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What do you fear more ? Death or what comes after it 6 years ago 881 votes 15 comments 0 likes
The best womanizer is Barney Stinson or Charlie Harper 7 years ago 460 votes 15 comments 1 like
Wich Twilight do you prefer ? this or this 7 years ago 744 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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Ba Dum Tss 6 years ago  
Read the author's comment 6 years ago  
Can i press more then once? 6 years ago +8
i've seen FCLC and naruto is still running Ps. her name is Hinata and no he's not 6 years ago  
a dress made of beauty and death 6 years ago  
sounds like heaven, doesn't it? :) 6 years ago  
awesome as always 6 years ago  
Would have been much easier for light if he did it 6 years ago  
why do you want some people to lie? 6 years ago +2
pedobear approves 6 years ago +1
Hitler's birthday 6 years ago +2
I usually curse 6 years ago +1
I cried at the end of the movie T_T 6 years ago +2
What should i do? Celebrating Hitlers birthday? 6 years ago +2
B is called Handegg 6 years ago +1
475 likes for saying: need two arms for gaming :P 6 years ago  
you have shining armor as pic 6 years ago  
I set my alarm to 5:15 and snooze it every 5 minutes till 6:00 6 years ago +3
banged his wife? 6 years ago  
what could be better then a shiny charizard ? 6 years ago +3
Aussie_Josh is one of the funniest motherf*ckers on this site 6 years ago +1
I would do the same 6 years ago  
He's just honest 6 years ago  
rules were meant to be broken 6 years ago  
thats a reason but no obstacle 6 years ago  
More diabeetus. 6 years ago +8
He brought it upon himself. 6 years ago  
i'm glad they didn't fired me already 6 years ago  
i choose rrrather 6 years ago  
oh really? I'm curious to hear from you who else did those things for me 6 years ago  
to put it simple: yes 6 years ago  
She gave me my life, a home, food, clothes and most importantly love. That would be the least i could 6 years ago +3
make him batman 6 years ago +1
most of your questions are lame 6 years ago  
pfff i'm happy this guy is gone 6 years ago  
f*ck 6 years ago  
people like him are the reason i say america 6 years ago +2
seems like Michael Bay never heard of this 6 years ago +1
San Andreas made me love Country 6 years ago  
I'm Rick James b*tch 6 years ago +6
I'll give you one 6 years ago  
Math. Not even once 6 years ago  
Lupin was my favorite teacher :( 6 years ago +2
A rapier for fighting zombies? That's original 6 years ago  
not maybe, yes i did 6 years ago +4
everyone keeps laughing at rednecks, at least until the zombie apocalypse begins 6 years ago +4
mad world 'nuff said 6 years ago +1
and i guess the ladies would like it to if i finish second 6 years ago +1
your face is overrated 6 years ago +5
Hell it is 6 years ago  
who would have thought this will be an facebook-hit? 6 years ago  
lawful good is boring 6 years ago +4
siriously? 6 years ago  
yes please 6 years ago +2
I don't want to read any stupid console vs Pc faggotary. You like what you're used to. I'm used to play on Ps3 so i like the Ps3 Controller, so whatever you prefer stfu and keep playing 6 years ago +2
games can be voilent without showing any blood 6 years ago +1
If they add story 6 years ago  
Well yeah, to those 30% f*ck you too 6 years ago +5
Watch out, we got a badass over here 6 years ago +11
those two actually go for the kill 6 years ago  
all the stuff i should not do but still gonna do 6 years ago +1
you are now my favorite person on rrrather 6 years ago +5
same 6 years ago  
I actually like your questions but not how the others vote one them 6 years ago  
B looks kinda like australian outback and i don't want to know what kind of poisounus creepy bastard's crawling in the bushes 6 years ago  
