what if i was 30.... 6 years ago  
i dont care about money,i care about friends and family. 6 years ago  
MONKEY! 6 years ago  
just because i barely talk dosent mean im a creep..... 6 years ago  
i just cant stand new music. 6 years ago  
all the sh*t i could do with invisibility.... 6 years ago  
i would only be part of the centipede if i was in the front. 6 years ago  
i could do alot of sh*t with invisibility.... 6 years ago  
im dissapointed in you,cmon totally be the smartest person 6 years ago  
tepee for the win! 6 years ago  
I just LOVE my 4 tiny sh*tzus! 6 years ago  
i never want to be famous. 6 years ago  
india is a spiritual place... 6 years ago +1
i laugh at fail compilationsXD 6 years ago  
you can have superpowers to bring your friends back 6 years ago +5
i beleive god dosent exist,but many relegions have different beleifs. 6 years ago  
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