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Don't expect me to ask questions to frequently!But expect me to comment ALOT!

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    You can watch shows and movies on the computer.  
    Well....Obama won,deal with it.  
    another person's life is as precious as mine.  
    history would be changed WAY too much!  
    i don't care about how i look,AND I DON'TWANT PERIODS,OR BIRTH!  
    i love the outdoors,so i don't give a crap. +2
    harry taught us life might not turn out the way you expect,but as long as you never lose sight of the future that you want,anything can happen.Hermione taught us its not bad to have thirst for knowledge.Ron taught us the even if you are as emotional as a baby and have a nasty temper,you will always be needed.Neville taught us that sometimes you must face your fears and stand up for what you believe in.And what did that twilight vampire dude teach you?To sparkle?You're kidding me.  
    You're the retarded one.  
    the first mainer i found on here....finally......  
    i already am,i dont give a crap.  
    oops,wrong one.  
    history would be changed ALOT if we killed him.  
    oops,wrong one,i do NOT want fame.  
    they aren't true friends.  
    so why'd you pick know the truth?  
    not either one.  
    i never wanted fame,and never will.  
    in soviet russia,russia picks you.  
    i could just meditate in peace,without anybody annoying me:)  
    who dafuq is ms.sirois  
    where i live theres litterally NO lights and its pitch black at night.  
    israel all the way! +1
    books are so much better  
    what if youre below 10 or over 50???  
    i wouldnt suffer a painful death getting shot,i would get a quick painless death  
    mr.bean.... +52
    firefox totally  
    who cares about money  
    what if i was 30....  
    i dont care about money,i care about friends and family.  
    just because i barely talk dosent mean im a creep.....  
    i just cant stand new music.  
    i could do alot of sh*t with invisibility....  
    im dissapointed in you,cmon totally be the smartest person  
    tepee for the win!  
    I just LOVE my 4 tiny sh*tzus!  
    i never want to be famous.  
    india is a spiritual place... +1
    i laugh at fail compilationsXD  
    i beleive god dosent exist,but many relegions have different beleifs.  
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