pfff who the flying f*ck would make 1Mio. with their job? If you would make that much you wouldnt waste your time at rrrather 6 years ago  
Not gonna vote for a guy who has cojónes as chin 6 years ago +1
I say mechro, you say mancer, MECHRO! ... You guys suck 6 years ago  
when i feel worthless, i stop feeling worthless and feel awesome instaed. true story 6 years ago +1
yeah right what ever you said made no scence at all. next time dont use google translate :/ 6 years ago  
there is no thing like too much money 6 years ago +3
I think it's from the game Red Dead Redemption 6 years ago  
f*ck tetris 6 years ago  
Natürlich können die wenigsten amis ne andere sprache 6 years ago  
cute 6 years ago  
well if i can use MY kitchen knife and not that little .. uhm what is that supposed to be? 6 years ago  
i would sleep -30 minutes 6 years ago  
If i had the choice between world peace and pokemon to be real, wich would be my starter? 6 years ago +1
If they ever hit, then it's offscreen 6 years ago +2
f*ck madagascar 6 years ago  
366 6 years ago  
I get mad and demand to see live's manager 6 years ago +1
What is wrong with YOU? 6 years ago  
I liked the ones in Walking Dead 6 years ago +2
Parents please :D 6 years ago  
Again, need two arms for gaming 6 years ago +5
So basicly: What do you think about JB 6 years ago  
If my my reflexes were improved by 75% they still would be as fast as a dead horse :P 6 years ago  
twice 6 years ago  
Downvote this question 6 years ago  
You could say it was an shoking expirience! HAHAHA-uhm yeah 6 years ago +5
Death the Kid 6 years ago +9
You know what's the best about unconscious girl's? They can't say no 6 years ago  
I actually kinda like the ME 3 ending :/ 6 years ago  
and the plot twist for option B is your true love has cancer 6 years ago +5
chucky movies are comedy 6 years ago +5
as what? Drug Dealer? 6 years ago +5
Amen 6 years ago  
I had no fun playing GTA IV 6 years ago +2
i would like to own a real dog 6 years ago +2
love the author's comment 6 years ago +2
Yes 6 years ago  
Chased? Why would I run away? 6 years ago +5
i don't let you get 100% 6 years ago  
most of my friends like facebook 6 years ago  
ikr? 6 years ago  
Spear 6 years ago  
how the effing hell can you even compare these characters? 6 years ago +1
I am the hottest Ryan ;) 6 years ago +4
my mom is atheist, like me 6 years ago +1
life is useless if you don't know love 6 years ago +20
you still die 6 years ago  
I don't like the eye in the middle of soul edge 6 years ago  
suck at both 6 years ago  
7 hours 6 years ago  
I like germany and our german neighbours but i prefer austria ;) 6 years ago +1
and im a playstation fanboy 6 years ago  
Wippe 6 years ago +2
people with loud motorcycles 6 years ago +3
are you people retarded ? 6 years ago +1
Most of you people don't know what declawing is 6 years ago +5
made me lol. Art is a bang! 6 years ago  
my name is hungarian and nobody ever pronounced it right, so im used to it 6 years ago +2
beeing an attention whore? 6 years ago +1
that one was tough 6 years ago  
I like your questions. They are as dark as your soul seems 6 years ago +8
I'll buy some new friends, with blackjack and hookers. Infact, forget the new friends 6 years ago  
doesn't matter, had sex 6 years ago +3
"if i had to"? implying i wouldn't ejoy it /) 6 years ago  
XD wtf? what has that to do with anything? 6 years ago  
Asian parents adopting a white kid? lol 6 years ago +3
it already is 16 in austria :D 6 years ago  
-.- .........Snape kills Dumbeldore 6 years ago  
why do i have to think about Kirsten Stewart right now ? 6 years ago  
Year 1: neville = clumsy, draco = asshohle Year 7: neville = badass, draco = pussy 6 years ago +6
And now you spoiled the rest. Nice work 6 years ago +3
Spoiler: Jesus died 6 years ago +17
Not gonna vote Handegg 6 years ago +3
bear grylls doesn't get the question 6 years ago +2
rabbit cavalry ftw 6 years ago  
I know how weird and stupid i am 6 years ago +2
neither, i can't fake crying 6 years ago +2
Wolf 6 years ago  
i just don't want to vote for Handegg 6 years ago +3
you mean Handegg or Football 6 years ago +5
Devil gene ftw 6 years ago +2
believe me, if a UFC Fighter hits you a couple of times you ARE knocked out 6 years ago  
i already do 6 years ago +2
uhm this is real football 6 years ago +4
Scary but fun 6 years ago  
boobies ^^ 6 years ago +9
this is very sad 6 years ago  
be a templer? No thanks 6 years ago  
rainbow mane /)^3^(\ 6 years ago +2
both! duh 6 years ago  
ozzy did it with a bat i'll do it with a mouse 6 years ago  
use the force you must 6 years ago +3
"We have Chuck Norris" 6 years ago +3
And Jesus is already dead 6 years ago  
and im happy^^ 6 years ago  
You know that 110 degree would kill you right? 6 years ago  
I'd like to be a tree ^^ 6 years ago +3
Han did use Luke's lightsaber on Hoth right? 6 years ago  
i dont know about you but i like to have a soul 6 years ago +1
The drawing is still hotter then the pther chick ;P 6 years ago +86
(\ 6 years ago  
wich means you die slower 6 years ago +2
I'm not gay but that guy looks a lot better 6 years ago +4
no its hotter 6 years ago  
brohoof /) 6 years ago  
you're sooo manly 6 years ago +1
booth are very good animes but mirai nikki*s ending was more aweome 6 years ago +1
No but if you fail they will kill you XD 6 years ago +1
how about no 6 years ago +2
genwunner or real pokemon fan 6 years ago +2
LEEEEERRROOOOYYYYYY!!!! 6 years ago +1
brohoof /) 6 years ago +4
You mean the movie with the INFECTED ? and without a single zombie 6 years ago  
Only know him because of Sengoku Basara :P 6 years ago  
I would call him Tank 6 years ago  
could i kill myself instead? 6 years ago +8
Im European so i refuse to admit it beeing called "soccer" 6 years ago +10
Where is 'I dont care' ? 6 years ago +2
I AM always underdressed 6 years ago  
I don' even have so much friend :,( 6 years ago  
i usually prefer fluffy cats but this one just looks awesome 7 years ago +1
sorry little human but i have my priorities 7 years ago +3
i just liked that you used justin bieber for both xD 7 years ago +3
i was born in spring and i guess thats fine 7 years ago  
Allright i've been thinking. When Nymeria gives you very sour lemons, don't eat them. Make Nymeria take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see Nymeria's manager! Make Nymeria rue the day s/he thought s/he could give RyanAD lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my friends to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down! 7 years ago  
all heil cookie 7 years ago  
if i have to die i want to support wolves 7 years ago  
but i like spring and fall the most :| 7 years ago  
i could be friends with everyone^^ 7 years ago  
hmm if i break a leg or something i could take sick-leave^^ 7 years ago +1
I would tame them LIKE A BAWS 7 years ago  
im emo (///.-) 7 years ago  
i was talking about their roles, charlie harper and barney stinson, not charlie sheen or neil patrick harris 7 years ago +2
goku and he wouldnt even need ssj 1 7 years ago  
great, now i have diabetes -.- 7 years ago +1
yes it should but some people still do it wrong 7 years ago +3
i justed liked the picture of the chicken derp 7 years ago  
i have class 7 years ago  
brohoof /) 7 years ago +6
either way i woul kill both of them 7 years ago  
need two arms for gaming :P 7 years ago +2671
well, my sister is 9 7 years ago  
hm Handegg or REAL football tough choice lol 7 years ago  
Money can't buy happiness, MONEY IS HAPPINESS 7 years ago  
he never said it would kill good people 7 years ago  
steal it, those bastards have enough 7 years ago  
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